9:00 am Thursday – at various locations around Greater Victoria.

IMG 0119

The group was started by Maurice Tarrant and initially attracted only about half a dozen runners, mostly retired friends of Maurice. It blossomed to a consistent core group of about 30 runners and walkers before withering during Covid. It has since bounced back to about 25. With most in the their mid- to late-70's and some in their 80's they've graduated to mainly walking with only a few still running. Locations vary weekly and there is usually a gathering in a restaurant or other venue afterwards.

Contact Bill Scriven (bscriven268 at gmail.com) for further details

Pre-Covid History

March 19---Cafe Bahamas 4420 Chatterton Way

TMG Reports

March 12---Eagle Creek Plaza (Quality Foods)

A much reduced and somewhat male group met today at QF in Eagle Creek. There were no birthday celebrations. Most of us walked the Galloping Goose and some of the runners made it into Thetis Lake Park. Luckily only light rain although the hailstorm just before we left was rather alarming.
Next week one hopes the gender balance will be restored and we meet at Coffee Bahamas, 4420 Chatterton Way for a tour of Rithets Bog & Broadmead. If we need to change or cancel this arrangement, I will put out an email at least a day before so stay tuned and stay safe & healthy in this turbulent time.
Thank you Steve & John Webb for the pics.
Rhys for Marcia

March 5---The Oaks (corner of Oak Bay Ave  and Monterey)

On a sunny day that seemed to deteriorate, we met at The Oaks. I counted 20 but the staff served 24 so we had some latecomers.  No doubt due to the construction everywhere.  
After serenading Wendy for her birthday tomorrow we took off.
March 12 Quality Foods. You'll have to get by without the direction of the ladies who will be skiing.
March 19 Bahamas on Chatterton
March 25 Heron Rock James Bay
PS. Thank you Steve & Terry for pics.

February 27--Zanzibar cafe in Brentwood Bay

Around 25 of us met at Zanzibar Café this morning – no rain!!!  Cloudy, but moderate temperatures.

The runners headed up Stelly’s X Rd. to run around the trails at Centennial Park.  Some of the walkers followed and others went down to the Brentwood Bay waterfront area.

Happy Birthday to Josephine Hoskins, who was not in attendance such that we could serenade her!

Zanzibar staff provided us with efficient and friendly service, along with their delicious food (ok – maybe not the “day old”).

Bill reminded everyone that this Saturday, the Pan Am Cross Country Races are being held at Bear Mountain.  The Races include one for recreational runners and one for children.  It would be great to have some of our runners compete!

Marcia is the “hostess” for next month and next Thursday, we’ll meet at the Oaks at the corner of Oak Bay Ave. and Monterey.

Have a good week!


PS. Thank you Steve, John Webb & Dave for the pics


February 20---Cherie's Bistro

What a beautiful day!!  About 30 of us gathered at Cherries Breakfast Bistro and ran/walked along the Panama Flats which are across Wilkinson Road.   The fast “boys” went as far as Tillicum Mall, I’m told.   The trail/wooded/creek areas are  hidden gems in an urban area.

There were no Birthdays to celebrate this week.

Cherries is renovating a good portion of its facility, but nonetheless happily arranged for our seating close together.  It appeared that the service and food were good, considering the large influx.  The muffins were certainly tasty!

Next week we’ll meet at Zanzibar Café in Brentwood Bay.  It’s at the corner of West Saanich Rd. and Stelley’s X Rd.

Have a good week!


PS. Thank you John Webb, Terry & Steve for the pics.

February 13---Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

We met at Mary's Blue Moon Café in Sidney  this morning.  It is definitely a Birthday week to complement Valentines.  Hearty Birthday greetings were sung for Jim Fisher, Bill Scriven and Art Beck (in absentia).
The drizzle did continue for the full hour of running/walking, but we didn't melt and indeed there were some "sweaty" bodies as the temperature was moderate.
The daffodils and crocuses are in bloom and some of us spotted the red breasted mergansers (thanks, Bill) successfully fishing herring.  Let's hope that snow forecast is wrong!
Next week we'll meet at Cherie's Breakfast Bistro at Wilkinson and Interurban.  Parking underground (off of Wilkinson) is encouraged.
Happy Valentines!
PS. Thank you John Webb for the nice pics.


February 6---Cordova Ridge G.C.

An impressive number of about 25 Runners and Walkers assembled at the Ridge parking lot.  The rain turned to drizzle during the hour of exercise and everyone cheerfully partook.   I believe that everyone followed Lochside Trail which was actually not too wet, with several runners (and at least one fast walker) going to the end of the car free trail, to count those huge pigs.

There were no Birthdays to celebrate this week.

We reconvened at the Ridge Café for muffins and coffee and to admire the greenery (without any golfers today!)

Next week we will meet at Mary’s Bleu Moon Café across from the Airport.

February 20th will be at Cherries Breakfast Bistro and the following week (Feb. 27th) at Zanzibar Restaurant in Brentwood Bay.


PS. Thank you photographers John Webb, Terry & Steve from Mexico

January 30--Plowshare (W.Saanich)

A good sized group of 28 TMGers gathered at the Plowshare Cafe, W. Saanich Rd. despite BC Hydro work on powerlines holding up traffic.
Roger was very happy to welcome back Maree from her trip down under.
No birthdays to report so off we went carefully across the main road and down Markham St to Quick’s Bottom Park, Layritz Park & Camosun College trails and/or Glendale Trail. Some folks insisted on finding mud while others thought better of it.
We were well looked after at the cafe where most stayed for brekky & socializing.
Thank you photographers John Webb, Terry & Steve.
Next month we will be hosted by Karen Knott and next week we meet at Cordova Bay Ridge golf club in the lower car park as usual at 0930.

January 23--Appletree Restaurant (1501 Admirals Rd)

Overcast skies & light rain greeted 22 TMG runners & walkers at a new location – the Apple Tree in the Admirals Walk shopping centre, View Royal.
We sang birthday greetings to Brian Turner before setting off on the E&N Railway Trail alongside Thrifty’s. Walkers went north & west to Portage Park & Inlet and on to the Island Hwy junction past Fort Victoria RV Park. Runners went south & east past the Res, CFB Esquimalt graving dock and up to Highrock Park. This part of Victoria was fresh for some so David showed us one of the schools where he taught and regaled us with a few stories from his dark past. A couple of beautiful old Tudor style houses reminded us that parts of Esquimalt used to be very posh indeed. Back at the restaurant, the food was good, reasonably priced and the service excellent. So we may return.
Thank you John Webb, Steve & Terry for the pics.
Prairie Inn Harrier members note the Awards Night, January 31 has been moved to Gorge Vale Golf Club – check the website for details http://www.pih.bc.ca/
Next Thursday we will meet at the Plowshare Cafe, 4649 West Saanich Rd  - usual time 0930 – to romp on the Camosun College trails. We’ll all cross the busy road together and walk the short distance to the safety of Markham St. Remember to bring your $5 TMG membership fee if you haven’t paid yet.

January16---Denny's in Colwood

The snow and wind from the last couple of days deterred a few but we still had 12 out for a good walk & 16 came for the excellent Denny’s brekky. Good to see Jane McDonald but alas nursing a broken toe. We even had a little sun and conditions although sloppy along the Goose and icy on Charley’s Trail were much better on the Hatley roads & paths.
Happy Birthday to Brian Turner on Jan. 14 but we saved his song until we see him.
Thanks to our photographers John Webb, John Sampson & Terry Harrison.
Next week Jan 23 usual time 0930 we meet at the Appletree Family Restaurant, 1501 Admirals Rd. in the Admirals Walk Shopping Centre just south of the Craigflower Bridge across the Gorge. Lots of parking either side of the restaurant. Best access both in and out is to turn west at the lights on Hallowell Rd. then immediately right into the shopping centre, past Thrifty’s and right again to the resto.
The E&N Trail passes along Hallowell so we just walk back past Thrifty’s and onto the asphalt bike path turning right for Portage Park, Portage Inlet & View Royal Park or left for the CFB Esquimalt Graving Dock, High Park & down to the trail end near Spinnaker’s Pub. A loop back on the West Shore Songhees Walkway is possible for motivated runners.

January 9--Prairie Inn Pub

The Thursday Morning Gang gathered at our favourite PIH hangout The Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub for their regular walk & run and to honour Maurice Tarrant on his 90th birthday.
We also celebrated birthdays for Janet Bruce and Buddy Bhandar and gave all three a tuneful rendering of Happy Birthday.
The weather turned out sunny if a little cool as we welcomed many guests and old friends and took some of them on a tour of Centennial Park before heading back to the Pub for breakfast. It was wonderful to chat with folks we haven’t seen for a long time and I think everyone had a great morning.
Garth Ball gave a short address and brought forward Maurice and all the other Mellow Fellows relay team present for a group photograph.
Our guest speaker, Bob Reid, PIH Treasurer and long time running supporter, then gave us a very nice story about Maurice’s life and running accomplishments. Boy, I don’t think many of us realised just how many records he made.
To go along with those, we set our own TMG record today with an attendance of 66 folks – amazing! The Prairie Inn did very well to accommodate us and we thank them.   
I’m sending the attached pics to all the regular TMG crowd in the usual way as Bccs.  Our guests are listed in a separate email but I don’t have addresses for all of you guys. If you know any guests I have missed, please pass this message to them. You might also look at the PIH website where more photographs will eventually be uploaded. Thank you to our guest photographer and the regulars Steve & Terry.
Next Thursday we meet at Denny’s in Colwood, 1845 Island Hwy at the usual 9:30 time and hope some of our guests had such a good time today, they will consider joining us.


January 2---Cherries' Bistro

Wow, lots of twos & zeros in that date – Happy New Year everyone!
A big crowd of 33 or so gathered at Cherrie’s Breakfast Bistro with most staying for coffee & muffin or a full brekky. Cherrie told us about the underground parkade - easy access, empty and dry so we’ll use it in future.
Runners & walkers headed down Roy Rd and onto Panama Flats – alas not as warm & sunny as it’s namesake but we did miss the anticipated storm coming this afternoon. From there it was up to Copley Park & along the Colquitz River Trail. The runners got a little further over to Layritz Park and into Camosun College where Bill Scriven & David insisted on lapping the track at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence. Memories of bygone days – hah!
We did have someone get lost again today.
It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that not everyone knows the trails well and we should ensure that no-one is left on their own or goes out on their own whether walking or running. Safety is a primary concern and after all we are a social group - here for the good company.
Thank you very much to our photographers John Webb, Steve & Terry.
Terry is also filling in for Linda while she is away and asks that you give her your annual TMG dues of $5 this month. The Party Cadres agreed to this low fee for one more year after which in order to maintain our high pottery standards for the Decade Mugs, a small increase may be necessary.
Next week we are at the Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub at the corner of East Saanich & Mt. Newton Cross Roads. Usual time 9:30am walk/run & 10:30 breakfast. Remember this is our chance to wish Maurice Tarrant well for his new decade so we are hoping for a huge turnout.
Have a good week!

