Kludahk Trail 2012Summer Wilderness Running and Hiking

There are various distances available at each of these Harriers runs and hikes. Typically there are two pace groups and distances will range between 17 - 20 km, and 20 - 25 km.  You are required to have a paid, up-to-date club membership, and to register you will need to email our coordinators if you are interested.  Their email addresses will be posted once their schedule is developed.  We have to plan for travel, vehicles, food and other logistics for the events, so please sign up no later than three days before the run date. If you are able to assist with car pooling, please let Andrew or Aiobhe know.  Meeting locations and departure times will be sent by email with confirmation of your entry.

 Wilderness hikes of a slightly shorter distance between 5km and 10 km can be included as part of our club's Harriers Hounds Hikes coordinated by Bob Reid.  He will notify the dog owners separately from the running group and the hikers with canines will arrange for their own transportation to and from the site.




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