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February 24, 2021 Meeting Minutes


PIH Board Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2021, 6:30pm


Board members in attendance: Gary Duncan, Bob Reid, Kathleen Birney, Sonja Yli-Kahila, Dawn Wilson, Jeff Beddoes, Elaine Galbraith

  1. Minutes from Board Meeting February 10, 2020 – Approved

  1. 2.Old Business


  • Bob filed the PIH Annual Report with the BC Society registry listing.
  • Bob notified BC Athletics and new board members were registered with associate status.
  • Some Board members still have COVID risk waiver forms outstanding with BC Athletics.
  • Criminal Record Check: Bob is working on the process to enable the completion of online CRCs for Board members.


  • Gary has updated coordinator list, Race Director list, and list of board members on the PIH website (some positions still need to be confirmed).
  • Gary identified that the Club Executive page on the website could be updated with more inclusive language and other changes.

ACTION: All Board members to review and send suggestions to Gary for updates.

  • Website Executive area access & instructions: Gary set up an account to give access to the Executive section of the website to all Board members.
  • Gary has set up position email accounts for Board members (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer). Board members to choose what they want to list as an email address on the website (either personal email address or PIH based email address). Gary confirmed email addresses for Board members.

ACTION: Once Gary has all email addresses set up, Gary will send out instructions on how to access the Executive section of the website.

Board transition & task knowledge repository

BRING FORWARD ACTION: Jeff will be working on this.

New Member Welcome Letter:

  • Bob sent out the welcome letter for review. Board members provided comments and all comments were incorporated. Bob sent out an updated version.
  • All Board members approved the letter.
  • Bob will send out the member letter when new members sign up.
  • Elaine suggested sending out a letter to all members with the same information as contained in the new welcome letter.

ACTION: Jeff to work with Elaine on creating a letter to send out to all members.

Club Meetings & Speakers

BRING FORWARD ACTION: Kathleen still working on putting something together for this item.

Google Survey

  • Sonja is still waiting for more ideas for what to include in this survey.
  • Dawn & Jeff provided some ideas for input.

ACTION: Other Board members to send Sonja ideas for survey to club members working off of Dawn’s original email comments by March 11th.

  • Timeline:
    • Send out Survey to Club members by end of March/early April
    • All Board members to provide ideas to Sonja for what to include in the survey to club members by March 11th

Communication Guidelines

  • Dawn and Elaine have been working on these guidelines.
  • Dawn & Elaine reviewed draft guidelines/ideas for guidelines at the meeting.

ACTION: Sonja to set up a google drive account for the Board to share documents and send out to Board members.

ACTION: Dawn & Elaine to combine their documents and will upload to Google Drive once ready

ACTION: Once uploaded to the Google Drive Board members to review the draft Communication Guideline and provide their feedback.

  1. Other Reports
  • Gary working on adding his name as signing authority at the bank.

  1. New Business
  • Internet service provider capabilities: Gary reviewed capabilities of Island Hosting service including email forwarders and email addresses.
  • Another area that should be reviewed annually and updated to ensure it is accurate.
  • PIH 50th anniversary in 2028.
  • 2021: 25th Anniversary of the Thetis Relay.
  1. Next Board Meeting
  • Set up monthly tentative board meeting slot: 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm via zoom. (Can be cancelled if deemed not to be needed).
  • Next meeting: March 17th 6:30pm
  • Tentative board meeting dates can be reviewed when training resumes.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:01pm




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