December 26--No run/walk scheduled

December 19---Beaver Lake Parking Lot (gravel)

Approximately 25 of us met at the gravel parking lot at Elk lake for our annual tree decorating expedition.
We sent birthday greetings across the water to Les McNeil in Vancouver and set off running or walking to the tree. The birds must be happy as many of us brought decorations the birds can eat. In our usual exemplary fashion we attempted to sing. The spirit was willing!!
On returning we went to Ho Jo's for sustenance.
There will be no TMG next Thursday ( Dec 26th ) but anyone interested can contact the Harriers as they will be having a run that day.
Rhys and Terry are our leaders in January. On Jan 2nd we will be meeting at Cherries Bistro, Interurban & Wilkinson – now confirmed.
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year  See you in 2020!!
Cheers Sandra
PS. Here is a link to the Boxing Day Run details – its FREE!!    http://pih.bc.ca/race/17-boxing-day-10-mile-handicap-run
...and thanks to Terry & Steve for the pics today.

December 12--Heron Rock Cafe

At 9:29 the rain stopped so that about 22 brave souls could venture out from Heron Rock café to run or walk around James Bay.
The café as always served us well.
Next week we meet at the gravel parking lot at Elk Lake for our annual tree decorating and Sing along ???  event. Bring something the birds can eat to hang on the tree that Rich will find for us!!
See you Saturday all dressed up for our Christmas Lunch!
Cheers Sandra
PS. Thank you John Webb & Terry for our pics.

December 5---Ridge G.C. at Mattick's Farm

A fairly large group ( I forgot to count!) met in the parking lot at Cordova Bay Ridge and headed out from there for various runs or walks. No birthdays or announcements of note. Tickets for the lunch going well.
Next week we are meeting at Heron Rock café in James Bay. Watch out for the parking gestapo!!
Have a great week
Cheers Sandra
PS. Thank you photographers John Webb, Steve & Terry

November 28--The Oaks (Monterey and Oak Bay)

Another beautiful, dry Thursday morning. This one in Oak Bay where passports were not needed as the Oak Bay Security Force was not out.
Approx. 28 walkers and runners were out for a jaunt along the bay. Cool and windy but a great spot for us.
November was record-breaking....every Thursday was dry.....November??
Bill Scriven has tickets for our Dec.14 luncheon. Get them sooner than later to avoid disappointment.
Theresa McMillan has a birthday tomorrow so we serenaded her before breakfast. Happy birthday, Theresa.
Sandra Bastedo will be our December leader. Starting off @ the Ridge Golf Course 5300 Cadboro Bay rd., across from Matticks Farm in Cadboro Bay.
Two visitors today, Ken and Joan Newman who may become regulars.
Thanks to everyone for putting up with me for November.

November 21---Quality Foods (Eagle Creek Village)

Wow! Another beautiful day on the Saanich Peninsula.
First....Bill Scriven reminded us that a few tickets are available for the Christmas luncheon at Cedar Hill GC on Saturday, December 14.
Second...We sang Happy birthday to Marie Kaplan. She was very gracious and did not comment on the quality of the singing.
26+ walkers and runners hit the Galloping Goose Trail for an hour or so.
Then back to Quality Foods coffee/tea, muffins and a special breakfast that looked really good and substantial.
Next week, Nov.28, 9:30 we are at The Oaks
                                                  2250 Oak Bay Ave.
Have a good week and I have reserved good weather for next week.
PS. Thank you photographers Terry, Steve & John Webb.

November 14--Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

Another Thursday accomplished in "Sunny Sidney by the Sea". About 26 showed up with maybe 6 runners. The runners went by so fast I did not get an accurate count. We were looked after at Mary's very well as usual. Next week we are at.......
                                                Nov. 21 Quality Foods Eagle Creek Village
                                                                                     29 Helmken Rd. Victoria
Make sure to get your Christmas luncheon tickets from Bill Scriven. They are going fast so don't delay!!
                                   Have a great week.
PS. Thanks John Webb, Terry & Steve for excellent pics.

November 7---My Chosen Cafe 

We had a perfect Metchosin morning for a walk/run whatever we chose.
Twenty-three plus runners/walkers. Breakfast was enjoyed by all, I think.
Bill Scriven announced that the tickets for the Christmas luncheon are ready.
Get them sooner than later, they go quickly. $35.00 each.
Next week we will meet at Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe on Canora in Sidney.
Have a good week and we will do this again.
PS. Thanks for the pics Steve, John Webb & Terry

October 31---Beaver Lake gravel parking lot

The only Halloween costume attempt came from Marcia. Did any of our photographers captured it?
Another beautiful morning for our last October gathering.
One birthday. Joan Gamble, born on this very day.
She was not among us at that moment, so instead we sung a belated Happy Birthday to
Mike Emerson, born on October 24th a while ago. It was actually a very special birthday and so
Mike was presented with an awesome glass to drink his favourite stabilizer from.
Joan was seen on the trail, apparently the traffic was heavier than usual and she missed our start.
Happy Birthday Joan!
After dispersing at various speeds along the lake to exercise our limbs we all enjoyed the bounty of sunshine and good humour.
Social at Howard Johnson went without a glitch and we all went home with a feeling of gladness.
Next month leader is is Wayne Fisher and he selected My Chosen Cafe as our first November spot.
Don't eat too much chocolates, give some to the kids!
PS. Thank you to photographers John Webb & Steve Baker and...Wayne wants us to see his plans for November:
Nov. 7     My Chosen Cafe 4492 Happy Valley Rd. Metchosin
                                                250 474 2333
Nov. 14   Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe 9535 Canora Rd. Sidney
                                                250 655 4450
Nov. 21   Quality Grocers Eagle Creek Village,  29 Helmken Rd. Victoria.
                                                778 265 7012
Nov. 28   Oaks Bistro 2250 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria.
                                                250 590 3155
               All locations will be confirmed the previous week.
and...PPS. A message from our friend Gilles including a selfie above:
Bonjour, I will be travelling to Tucson’s Civano area Tuesday Nov.12 & plan to arrive Friday Nov.15th afternoon.I will not purchase a US,SIM phone card so the best way for me to keep in touch with everyone is via e-mail only.Will return to Comox early January unless delayed by weather.Although somewhat early I wish you a very Merry Christmas & healthy Happy New Year, best regards, Gilles.

October 24--De Dutch Pannekoek House

A fair day for walking, trotting and running under cloudy skies with mild temperature to enjoy.
Close to 30 of us gathered this morning at Quadra /McKenzie.
Mike Emerson, born on October 21st, was not present, so we did not sing.
Instead we are sending Happy Birthday to you, with this email.
Most people ended on Lochside trail, burning calories one way or another.
I love this trail now that we had some rain and therefore there is no dust to inhale
every time a bike passes by.
Most members ended up In the booked De Dutch Pannekoek House for either a breakfast or
coffee only gathering/shooting the breeze /chewing the fat. Thanks Karen ?
Next week we meet at the lower gravel parking lot of Beaver Lake.
Our social is once again booked in the closest spot to the lake,
at Howard Johnson on Elk Lake Road.
PS. Thank you photographers John Webb, Steve & Terry and a note from Bill Scriven.

october 17 --Spitfire Grill

Thick rain was pelting down as I drove to today's venue.
My passenger (Maree) and I performed the magical "Rain, rain go away"
and it worked?
Some twenty five faithful members showed up at Spitfire Grill.
We sung Happy Birthday to Tea, born on the 18th(present) and
Mike Emerson, born on the 21st, not in attendance.
I spotted Roseanne Wilson with her sister, welcome back.
After our one hour of exercise, under dry skies and some sunshine, we filled out the reserved tables.
Service was a tad on the slow side, but most of us enjoyed the space and higher ceiling.
Next week we are booked at De Dutch Pannekoek House on Quadra at McKenzie.
See you then,
Marie Kaplan
PS. Thank you photographers Terry & Steve.

 October 10--Cafe Bahamas

Thursday Oct 3

We were fortune that sun was shining and there was no need for umbrellas21 TMG members assembled at Zanzibar parking lot to sing Happy Birthday toSteve Baker. He was pleased to received our song as he is warming up to celebrate Only a handful of runners, rest of us walkers headed out in more than one direction.Set tables were ready for us, when we made it back to Zanzibar.Service was very good and there were many yummy looking plates of food.Next week we are booked at Cafe Bahamas, 4420 Chatterton Way.See you there,
Marie Kaplan
PS. Thank you photographers Steve, Terry & Wayne. Special thank you to John Webb for handling the distribution of pics and the report last month.

September 26  Cordova bay g.c.

September 19---Heron Rock Bistro

September 12th---Fickle Fig 1780 Mills Rd N.Saanich

September 5th---Floyd's Diner 4496 W.Saanich

John B. Webb

Hello All TMG’ers;

This month, Maree is our leader and I am assisting her with the photos, along with Steve and with the weekly report. Hopefully, the distribution reaches all members.

To this end, Rhys has supplied me with the e-mail lists and I will attempt to keep up his good work. Not too sure if Steve has my e-mail address for any photos that he took today but if his photos do not get included, I will send them out later, on receipt.

Steve, I can be reached at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

25 TMG’ers arrived at “ Floyds Diner “ for walks, runs and breakfast. No birthdays were offered, however, a  “ Birthday Cup “ was given to Maree for delivery to the owner at a later date. Emma and Brian, along with Savanna will be returning to New Zealand in a few days and we thank them for their visit and a wish them a safe return home.

The majority of the attendees took the path to Colqwitz Creek, noting the truification work to the creek banks along the way while enjoying a shaded walk through the park like setting, adjacent to the creek. The weather was with us adding sun and warm to the outing as the coolness of September approaches. Some of the group may have taken the path to Rithets Bog and a loop of that trail.

We were greeted at breakfast with willing staff and a well appointed menu, good food and with first rate service. Looks as if we may have a winner with “ Floyds Diner “ for a future venue. Good parking, good walks/runs available along with good food, good service…

August 29---Prairie Inn

A perfect summer morning revealed itself as we gathered in the Prairie Inn parking lot in Saanichton.

