The Tuesday Night Workout (TNW) training sessions start at 5:15 pm every Tuesday night throughout the year.  These one hour speed and power sessions are based out of the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre (November through April), Mount Douglas Park (May and June), Beaver Lake (August and September), and various Wildcard Locations (July and October - See TNW Schedule for Wildcard Locations).  Every week is a different workout using various local roads, parks, and trails.

There are different pace groups for the warm up run prior to the interval-style workouts.  All paces are welcome and each session features a bonus lap for regrouping prior to the cool down run. Feel free to join in any time it fits into your schedule. Come for the run or come for the candies and Gatorade afterwards.

The speed sessions were the brainchild of club members Chris Kelsall and Bob Reid in 2001 and were held at Thetis Lake Park for the first two years. When the sessions moved to the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in 2003, Bob designed the workouts and Gary Duncan, Meghan Day, Sylvan Smyth and Claire Morgan led them for the first 10 years. For the last five years Bob and Gary have been leading the sessions on alternate weeks while Shane Ruljancich and Chris Callendar are frequently the fastest runners in the group. The TNW enters its sixteenth year in 2016 and attracts between 20 to 50 runners every week.  Sessions will be led by Gary and Shane as Bob has retired after 15 years as a Run Leader.  You don't have to be a fast or experienced runner to join in with the speed play.  Simply show up and have fun!

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 To celebrate the end of each season (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) we hold a "Burger & Beer" social. Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday Night Workout at Mount Doug in 2012.The Tuesday Night Workout Group at Mt. Doug Park, Summer 2008




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