Date:  Monday, May 22 2017 (Victoria Day) 9:00 am

Location:  Mount Sugarloaf (Near Sooke)  Meet at the mailboxes at the end of the 4-lane section of Sooke Road just before the Seventeen Mile House

Duration:   2.5 Hours (This is our longest hike but views at the summit are fantastic!)

Features:  New trails with views of Sooke Hills, Olympic Mountains, the Malahat and Shawnigan Lake

Participants:  Everyone is welcome as you don't need a dog to join us.  No running as it's a wilderness hike!

Coffee afterwards:  Seventeen Mile House

Next Harriers Hounds Hike #3:  Mount Blinkhorn, Monday August 7, 2017 (B.C. Day) Meet at the Kangaroo Road small Blinkhorn Lake parking lot at 9:00 am.  Duration is one hour and we end with a walk around the lake after the summit of Mt. Blinkhorn.  Views of Beecher Bay, William Head, Sooke Basin and the Western Communities




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