    Bill Scriven told us of his last Sunday's bicycle Ride to Conquer Cancer, which he described as "inspirational."  
    The 25 of us today included Doug Mond's daughter, Emma, her husband Brian, and their 8-month-old daughter, Savanna, visiting from New Zealand.  Savanna may well be TMG's youngest participant, and seemed to be enjoying herself and all the attention she was getting.
    Many of us walked or ran in the quiet majesty of Centennial Park.  One of the group, who shall remain nameless, was parking-lot-challenged, and finally showed up in the right parking lot by the grace of Terry's shuttle, but not before a search party had been launched into the park.  Every day needs a little "excitement!"
     Substantial and tasty breakfasts were served up by the friendly Prairie Inn staff.  We managed to maintain impressive decibel levels for the duration. 
    Thanks to Terry, Pat, Steve and John for their photo contributions. 
    Group leader for September is Marie Kennell, whose destination for NEXT WEEK  (Sept 5) is:  Floyd's Diner, 4496 West Saanich Rd.  (formerly Olive Grove). It is hard  to miss its bright pink exterior.  On the Royal Oak Mall side of W.Saanich Rd.
                                                                                 Hope everyone has a great Labour Day Weekend, and that our wonderful late-summer weather endures. Cheers, Brian C.

August 22--Oak Bay Marina

Slightly fewer than average numbers of walkers and runners showed up (20 today) at the Oak Bay Marina parking lot this morning.  First item on the "agenda" was our birthday serenade to Rich Brown, just one day late (Sorry, Rich).  But he had a feast-filled celebration yesterday, both at Spinnakers for lunch and relatives' for dinner.  Some guys just get it all!
     It was another cool summer(?) day, but the clouds dissipated during our hour of exertion, giving way to warmish sunshine and calm breezes.  That made both the road/sidewalk treks (including viewing some of Oak Bay's famous deer strutting and eating---blackberries of all things) as well as sitting outside at the Dockside Eatery, quite enjoyable.  Food was good, and service fast.
    There were even a few boats manoeuvering around in the marina, to add interest to our patio view of the yachts and placid ocean, not to mention the Olympics in the distance.  As Brian T. said post-coffee, it is a pleasant location with a great view.  
NEXT WEEK (August 29th): We will meet at the Prairie Inn parking lot (East Saanich Rd. at Mt. Newton X Rd.) at 9:00 a.m., with breakfast at the Inn at                                                      10.   For those who have not been there before in the morning, the Prairie Inn has a great full breakfast menu.
                                                See you there .  Have a great end-of-summer week!  Brian C.

Run/Walk Reports

August 15---Beaver Lake gravel parking lot

     It was back to the type of warm, sunny weather we expect in August (but haven't been getting much of this summer) for our gathering at Beaver Lake.  Temperature was comfortable, with a bit more humidity than usual and the trails were wonderfully dry-as-a-bone for all to enjoy.
     There were about 30 of us at the parking lot to deliver our birthday serenade to Sandy Watt (August 19th birthday).   
     Special welcome this morning to former Harrier runner, Sylvia, as well as Garfield with his award-winning dog (complete with prize ribbons and photos).
     Park user suggestion: If at the Beaver Lake parking lot on a sunny day and you want an instant sauna, just step into one of the Port-a-Johns for a few moments. Unbelievable! Old washrooms (such as they were) are closed and new ones are under construction.
     We convened at 10 at The Lakes Restaurant at Howard Johnson's, minus a few who must have gotten lost on the way.  Was it my imagination or were things not quite up to snuff there this morning, both food and service?
     Thanks to John, Terry, and Steve for photo contributions.
     Note from Bill Scriven: "Thanks to everyone who has donated on my behalf for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  If you wish to donate, please use the website: secure.conquercancer.ca and search for my name as a rider.  Thanks so much.  Bill Scriven."
    NEXT WEEK (August 22)   We will meet at the Oak Bay Marina parking lot at the usual summer time of 9:00 am.  Breakfast at the Oak Bay Marina Coffee Shop (aka Marina Dockside Eatery).  The staff is looking forward to greeting us with a variety of breakfast sandwiches, bagels (with smoked salmon and cream           cheese etc.) croissants, quiches and, of course, hot drinks.  For those not familiar with the venue, it is under the O. B. Marina Restaurant; cafeteria style (order inside) with lots of outside seating.  Let's hope for a beautiful morning again.  See you there!
     With warm sunny wishes,
     Brian C.

August 8--20th Anniversary Lunch Potluck at the Scriven Residence

Despite early week forecasts of cloud and possible showers, it was a picture-perfect day for our TMG 20th Anniversary get-together at Bill and Tea Scriven's home near Esquimalt Lagoon.  An even 30 of us gathered at the fashionable hour of 11 a.m., including several who joined us for the first time in quite a while, from as far away as Courtenay (Gilles), Qualicum Beach (Garth & Diana) and Vancouver (Les).   
There was one birthday, Roseanne Wilson, who was not present.  Happy Birthday, Roseanne, wherever you may be.
Runners and walkers had a choice of routes, from the wooded paths of Royal Roads to the wind-swept shoreline of the Lagoon, complete with its unique driftwood sculptures of wild things and hummingbirds and lots of live Canada Geese.
Arriving back at the Scriven's, we were met with a wonderful array of luncheon foods, everything from sandwiches to smoked salmon to shrimps to salads (even shrimp salad); also cold cuts, devilled eggs, cheese ball and crackers; not to mention cookies, nuts, fruit (the biggest blackberries on earth) and rhubarb pie (which I can never resist), plus coffee and tea.  And that's just the items that I tried so hope I didn't miss anything.
Between main course and dessert, there were some nice reminiscences of club days of the past, including a special reading by Maurice T. of his daughter Claire’s classic TMG Night Before Christmas and also a letter from Ian Stewart. Everyone wishes you a quick path to recovery, Ian!
Thanks to all for bringing such a great variety of delicious foods, to photographers for contributions and special thanks to Bill and Tea for hosting such a memorable event.
NEXT WEEK:  August 15:   We will meet at the Beaver Lake far parking lot, at the usual summer time of 9 am. Breakfast at the Lakes Restaurant at Howard Johnson's at about 10.
See you there,
Brian C.

August 1---Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

It was a fairly mild winter day in the Saanich Peninsula's Far North with mainly cloudy skies and a brisk breeze off the ocean. Two dozen of us (thanks to Brian T. for the count) gathered at Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe's parking lot just before 9.  There were no birthdays to serenade.
Bill Scriven requested a few less desserts and a few more appies on the food list for next week's TMG 20th Anniversary get-together at the Scriven's home (see more below).
Most of us, both walkers and runners, headed east via a variety of routes toward the Salish Sea.  No iceberg sightings reported. Then we met back at Mary's to choose from the great breakfast menu. One notable choice was Ron N's Paul Bunyan-sized plate of pancakes (see attached pic). Our table were all waiting for a piece of the action (with syrup) but Ron prevailed and ate the whole thing. Oh well, the other items were delicious as well; with good and friendly service. Thanks to everyone for exiting Mary's before the 11:30 deadline request. The restaurant staff really appreciated it.
Thanks photographers for the contributed photos.
NEXT WEEK Aug. 8:  TMG 20th Anniversary Lunch.  Please note a time change for next week only. We will meet at Bill and Tea's home at 11 am. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to this much-anticipated event.  Have a great week, and see you there next Thursday!   
Brian C.
Reminder for TMG 20th Anniversary:
Date:     Thurs. Aug 8th
Time:     11am  for the walk/run, lunch at noon
Place:    3305 Crowhurst Place, off Lagoon Road near Esquimalt Lagoon
Phone:   250-474-3557
Bring:     Lawn chair
             Food contribution
             Knives, forks etc.
            Beverage and its drinking vessel
Note:    We will supply coffee, tea with their fixings
Also bring photos, stories etc. that will help us remember all the good times we've had through 20 years of TMG. Feel free to say a few words during the luncheon as well.
See you then
Bill Scriven

July 25--The Oaks Restaurant

22 met at The Oaks Restaurant this morning. Wayne Fisher missed our dulcet tones so much that he came for our version of Happy Birthday to him.
Bill Scriven passed around a Food Sign Up Sheet for the August 8 party.
Despite my forgetting to reserve at the Oaks until 7:30 THIS morning, we had the usual great food and service.
Fortunately, I am impeached and replaced with Brian Case for August. He has chosen Mary's Bleue Moon by the airport for next week at 9:00am.
Thanks to Steve Baker, John Webb & Terry Harrison for photographs.

July 18--Plowshare Cafe 4649 W.Saanich

Our early departure from the Plowshare Cafe was duly protested and noted.  
As usual, we scattered in all directions at all speeds for varying amounts of time.
Bill reminded us of the Anniversary Pot Luck Lunch, August 8th. Next week there will be a sign up list of food options to bring for sharing.
Thank you John Webb & Terry for the excellent pix.
Next week at 9:00am: The Oaks Restaurant on Oak Bay Avenue.

July 11--Willows Beach (Kiwanis Tea Room)

A reported 29 met at Kiwanis' Willows Beach teahouse on a foggy morning.
After a brief Happy Birthday serenade to Val (12th) and Terry (15th) we set off.
It was great to see all of the children enjoying the beach. Oh, and the volleyball players. One of the guys suggested a challenge but he couldn’t seem to make a team
Guests again included Mike Emerson's grandson Tyler with his parents, Caroline and Bryce and his aunt, Lisa.
Joining Smudge Bruce were Sally (Gamble) and Chandler (Bastedo), all a bit annoyed with the leash on a beach restriction.
Thank you Terry, John & Steve for the photographs attached.
Next week we will be at the Plowshare Cafe, 4649 West Saanich Rd. at our summertime start of 9:00am
PS. Info. from Sandy Watt:     The University of Victoria Motion & Mobility Rehab Lab. are studying how cognition, balance and walking can predict fall risk?  They are looking for male or female volunteers over the age of 70 to participate with a 15 minute telephone interview and a 2 1/2 hour physical & cognitive assessment at U.Vic. to take place in September or October. If interested, contact Sydney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

July 4--Cordova Bay Ridge G.C.

A bunch? Group? Herd? of TMGers met at the Ridge golf course at 9AM yes, 9 not 9:30
We enjoyed the company of Lil and Dave's grandson; Mike Emerson accompanied by Caroline, Bryce and Tyler from New Zealand, and Maurice and Claire all the way from...Saanich.
Karen Knott was presented with a Significant Birthday wine glass very similar to mine.  No coffee mugs for us!
Thank you to the photographers Terry, John Webb & Steve.
Next week remember 9AM in July and August.
July 11 at Willows Beach Tea Room, 2740 Dalhousie.

June 27--Mychosen Cafe

A smaller than usual crowd today because of rain overnight and this morning and because the Metchosin Restaurant is fairly far out, albeit not for Theresa and I. About 18 people managed to get there to gray skies, NO rain and pleasant temperatures. The sheep were out so we followed the signs with regard to gates. Near the restaurant I enjoyed the sign for the high forest fire danger rating: 'Open Fires Closed'.

Paving on Metchosin Road held us up a bit going and coming but it was well organized.

Most walkers head through the farms to the bluff overview of the ocean and the runners to the trails down to Witty's Lagoon.

The restaurant was very busy but had a large table and a table for 6 et up for us, which was great. The food was abundant - I only got through 1 and 2/3 pancakes before I ran out of space.

A pleasant morning, pleasant companions and a full belly - close to paradise!

We've enjoyed directing the group this month. Marcia will be the leader for the group in July and next week, July 4th., we will be at the Cordova Bay Ridge Golf Course meeting as usual in the car park just below the clubhouse.


Bill and Theresa

PS. Thank you photographers Steve, Terry, & John Webb.

9:00am – got it!

June 20--Cedar Hill  Rec Centre

A cool start to the day became perfect conditions for our run-walk at Cedar Hill Rec Center this morning. Most of us did at least one cycle around the golf course and I heard 3 times for at least one individual. About 30 of us turned out today and most stayed for snacks.
The woman running the snack bar apologized for the slow coffee production. She was warned that we were coming but got mixed up and thought it was next week.
Nice to see Mike Emerson out today (and running). His daughter Caroline and her family will be visiting Victoria from New Zealand from Aug. 25 to Sept. 12, we hope to see them at TMG.
We sang a rousing birthday song for Marcia Stromsmoe for a ‘zero’ year birthday and Bill Scriven presented her with a nicely wrapped (by Tea) wine glass. Garth and Diana Ball were here from Qualicum Beach and Garth gave Marcia a nice musical card.
Next week at 9:30am we will be at the Metchosin restaurant to run/walk trails in the Metchosin Road-Happy Valley Road junction area. Hope to see you there.
The TMG Potluck luncheon will be held at the Scriven residence on Thursday August 8th. Our walk/run to start at 11am with lunch at noon.
Thanks to the photographers today, the pictures every week are great memory joggers.

June 13---Coffee Bahamas

Hi everyone!  About 9:30 a.m. Thursday, June 13 about 30 members of the TMG  gathered near Café Bahamas to catch up on the latest news, and wish happy birthday to Nelda Turner and Giles St Denis.
It was a warm, perfect summer morning, great for exercise.  We had a choice between a forest run/walk or a walk with tall grasses, and (thankfully) mostly gone invasive reeds or a rocky trail through a forest/subdivision. Some of the group went around the bog twice.
All sorts of bird song in certain areas.  A nature lover’s paradise....
Café Bahamas had good coffee, muffins and goodies and was well set up for us, with seating both indoors and outdoors.
Again, certain members had fun managing the maze of doors leading to the Ladies' Rest Room, but we all escaped.
Next week, we will meet at 9:30 at the Cedar Hill Recreation Center at 3220 Cedar Hill Rd. We plan to run/walk around the golf course.
As always, thanks to our photographers John, Steve & Terry.
Theresa and Bill

June 6---Zanzibar Cafe

The cheerful group met at Zanzibar Café in Central Saanich this morning.  Fraser is the Birthday boy this week and was serenaded with “Happy Birthday”.  Delicious, healthy breakfasts followed in the Café.

Most of the runners ran the trails in nearby Centennial Park with a few choosing to access the Park via a quieter (than Stelley’s X Rd.) farmer’s field.  (I believe that there is meant to be a trail access across the field, in any event.)  Some of the walkers followed.  I believe that other walkers walked along the ocean front of Brentwood Bay.

There was a request/reminder for everyone to try and walk/run in at least pairs or more, for safety reasons.  We would hate to lose someone in the woods!

A vote was taken in respect to the meeting time for the months of July and August.  The group consensus was that we will meet at 9:00 a.m. for those months, starting July 4th.

Bill & Theresa McMillan are the leaders for June and next week June 13 we meet at Coffee Bahamas, 4420 Chatterton Way to do the Rithet’s Bog, Broadmead trails...still at the 9:30 time for now.


PS. Thanks to John Webb & Terry Harrison for the pix.

May 30--Cherrie's Bistro

About 25 gathered at Cherries Breakfast Bistro for a run/walk, mostly along the trails through the Panama Flats area and along the Colquitz Creek (I believe is actually called a “river”.)

It was another brilliantly sunny morning, at just the right temperature, particularly for the walkers.

There are no Birthdays to celebrate this week.

It was lovely to sit in the patio area at Cherries to enjoy our coffee and delicious muffins, after the hour of exercise.

Next week, we will meet at Zanzibar Café at the corner of Stelley’s X Road and West Saanich Rd. in Central Saanich.

Karen Knott

PS. Thank you to our photographer John Webb. Due to the overwhelming demand, we have included a few extra pix from last week at Eagle Creek.

May 23---Eagle Creek Plaza

May 16---Denny's in Colwood

32 TMGers gathered at Denny’s, Colwood under cloudy skies with a few rain drops. The temperature was around 14 and quite humid. Everyone enjoyed the usual circuits of the Hatley Castle grounds and Charlie’s Trail. 29 of us stayed for a good brekky, efficiently served and well priced.
It was great to see Gilles back in town. Our photographers recorded the event so thanks to John Webb, Steve Baker & Terry Harrison.
Next week May 23 we will be at the QF in Eagle Creek shopping plaza near the General Hospital – usual time of 9:30am.
We may not be able to send a report next week with folks being away so we are noting here the next location. On May 30 we’ll be at Cherries Bistro on the corner strip mall at Wilkinson & Interurban.
Have a nice long weekend!

May 9--Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

It was another glorious morning for our run/walk from Mary’s Bleu Moon in Sidney.  Most of the walkers followed a lovely wooded trail for half the hour and then went to the waterfront for the remainder.  The ocean was calm as glass, somewhat unusual for that area.  The runners (as far as I could tell), ran directly to the shore and followed the shoreline as well.  It is definitely shorts and t-shirt weather.

The servers at Mary’s were cheerful and efficient and the breakfast meals looked delicious.  The servers also kept the coffee coming, no easy feat for our number.

We serenaded Bill McMillan with Happy Birthday, as he was absent during his “Birthday week”.  It is a special Birthday for Bill and he was instructed to save his wine until he receives his TMG glass!

Next week we will meet at Denny’s in Colwood.  Theresa and Bill McMillan have kindly agreed to be the substitute leaders for that day.  The following week (23rd), we’ll meet at the Eagle Creek shopping centre.

Have a good week!

PS. Thanks to our photographers Steve Baker & John Webb.
Could I ask for someone to handle the report & photo distribution for one week on May 23 when Terry & I will be on a short vacation.

May 2---Dutch Pancake House

This year cooler spring sure is lovely as flowering season lingers on.
Head count of TMGers stood at 21, but some people started ahead, so the actual number
was higher.
Our chorus did not have a chance to sing as our celebrant Bill McMillan ( May 5th) did not show up.
Our one hour of fresh air exercise was along Lochside Trail.
Restaurant service was very good and I believe everybody enjoyed themselves.
Thanks to Steve Baker & John Webb for the usual great pix.
Next week we shall meet at Mary's Bleue Moon, 9535 Canora Rd., Sidney.
We are still at 9:30 AM start.

April 25---Eagle Creek Plaza (Quality Foods)

Quite a crowd turned out at Eagle Creek. The Quality Foods $5 breakfast special must have brought them out.

Brian Turner alerted us to the fact that TMG turns 20 years old this summer. Why don’t we celebrate this anniversary some way? Please forward your suggestions to me. Lunch picnic?  Potluck?

The b-day song was brutalized once again, this time in honour of Linda’s b-day.

I’m participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer in August. If you would like to donate to my ride, please visit the website conquercancer.ca and look for my name. Thanks to those who have already donated.

Rhys took Sandra, Buddy and I on an interesting jaunt up Knockan Hill, a stop at the Welland Legacy orchard just off the Goose and a tour through the South Valley trail. Beside Colquitz creek we met groups of young people from nearby schools removing invasive flora: blackberry, ivy etc. I believe they were part of Pacific Streamkeepers.

Next week we meet at De Dutch Pancake House on the corner of Quadra and Mackenzie. Marus will be our leader subbing for Karen Knott, our leader for May.

Bill Scriven

April 18---Beaver Lake (gravel p.l.)

We huddled among the puddles in the Beaver Lake parking lot to sing happy birthday to Richard Hunt who won a ribbon at the Sidney 5k on Sunday. Congratulations Rich!
Though John Webb was not in attendance, I thanked him in absentia for returning to the Oaks last week to settle a TMG debt.
Then we were off to hop, skip and jump around the pools of water on the lake trail. David, Rhys and I made it all the way around the lake---a major accomplishment!---totally soaked.
Next week we will meet at the Eagle Creek plaza for some exercise on the Goose with coffee later at Quality Foods.

Bill Scriven

April 11--Mychosen Cafe

A hardy bunch showed up at the Mychosen Café for a ramble in the rain. Few lambs were spotted but lots of fawn lilies were in the Anglican churchyard. A sizeable group enjoyed Witty’s Lagoon; another the Bluff Trail. John Sampson’s friend Randy and his dog Cache joined us.

Everyone picked up their breakfast bills after they finished their food and beverages unlike last week at the Oaks. John Webb offered to drop into that restaurant to make good on what is owed. STOP PRESS – He did and Oaks staff were happy - Thanks John!!

Today was supposed to be Gilles’ last outing with us before he moves up island, Unfortunately he wasn’t here today. All the best to you Gilles and your family. He plans to join us at  TMG from time to time.

I found a nice peaked New Balance cap on the floor as I was leaving. I’ll bring it with me next wk as I assume it belongs to one of us.
Thanks to our photographers John Webb, John Sampson, Steve Baker, Tea Scriven & Terry Harrison for a plethora of pix.

Next week we meet at Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot) with coffee etc at Howard Johnson’s. Until then, have a great week.

Bill Scriven

April 4---Oaks---

We arrived at the Oaks this morning to discover our members enjoying the sun while sitting on the brick window ledge. After the group came to order I led everyone in a rousing rendition of our favorite (our one and only) song. Lil,  John Webb and Brian Case, the recipients of our blessing, were thrilled that we actually got to the end of the song without either forgetting the words or losing our breath.
Sandra joined the large running group after initially saying she didn't want to hold us back . 3 of the runners encouraged her to run with us. She has been ill and hasn't run for 3 wks. Sandra performed very well and may be invited to join the running group on a more permanent basis.
If you're considering joining us for a run, tryouts can be easily arranged.
In the restaurant I counted over 30 TMGERS chowing down. No complaints I don't think although I wondered how you can grow a tomato that has absolutely no taste.
Next week's venue--Mychosen Cafe on the corner of Metchosin rd and Happy Valley rd.
See you there to enjoy the wild flowers in the churchyard.
Bill Scriven
PS from Rhys. Thanks to John Webb & Steve Baker for nice pix. And...please read this note from Marcia:    “A man sitting at the back table left without paying.  I think she said scone and coffee, $10.  Howard couldn't remember who sat there.”

March 28--Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

A nice crowd of 27 (23 in the resto) showed up for our run & walk from Mary’s Bleue Moon in Sidney. It is always a challenge to entice folks out this far but they love it when they get here and today was no exception. Sunny and warmish with no wind – what could be better. We sang Happy Birthday to Ron Noel whose birthday was actually today. There was a clamouring from additional participants but they have to wait until next week and after they reach their birth dates. You never know with folks of a certain age and we wouldn’t want to waste a song, would we?
The runners went down into town and along the waterfront and the walkers saw some waterfront too after going through a pretty neighbourhood park that was new to some. I couldn’t convince anyone to do the scenic loop around the airport and through the industrial park – oh well, perhaps next time.
Good food and socializing followed as usual.
Thank you to John Webb, Steve Baker & Terry Harrison for the pix.
Next week, Bill Scriven is in charge and our venue will be the Oak Bay Marina Dockside Eatery, 1327 Beach Drive 250-598-3890. See you there,

March 21---Four Mile Pub

Another large crowd of 32 (29 for brekky) walkers & runners met in warm sunshine at the 4 Mile Brew Pub & Restaurant. We enjoyed the E&N Trail in both directions as well as Portage Park, View Royal Park and lovely views of Portage Inlet. The flowers in the pub garden made it look like we jumped straight from winter to summer. No complaints! The pub had opened early on the restaurant side to serve us breakfast in their cosy private room. What a beautiful old building it is. Let Sandra This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if you have any feedback on this morning so we can decide whether or not to keep this new location on our list.  
The birthday person was not present so we were not able to sing for the second week in a row. I hope we don’t forget the words.
Thank you to John Webb, Steve Baker, Terry Harrison & Tea Scriven for the pix. Zoom the small ones to 200%.
Next week we will meet for the usual 9:30am outing at Mary’s Bleue Moon Cafe, 9535 Canora Rd., Sidney (250-655-4450) in the parking lot opposite the cafe. Their washrooms will be open early for us. We owe these folks a nice big turnout as we had a heavy rain storm on our last visit and very few showed up for the reservation. Cross your fingers for more sunshine and see you all there.

March 14---Coffee Bahamas

A big crowd of 32 TMGers gathered at Coffee Bahamas today with 28 staying for brekky. The weather was overcast but calm & dry at +7 not quite up to Caribbean standards but OK for us. The run/walk around Rithets Bog and Broadmead was very pleasant now that the snow has all melted and the trails are not too muddy. Our birthday person, Cherie Reimer, was not present so we were unable to entertain the patients waiting in the new medical clinic with our singing. Great to see everyone socializing and enjoying themselves afterwards with good food & coffee.
Thank you John Webb & Terry Harrison for the pix.
At the usual time of 9:30am next week March 21 we are at the Four Mile Pub, 199 Island Hwy, View Royal 250-479-2514. Turn at the View Royal Avenue/Island Hwy lights and park at the top of their parking lot near the restaurant.
They are opening early for us and giving us a private room in the restaurant section. This will be a new location we are testing so lets have a huge turnout! Their washroom may not be open before 9:30 but we can use the public restrooms at View Royal Town Hall, main entrance, right next door to the pub. The pub is located right next to Portage Park and the E&N Trail (all blacktop) giving us several run/walking options in 3 directions.
1.  Gorge Waterway:   pub carpark thru Portage Pk to the E&N. Left across Island Hwy bridge, down the path to Island Hwy, left on the Island Hwy footpath to Admirals Rd, across Craigflower Bridge, down onto the Gorge N. side (2.8km out & back) then along the path to Tillicum Rd (6.6km out & back).  For the runners, cross Tillicum Rd bridge, down the path into Gorge Park & do a full perimeter loop (8.7km out & back).
2.  Galloping Goose:   pub carpark thru Portage Pk to the E&N. Left across Island Hwy bridge then continue past Portage Inlet & Fort Victoria RV Park to the busy road junction at Burnside Rd/Island Hwy/Hwy 1. The Galloping Goose is just across the road (5.5km out & back). Runners go left on the Goose to the Millstream Creek bridge (9.6km out & back) or turn right to the Hospital at a left fork off the Goose onto the Helmcken Rd bridge and across Hwy 1. Just behind the bus-stop is a path to the right bordering Hwy 1 for a short stretch then down into View Royal Park. Follow the path around to the park entrance back on Helmcken Rd at the E&N Trail bridge. Up to the trail, head past the school field and back to the pub (7.3km loop).
3.  Historic Esquimalt:   pub carpark thru Portage Pk to the E&N. Right on the E&N to Hallowell Rd – loop thru Portage Park for a scenic alternative with water views. Continue on the new bike path section along Hallowell Rd, Admirals Rd and past the Songhees Wellness Centre to overlook the CFB Esquimalt Graving Dock. The crazy interchange at Admirals Rd – 11 road directions, a bike path & a railroad – is 5.8km out & back. Runners may continue along the E&N to Lampson Rd (8.6km out & back) or Hereward Green Park for a full 10km.
See you next week, Rhys

March 7--Heron Rock  Cafe

A large turnout of 32 (28 at brekky) walkers & runners this morning to get a little exercise and have a big breakfast at the Heron Rock Bistro, always a favourite. Happy Birthday rang out around the neighbourhood for Wendy Pearson before our traditional group photo on the steps.
It was a beautiful sunny morning when we set off but cold and windy. There is construction all over town, much to do with distribution system upgrades for our new water treatment plant. We had a few course changes and some folks were late to the start as a result. No matter as everyone appeared to enjoy the food and camaraderie and no one fell or got frostbite.
A nice selection of pix are attached thanks to John Webb, Steve Baker & Terry Harrison.
Next week we will see you all at Coffee Bahamas, 4420 Chatterton Way ready for a 9:30am run or walk around Rithets Bog and the Broadmead trails.

February 28--Mychosen Cafe

Today we enjoy a visit to Metchosin and the “ Metchosin Cafe “. Breakfast and service were amazing and enjoyed by all.
The weather was more than good with light airs and brilliant sunshine with 5-6C showing on the temperature gauge as we walked the sea bluff trail. Some 25 TMG’ers turned for the occasion as the leader was a little on the late side arriving at the venue.  Many thanks to Bill Scriven who kindly delivered Norm Reynolds 80th birthday gift for February 11, when Norm was in Vancouver.
The sheep were in the north pasture along with some early lambs who we often see in mid March. The Canada grease were also in evidence all enjoying a good feed. The trails were barely damp which made the walk even more enjoyable. Spring maybe soon to arrive.
Next week, and for the month of March, Rhys and Terry Harrison  will lead the TMG’ers and they have chosen the “ Heron Rock Cafe “, 435 Simcoe St, Victoria, in James Bay, for the first venue for the month. The Harrison's promise good weather around Ogden Point and area for us all to enjoy.
Cheers, John
PS. Thanks to John Webb of course for the pix and also Terry Harrison & John Sampson. You might try zooming 200% on the small ones.

February 21--Cherrie's Bistro (Interurban and Wilkinson)

February 21 was a magnificent morning for all TMG’ers that attended at Cherrie’s Breakfast Bistro.The sun shone on us all as we headed off in a number of directions to enjoy the morning. Some trails still had some snow and ice on them so caution for all walkers and runners was a must. Some good stretches of dry road were experienced and +1C was the temperature at the start.
A count of 25 attendees was in evidence for breakfast which is an excellent turnout so thanks to all for such a good showing.

The only birthday of late February record was Josephine Hoskins who will enjoy her birthday on February 26 and, although early, we celebrated her birthday with all singers in good voice.
On returning, Cherry was there to greet us with tables set, coffee ready and breakfast available to order from the efficient kitchen to be enjoyed by all.
Thanks to Steve & Pat for adding to my photos.
Next week we will be at “ My Chosen Cafe “ located in Metchosin.
Have a great week, y'all………….

February 14---Denny's in Colwood

Today, a hearty 19 TMG individuals met at Dennys in Colwood for the walk and run. Birthday greetings were sung to Jim Fisher and Bill Scriven. Bill arrived a little after the chorus of voices so Buddy sung greetings to Bill on the trails ( Buddy's words ). Art Beck was absent albeit his birthday was also Feb 14.
Garfield was out today too with his near new pup, delightful. John Sampson also brought his dog, a “ Roger “ sheepdog look-alike but on good behaviour.
Participants headed off along the Galloping Goose Trail toward the University and others turned left from the start and attacked the “ Goose “ from the other direction. The trails were a mix of snow and ice but most walkers did find suitable pathways within the University grounds that were almost clear allowing for a near dry walk along the roadway and trails. Traffic was minimal on the University roads which helped us navigate without being run down.
Breakfast was delivered by Dennys with good speed and accuracy, hopefully, enjoyed by all. Even our bills were delivered without delay on exiting the restaurant.
Next week we will be starting from “ Cherries Bistro ", Interurban and Wilkinson Road. There is parking below ground if the weather is poor.
I can’t promise an absence of snow but I will do my best.
PS. Attached is a pic from Rich he wanted us to see.
Hi Rhys i thought i would send photo of our visit with Doug Monds daughter Emma and Byran with their 6 week old daughter Savannah down in Pukekohe nz. maybe you can show the gang. we will be back home on 19th cheers rich

February 7---Prairie Inn Pub

Here is my take from the TMG event this morning. Steve may have additional photos.

On a frosty February morning with temperatures hovering around -2C at “ The Prairie Inn “, about 25 hearty, well clothed, souls arrived for the walk/run event this morning.

Participants headed off in various directions but Centennial Park seem to attract the majority of the attendees. The trails did not disappoint and the pathways were clear of snow for the walkers and runners to enjoy.

We had a new potential TMG’er join us today, Nancy ( on left with blue torque, next to Maree ), and we look forward
to her regular weekly visits with the group.
Norm Reynolds birthday is February 11 and “ Happy Birthday “ was sung to him last week. given his absence today. More birthdays will be celebrated next week for February 13 and 14 so brace yourself for a, “ Birthday Song " session next week.

Next week, February 14, “ Valentines Day “, we will meet at Dennys,1845 Island Hwy, Victoria, just up on the left from the Casino.

Enjoy your week.



John B. Webb

January 31---Beaver Lake (gravel lot)

About two dozen of us gathered in the far parking lot at Beaver Lake this morning.  We were actually directed where to park by someone employed by a movie shoot company.  Yes, we had an opportunity to be part of the “Background” for some unidentified film.  At least that is what the signs leading to the lot said (Background).  Unfortunately, I didn’t see any cameras at any point at start, during or at the end of my run.  But it was a pleasant day to be out and about, not too cold, not rainy, windy or snowy.  The snow part is forecast for next week!

Linda was available to collect over due $5.00 fees (she apparently was there last week too!).  There was one birthday that we sang to Norm Reynolds, a bit early as he will not be attending next week. He is looking forward to his decade mug or wine glass though.

It was an uneventful run for me.  Just nice to get out to my “turnaround” point and back. We returned to find most cars had departed for Howard Johnson’s for refreshments.  At least 20 of us were seated in the restaurant, all chatting away.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, which will likely last me until I have a light supper later!

Next week, John Webb takes over the reins.  We will be meeting at the Prairie Inn Pub at the intersection of Mt Newton X Road and East Saanich Road.  I know I plan to drive down to Centennial Park and do loops in and around the park.

Cheers, Susan and Richard"

January 24---Adrienne's Tea Garden at Mattick's Farm

About 25 walkers and runners gathered in the parking lot at Adrienne’s Tea Garden for our morning outing.  We were lucky again with mild temperatures, no wind and no rain.  Very pleasant weather for late January.  I have been cautioned about revealing any such details to anyone back East, including my observations of trees budding and flowers blooming.

There were no birthdays to celebrate today.  Linda, who collects the wee dues we pay ($5.00) was not in attendance so anyone still owing may be able to pay next week.  We have been in contact with Norm, one of our group who had a bad fall last week.  He wants everyone to know he doesn’t look great but is continuing to heal and may make show up next week.  Speaking of next week, we are meeting at the lower parking lot at Beaver Lake, adjourning after our walk or run to HoJo’s (otherwise known as the Howard Johnson). 

We all set off on the Lochside Trail with our goal being to get as far as the pigs.  And we did.  They looked as happy as…. well as happy as pigs can look in a muddy yard!

Back at Adrienne’s, those of us who came in were treated to tables in the far end with great window views.  I think we counted 14 people who enjoyed tea or coffee or water and goodies.  Jane was pleased to find out they served de-caf Twinings Earl Grey Tea.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our egg, bacon, home-cooked hashbrowns and multi-grain toast (home-made jam).  Service was excellent. 

See you all next week!

Cheers, Susan

January 17--Eagle Creek Shopping Centre

Although the forecast was for 70% chance of rain, we were pleasantly surprised to have some sunshine and not a drop of rain.  In total including latecomers, I counted at least 24 of us who gathered in front of Quality Foods at the Eagle Creek Shopping Centre.  Richard brought the group to attention at 9:27a.m., with a brief description of the area and where we could walk or run.  Most enjoy heading out on the Galloping Goose Trail, easily accessed off Helmcken Road.

Linda, the collector of the $5 dues, was not in attendance today so anyone who needs to pay can maybe see her next week.  There were no birthdays to celebrate today.  Promptly at 9:29 a.m., the group were given the “let’s go” from Richard.

After fetching our sunglasses from the car, we headed off on the Goose Trail.  I enjoyed the run, seeing the hills on the way out and back as a good training exercise.  I passed walkers on the way out and on the way back.  Doing this allowed us to return and be almost first in line at the Quality Foods Deli.  You can’t beat their morning breakfast special:  $5.00 for two eggs, choice of two bacon or sausage, hashbrowns and toast which includes coffee!

It was while chowing down on our breakfast that we heard that Norm had taken a bit of a fall on his way back.  Luckily Frazer was with him and he was taken by ambulance to Victoria General (luckily very close by) to be patched up.

Next week we are meeting at Adrienne’s Tea Garden at Mattick’s Farm on Cordova Bay Road (right by the two Golf Courses).  They have a nice selection of muffins, scones, eggs benedict and other egg dishes.

See you next week.

Cheers, Susan and Richard
PS. Thank you John Webb & Terry for the pics

January 10---The Oaks (Monterey and Oak Bay Ave)

This morning was a beautiful morning for a walk or run along the ocean in Oak Bay.  The group gathered at the corner of Monterey and Oak Bay Avenue near the entrance to the Oaks at about 9:20 or so.  I had some difficulty counting those who had shown up because people kept moving!  They wouldn’t stay in one spot.  Also any count I had managed to do would have been inaccurate anyway, as a couple of people showed up too early at 9:00 a.m. and a couple of people showed up just after 9:30.   But inside the Oaks over refreshments, I managed to count 26 heads.  So that will be the tally for the day.  There may have been one or two who didn’t stay for the eats and drinks (coffee, tea, water).
It was an enjoyable run this morning as I enjoy heading downward at the start.  Besides I always enjoy the view along the water.  It was a great out and back with my running companions, although I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Richard Hunt with his neon cape and red skirt!  See the photo below.  He had overdressed and had to take off a jacket and sweatshirt!  Yes, it was too warm this morning.  Aren’t we lucky to have this weather in January.
Inside the Oaks, we were well served with refreshments, with lots and lots of coffee top ups.  Very nice place to have a meal.
Announcements:  There were two birthdays for today but both were absent (Edith and Janet) so we agreed to sing to Brian Turner, whose birthday is half way between today and next Thursday.  Just a reminder that Linda is collecting our $5.00 dues for the year.  See her next week if you haven’t paid.  Next week we will be meeting at Eagle Creek Shopping Centre by Victoria General Hospital, and eating after in the Quality Foods deli.  Lots of good items to eat there.
See you all next week.
Cheers, Susan and Richard
PS. Thanks also to Terry for the other pics. We’ll send them in 2 batches as they are big files.

January 3---De Dutch Pannekoek House

On a wet wet January 3, a small gathering of about 13 to 14 participants
gathered in front of De Dutch Restaurant (under the overhang) to contemplate
a run or walk.  I know I delayed exiting my vehicle until 9:24 a.m. to avoid
getting too cold and wet.  We got the attention of the assembled group for
announcements and birthdays.  First, the annual dues of $5.00 are now
payable to the collector of the money!  Second, there were three birthdays
to celebrate, but only of them was in attendance.  Maurice and Buddy did not
show up so the birthday song was sung to Susan Jones (birthday was January
1).  Third, we will be meeting at the Oaks Restaurant in Oak Bay (location
of former Blethering Room Tea House) next week. The Oaks is located at the
corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey.

We all headed out to the Lochside Trail.  Surprisingly, after about 5
minutes of running, I was on a roll and had a great run!  The temperature
was fine and the rain was lighter.  I noticed a few Common Mergansers on
Blenkinsop Lake.  I passed the walkers on the way out and on the way back

De Dutch provided a nice meal after with great coffee.  I had my usual
“pancake” with apple and cheddar, while Richard decided on one of the hash
dishes with ham.  Great conversation before, during and after eating.

Thank you John Sampson for the pics.

Have a great rest of your day.

Susan and Richard

 December 27---Ridge G.C.

It was a cool dull day but the rain held off as approximately 12 runners/walkers set out on the Lochside trail from the Ridge Golf Course. My wife Sharron and two of our grandchildren – Sophia and Holden joined us to run, walk and discuss horse droppings (not necessarily in that order). There was coffee or tea, muffins or cookies on offer to warm us up afterward. No one had a birthday this week so there was no serenade.

Susan and Rich are the leaders for January and the group will meet next week at De Dutch Pannekoek House – 4011 Quadra Street.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year

PS. Trying a new dist list system today – hope it works. Thanks to Steve for the pics. He will be away for the next 3 weeks and John Webb for the next 2. Perhaps someone else could bring a phone/camera for these weeks and practise their artistic talents.
        Also, another reminder if you do not want to receive these weekly reports, email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll take you off the dist list.

December 20---Beaver lake gravel parking lot

The walk/run gods cooperated today. There was no rain but lots of standing water and mud on the trails. We had 22 people attend. There were no birthday people to sing to but please send good vibes out to Edith Price (Dec. 17) and Les McNeill (Dec. 22).  The tree was decorated with a few bird friendly ornaments. We sang one Rudolph song and then we were entertained by Fraser’s hat. Hopefully the video that Steve took turns out well. The Lakes at “Ho Jo’s” gave us good service, lots of coffee and good food.

Rumor has it that Marcia’s ankle is mending well.

Next week we will be at The Ridge Golf Course -5300 Cordova Bay Road.

May you have good running or walking this week and have a Merry Christmas.


PS. Sorry for the delay – power outage. Look for a bonus second email containing a video. Thanks to Steve for the pics & vid.

December 13---Mychosen cafe 4492 Happy V. Rd

It was a damp and drizzly morning when 13 brave walkers and 4 runners set off in different directions from the MyChosin Café. We all returned to enjoy hot coffee and very good breakfasts. Pictures are courtesy of Steve.

There were no birthdays to celebrate this week.

Next week we will meet at the gravel parking lot at the end of Beaver Lake. Please bring a bird friendly ornament to decorate a Christmas tree on the trail. We will breakfast at The Howard Johnson (Ho Jo’s) at 4670 Elk Lake Drive.

Until then may you have good walking/running.


PS.     A special "thank you" to Susan and Ric who stepped in at short notice to be January leaders when our booked leader had to withdraw.  Much appreciated.   Cheers Sandra
PPS.    A few extra Christmas Lunch pics courtesy of Mike Ellis. I have difficulty sorting them so they may get mixed up with today’s from Metchosin.   Rhys  

December 6  Denny's in Colwood

It was a beautiful, frosty, sunny morning as 30 or so participants – mostly walkers with a smattering of runners – set out on the Galloping Goose trail and then on to the trails at Royal Roads. I did not have the list of birthdays so I apologise if I missed anyone.

Next week we will be at MyChosen Café, 4492 Happy Valley Rd. in Metchosin. Car-pooling if possible would be a good thing.

Until then

Mike Emerson
PS. Thanks to our photographers Steve, John Webb & John Sampson

November 29--Heron Rock Bistro (453 Simcoe St)

Twenty eight TMG posed for photographer John Webb for the usual group photo
in front of the Heron Rock Bistro before dispersing towards Dallas Road and
a tour of the water front.  Cool, cloudy but dry conditions prevailed, not
bad for the last week in November.  Our birthday girl Theresa McMillan was
missing in action so our singing voices remained silent.

Sandra announced that Marcia accidentally broke her ankle and is home
awaiting surgery. Good Luck Marcia, we all wish you a speedy recovery.

Next week Mike Emerson replaces me as the monthly organizer. He selected
Denny’s in Colwood to take to the trails in Royal Roads or along the Goose.

Thank you to photographers John Webb & Steve.



PS. We are now using the 'To' field to send you these reports instead of the
'Bcc' field. Despite splitting the large distribution list into 4 sections,
I have found the 'Bcc' option in which your email address is hidden to be
somewhat unreliable. If anyone strongly objects to having their address
openly visible, please let me know and I'll make separate arrangements.

November 22---Spinnakers (308 Catherine)

TMG Report - November 22, 2018

Twenty seven TMG members assembled in Spinnakers' parking lot under rain-threatening clouds, on what was a mild morning for November. We raised our voices to sing Happy Birthday to Marie Kaplan. Bill Scriven again reminded us that Christmas Party tickets were still available, and that Lil Charles would be taking over ticket sales in his absence. The gang dispersed along the Songhees Walkway, some heading to town, while others turned West towards Esquimalt.

The Harbour was particularly busy this morning. A family of sea otters, competed with the arrival of the Coho, tugs, helicopters and sea planes landing and taking off. Goose poop added to these distractions, as we picked our way around their mementoes. Arriving at the bridge we saw the it raised to allow a lone sail boat into the inner harbour.

Returning to Spinnakers, we waited over an hour before they served the last person. According to Howard this matched the Club record of 62 minutes. Perhaps we might consider giving Spinnakers a pass in the future.

Next week we meet at Heron Rock Bistro, 453 Simcoe Street.

See you then.


November 15---Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)


November 8---The Oaks 2250 Oak Bay Ave.

Approximately 21 members attended todays TMG get together in Oak Bay this
morning.  No birthdays to acknowledge. Walkers and runners enjoyed a sunny,
mild November morning as they made their way along the esplanade by Willows
Beach.  The Oaks Restaurant provided excellent service and their usual tasty
breakfast. Next week we will meet at the Beaver Lake gravel parking lot, and
breakfast at HoJos, after touring the trails of the Elk/Beaver lake Regional

Bill Scriven asked to remind everyone about the TMG Christmas Luncheon. It
will be held again at the Cedar Hill Golf Clubhouse, 1400 Derby Rd. on
Saturday, December 8th, from 11:30 to 3:30 PM. Tickets are $35.00 per
person. Bill and other members will have tickets available at our next
events, so don’t forget to bring your cash.  Rich Brown will again MC, and a
reminder to the skit performers and musicians to start rehearsing now.
Should be another great TMG event, so don’t miss out.


PS. Thanks to John Webb for the pics.

November 1---Jasmine 1752 Old Island Hwy

Construction delays held back several TMGers from making the 9:30 am start time but eventually 22 made it to Jasmine's Family Restaurant parking lot. There were no birthdays to celebrate, however we bid a fond farewell to Garth Ball. He and Diana will soon be moving to a new home in Qualicum Beach. We may not have seen the last of Garth - some nameless wag was overheard taking bets on when the “man on the moove” would be moving again.

Rain threatened but held off as runners and walkers dispersed to various trails around including the Goose, Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre and Royal Roads.

Returning to Jasmine's our gang enjoyed a hearty breakfast, service a tad slow but food very good.

Next week we will meet at the Oaks Restaurant in Oak Bay: 2250 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria.

Hope to see you there.


PS. Thanks to John, Steve & Bill McMillan for the pics.

October 25--Zanzibar at 1164 Stelly's Xrd

We must live right as once again as often in the past the rain stopped just as we left the Zanzibar cafe for our run/walk.
Before leaving, we sang Happy Birthday to Garfield who received a mug to celebrate his 80th year. and was there with his small (very ) dog Oreo.
We also sang to Joan Gamble in abstentia who celebrates on Halloween,
As ever, the food and company were superb.
I pass the torch to Lil and Dave who have chosen Jasmine Family Restaurant at 1752 Island Hwy., Colwood for next week. It is located inland side of the hwy. just south of MacDonalds opposite the Library & Juan de Fuca Rec. Centre.
Thanks to Steve & John Webb for the pics.
Have a good one  
Cheers Sandra

October 18---Ogden Pt

We met at Ogden Point for our run/walk on another gorgeous sunny day.
Birthday greetings were sung to Tea ( her actual day!! ) and to Mike Emerson.
Nothing new to report as far as I know so we will see you all next week at Zanzibar at 1164 Stellys Cross Road, Brentwood Bay.
Thanks to the Breakwater Cafe for hosting us and Steve as always for the great pics.
Cheers Sandra

October 11--Cordova Bay Ridge G.C.

Another lovely morning saw us meeting at Cordova Bay Ridge for our walk\run.
Kudos to our intrepid Maurice who was first in his category in the Goodlife Fitness 8km and to Jane, Lise and Shell who ran in the Half Marathon.
We sang Happy Birthday to Pat Case and John Sampson and to Mike Ellis ( in absentia)
Great to sit outside for coffee, how lucky can we be to live here?
Next week see you all at Ogden Point
Cheers Sandra
PS from Rhys:
Thank you Steve & Claire for the pics. We may have to zoom in on a few of them for clearer viewing.
If anyone no longer wants to receive these weekly emails, please let me know and I’ll remove you from the dist list.

October 4---Sandra Bastedo's (486 Monterey Ave)

BTW thanks to John & Steve for the photos.
A large group of us ( I did not count ) assembled outside my house on a lovely sunny morning.
We had a moment of silence following a tribute to long time member Doug Monds who passed away last week.
Following that we sang Happy Birthday to Steve Baker and then everyone left to run or walk in the neighbourhood.  returning for coffee and conversation at my house.  Thanks to Joan  Gamble and Janice Baker for the delicious cookies.
Next week we meet at Cordova Bay Ridge. Good luck to all running in Sunday's race.
Have a great week
Cheers Sandra

September 27--Prairie Inn Pub (7806 E.Saanich)

"Today was a beautiful day for walking or running, with a blue sky and brilliant sunshine, plus felt warm even at 9:30 a.m.  About 25 of us gathered for walking and running, although a couple didn’t stay at the Prairie Inn Pub for beverages and eats afterward.  The group was advised that they could stay in the neighbourhood for their activity or head down to Centennial Park to the trails there.  This park is only a short five minute drive or a 5 - 10 minute run.  

There was only one birthday today.  So we sang an exuberant happy birthday to Howard, who was in attendance and enjoyed the chorus!  

Next week, we are meeting at Sandra Bastedo’s house, with Sandra being the leader for October.  Sandra’s house is 486 Monterey Avenue in Oak Bay.  Note the start time is 9:30 a.m., the start time for the TMG gatherings for the fall, winter and spring months.  Hope to see many of you there!

There being no further announcements, the group dispersed in singles and small groups.  

Cheers, Susan”

Note:  After all these years, Rhys has offered to continue sending out our weekly message, so I have gratefully retired from doing so, and thank those who have contributed in a variety of ways to the success of this group.  Cheers, Brian T.

September 20--de Dutch panekook house (Quadra and Mackenzie)

The TMG was fortunate to have a good day for a walk or run along the
Lochside Trail.  Overcast but without wind or rain, the conditions were
perfect for our activity.   About 22 participants showed up at De Dutch
Restaurant at Quadra/McKenzie.  We were happy that the recent construction
activity at this intersection was completed!

There were two birthdays to celebrate today, and the group serenaded Jane
McDonald and Dave Hoskins with a slightly discordant singing of happy
birthday (we don’t intend to take up singing professionally!).  There being
no more announcements, the group headed off along the Lochside trail in
different groups and paces.   I managed to spot a downy woodpecker on a tree
by the trail and pointed it out to a group of women walkers.  Always nice to
spot a bird along the way.

After running or walking, we went into De Dutch for a coffee, tea or water
and possibly some the great pannekoek (Dutch pancake) choices or other food
items.  I had the apple and cheddar pannekoek, served with stroop (some dark
sweet syrup).  I counted only 15 of us in the restaurant as some people
chose to head on home rather than eat or drink.

Thanks to Steve & Jane for the pics.
Next week we will be at the Prairie Inn Pub, 7806 East Saanich Road.  Look
forward to seeing most of you there!

Cheers, Susan

September 13---Willow's Beach

Today we met in the main parking lot for Willow’s beach. The weather felt a bit nippy in a slight breeze. The sun was partially obscured as there was much more cloud than blue sky. The heartiest of souls in our group was reduced to four who still bravely wore short pants. In contrast, there was a local swimming parallel to the shore for quite a distance. Our photographer, Steve sponsored a new member – his wife, Trish. Unfortunately, Susan my memory trust, is still in Tofino, so I may have her name wrong.
The majority of walkers and runners went northward up the beach. None reported seeing the brown Pelican that was reported last week. On returning they downed coffee, cookies, various bars and ham eggers at the Kiwanis Snack Shack. There were 24 TMG members and indoor seating for 27. Fortunately, it did not rain so we tolerated a few of the locals, but if it had rained, there could have been trouble with the locals.
Next week we will have two birthdays –Jane M. & Dave H. They have no excuse for being absent. We will be at De Dutch Café, on Quadra slightly west of McKenzie.  Brian will be absent next week. He has all members’ Email addresses and the ability to send out a group Email, such as this newsletter. If anyone else has member’s Email addresses and can send out next week’s newsletter, please let me know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   If there is not such a person we should establish a back-up for Brian……..Ric

September 6---Cherrie's Bistro (corner Interurban and Wilkinson) Meet at 9:30

About 27 walkers or runners showed up today at Cherries Breakfast Bistro on a nice warm sunny day!  Dave Charles, this week’s birthday person, was not in attendance before we headed off to walk or run through Colquitz River Park.  And it was a warm day for running!  One of us even chose to have a nice relaxing time on the first bench that she found!  Once back at Cherries, we were seated in the back room for table service if ordering a meal or head direct to the front cashier for just coffee/tea and a goodie.  Good service and food today.  

Dave Charles did make an appearance at breakfast so we were able to sing the birthday song to him and he was presented with his decade mug for turning 80.  Bill Scriven announced that there were many left over shirts from the Prairie Inn Harriers Annual BBQ picnic available to any of us.  Cost of the shirts is $5.  Those in attendance who wanted a shirt could sign up with their order (Blue shirts in male sizing and Pink shirts in female sizing - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large).  Anyone who wasn’t there today and wants one, please let Bill know.  

Next week we are meeting at Willow’s Beach to have one last breakfast there before they close their daily meal service for the winter.  Hope to see most of you there!

Cheers, Susan and Richard

August 30---Highland Pacific G.C. off Watkiss Way

A beautiful day to enjoy our walk or run on the Galloping Goose Trail or the Thetis Lake trail.  Nearly 30 people took part today.  After our activity, we all enjoyed dining outdoors at the Highland Pacific Golf Club.

Next week we will meet at Cherries Bistro on Wilkinson Road.

An important reminder:  Next week is the start of meeting at 9:30, not 9:00, getting back to that start time for the winter.


August 23--Plowshare Restaurant on W.Saanich

Message from Garth via Rhys:

Thursday August 23, 2018 saw approx. 30 TMGers enjoy running or walking from the Plowshare Cafe on W. Saanich Rd. Some used Quick's Bottom Park while others ventured through Camosun College on the Glendale Trail. The smoke was a little improved and temperature mid-teens.
Next week August 30 we meet at Highland Pacific Golf Course, 450 Creed Rd. in View Royal (250)478-4653. They have a lovely cafe, great hot & cold food and lots of parking.
Drive west on Watkiss Way off Burnside Rd. W. beside the Nest Cafe then take a right turn up the hill on Creed Rd. through the gates and swinging right into the car park.
We will run or walk in Thetis Lake Park or on the Galloping Goose Trail.

Steve only came for coffee, not wanting to walk in the smokey atmosphere.  John is in Vancouver, so the result is no photos today.


Garth's message:
18 runners and cyclists enjoyed a beautiful day on the Pender islands.  The walkers did a walk from Medicine Beach toward South Pender.  The runners, assisted by Herb Katz, did a run from Medicine Beach up Mount Norman.  Four bikers made the trip, getting a workout with many hills.  A lunch at Port Browning harbour topped the day.  A $50 draw prize was won by Susan.  

Next week we will meet at the Plowshare Restaurant on W. Saanich Road.

Please note:
With both Steve Baker and John Webb unable to attend, the photography job fell to Brian Turner, long in retirement from doing so.  He trusts the photos capture the day.

August 9 — Cordova Bay Ridge G.C.

Approximately 30 TMGers met at the Ridge Golf Course in Cordova Bay today to walk and run the Lochside Trail. Temperatures were not too hot yet in the low twenties and it was a pleasant morning on the partly shaded trail with an occasional light breeze. Coffee & pastries on the patio overlooking the pond were enjoyed by all.

Next week August 16 we are going to Pender Island as per the previous details sent by email. The only change to our plans is we suggest the people driving to Beaver Lake for a pick-up get there a little before 7:30am and leave by 7:35. Garth visited the island yesterday and found the ferry even busier than he expected. If you are not coming to Beaver Lake, try to get into the ferry line-up a little before 8:00am.
We still have space in cars for folks needing to carpool so phone or email Garth or Rhys if you are one of them.
A reminder to avoid the need to gas up on the island as the prices are horrendous.

The week after, Thursday August 23 at 9:00am. we will meet at The Ploughshare, West Saanich Rd. and run on the trails in Quick's Bottom Park or around Camosun College.

August 2 — Coffee Bahamas  (enter from lights at Emily Carr and Chatterton Rds)

It was quite windy today, but a reasonable temperature.  Over 30 of us set out on the Rithet's bog trail, most going clockwise, some counter-clockwise, but most looped around the bog trail, so it didn't matter, all got the same thing.  At Bahama's some sat out in the wind, most stayed inside to enjoy their snack and coffee.  Next week's gathering is at the Cordova Bay Ridge golf course.  I'll send out separately Garth's description of the Pender Island day in 2 weeks.  It's quite long and detailed, but the trip should be a great adventure!

July 26 — Denny's in Colwood

My month is over, I hope you have enjoyed the different routes that I chose. Unfortunately the service at Denny's was a little slow but I think most people enjoyed their food once they got it.
There must have been thirty this morning walking, jogging and getting lost but the best trails you could wish for. We had two birthdays to announce. Wayne Fisher turned 69 yesterday, I think he only told us that so that he qualifies for senior rate. I believe he really is 64.  John Woodall celebrates his birthday today. Happy birthday John from all of us, we miss you. This morning we had the pleasure of meeting two of John Webbs friends all the way from Australia. It was so nice to talk with them.
Next month Garth takes over and I am sure he will find some fun things to do. Enjoy the rest of the week.

July 19 — Tea House at Willows Beach

I apologize for the late message, I forgot. Well another perfect morning, a little cooler which was nice. I believe there were about 26 of us that gathered and I think that it is a wonderful location. Runners and walkers seemed to go in the same direction, I think we were all trying to keep pace with Rodger who was eager for his swim.
Next week we will be at Denny's Restaurant, hope to see you all there.

July 12 — White Spot (Quadra and Mackenzie)

Another beautiful day in Victoria or should I call it utopia. I believe 29 buddies took off walking and jogging. A little confusion at White Spot but service was good and breakfast was enjoyable.
Next week we will meet at Willows beach for our much anticipated get together. Enjoy the rest of the week.  

July 5 — Quality Foods (Helmcken and Watkiss)

Despite rumours of rain, the sun shine brightly, maybe too brightly, on us today.  
A huge turnout at Quality Foods, I can't count that high. Runners and walkers quickly scattered on the Goose to Thetis Lake or towards town.  
On our return, we enjoyed many breakfast and eating options: upstairs, downstairs, in or out.
Next week: White Spot at Quadra and McKenzie, walk or run on the Goose trail.
Breakfast options are 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and toast $11
Or one egg etc. $9
or one of 3 types of toast for....I dunno.
Please have your choice ready to advise the staff before we run for speedier service.

Marcia, secretary to Mater

Note from Brian: My apologies to those I may have missed in my attempt to record the history of TMG last week.  There has been, as they say, a lot of water under the bridge in those 19 years.  Mike Emerson is one I missed mentioning from the early days.  There may well be others!

Photos from Steve.  He noted the influence of the sun, making photos not as clear as usual.  But we're thankful for week after week for photos from Steve and John that record our activities!  It adds up to quite a history.

June 28 — Scriven Residence

Although the weather didn’t cooperate (I blame it on the Americans) we enjoyed a social walk/run followed by scrumptious cinnamon buns and coffee. John McKay and Garfield Saunders joined us today. Those 2 often traipse the trails with their dogs. Buddy joined the runners on their meandering route.
Next week we will meet at the Quality Foods parking lot on the corner of Helmcken and Watkiss across from VGH. The Galloping Goose is quite handy there. Maree Kennell is the leader for July. For me it’s been a blast!

 June 21 — Mole on Millstream

We met at a new restaurant for us — Mole on Millstream. Giles and Doug Monds were the birthdays boys today, but only Giles got to enjoy our warbling. He kept saying “No” that he didn’t want to hear us. We persisted and I thought we did a much better job than usual.
We scattered in different directions with some walkers taking the linear park along Millstream Creek and others driving to the trail head of Thetis Lake Park. My group entered Thetis via a trail beside the race track. We ran part of the Gunner Shaw course and the Mackenzie Trail.
Service was fast in the restaurant with a few enjoying either the muffins or the early bird special that management put on especially for us.
Next week we will meet at our house 3305 Crowhurst Place off Lagoon Road in Colwood. Please bring a mug, a folding chair and a toonie.

June 14 — Zanzibar (corner of Stelly's X Rd and W.Saanich)

Twenty-one runners, walkers and friends joined together to work out and extend birthday wishes to Nelda, Gilles and Marcia.  Those who walked down to the ferry were the two Brians, John Webb, Rich, Howard, Frazer, Steven and myself.  Steven was our photographer.
        Special congrats to Garth who walked with us to the ferry without any problem in spite of his recent hip replacement.  Great going, Garth.
        Some of the runners speeded down Stellly’s to Centennial Park, and others ran through the wooded area near there.  We convened at the Zanzibar Cafe.   Norm Reynolds

June 7 — Oak Bay Marina (coffee shop downstairs) — Note we start at 9am for the next 3 months

A small group gathered this morning at the Oak Bay Marina. Hope the earlier meeting time didn’t throw anyone off his schedule.
We sang for the birthday twosome, Garth and Fraser. Garth won the coveted TMG mug for turning the big 80. Nelda was a bit late arriving so we never got a chance to sing the song for her. Maybe we can sing for her next week when we meet at Zanzibar.

Directions: the restaurant is hidden behind the trees on the corner of Stelly’s X Rd and W.Saanich.

Norm Reynolds kindly offered to lead next week’s outing as Tea and I will be in Tofino celebrating our anniversary.

Most of the crew ran or walked toward Willow’s Beach and beyond. At coffee Garth filled us in on his adventures in the hospital after his surgery. The general anesthetic was hard to shake off which led to some humorous encounters. After a bit of setback with swelling caused by a small blood clot in his leg, Garth is progressing rapidly with his recovery. Today he was picked up at his residence by Rhys and Terry. Thanks you two. Although he is using a walker now he assures us that he’s going to try a new type of exercise — rowing!! He should do well with it given his incredible cardio endurance. All the best Garth!

Just a heads up on our venue in 2 weeks time. We’re going to try the Mole restaurant on Millstream where the Chequered Flag used to be. You can have a look at their menu online molerestaurant.ca Most breakfast items are around $14 but Nicole the manager has offered to extend the hours of the cheaper breakfast special (the usual eggs etc) until 10;30 am and has offered to bring in muffins if enough of us are interested. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN EITHER OF THOSE TWO OPTIONS.

My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don’t forget Mole is our venue in 2 wks time June 21

Behave yourselves,

Bill Scriven

May 31 — Coffee Bahamas  (enter from lights at Emily Carr and Chatterton Rds)

We met at Coffee Bahamas this morning off Chatterton Way. Thirty people came so obviously the Rithets Bog
trail walk/run is a favored one. No birthday singing today but be in good voice for next week!
It was a glorious morning, slightly cool so it was great for exercising. Birds were singing along the route, sparrows, Bewick’s and Marsh wrens, robins, red winged blackbirds and I saw an Anna’s Hummingbird. Only Mallard ducks around right now.
Coffee Bahamas was well set up for us with outside tables and the Mango-cranberry scone I had was delicious. Unfortunately I had to leave due to another commitment so missed the post-exercise chat.
Maurice and Claire brought a Get Well card for everyone to sign for Garth Ball following his hip operation. We hope to see him out again soon.
Bill and Tea Scriven are running TMG in June. Next week will be at Oak Bay Marina, where they have expanded their outside seating.  Don't forget that we meet at 9 instead of 9:30 for the next 3 months.
Bill McMillan

May 24 — Ploughshare 4649 W.Saanich

By the 9:30 start time today at PloughShare Bisto,  about twp dozen of us were soaking up a surprisingly warm sun.  But before launch, we sang Happy Birthday to Marie Kenell (May26).  Other birthday people absent but remembered were Shell Harvey (May 18), Claire Tarrant (May 24), and Diane Ball (May 26).
   Bill Scriven described the possible routes, as many of us were unfamiliar with area trails.  Most took W. Saanich Rd. to Markham Rd., and turned off onto the Quick's Bottom trail.  The trail itself was relatively untrodden, and surrounded by verdant vegetation, including wild roses (a favourite of Howard as he's from Alberta) and tall daisies (which amazed Steve). It was all quite a colourful treat for the eyes.
    Quick's Bottom Trail extends to Wilkinson Rd. where some took a loop to the west and into Camosun College grounds,  Others veered west a bit earlier, and came back to Markham Rd.  Still others came back via Wilkinson Rd. east, while some doubled back along the Quick's Bottom trail to catch the beauty a second time  Quite a variety of routes and scenery.  
   We enjoyed coffee, treats, and camaraderie, both inside and outside, back at PloughShare.
NEXT WEEK (May 31):  Coffee Bahamas at Rithet's Bog.  Entrance is at the lights at Emily Carr and Chatterton Rds. See you there.
(Brian C. filling in for Bill and Theresa).

May 17 — Heron Rock Bistro

Thursday’s traffic this morning was highly unusual.  There was very little as we came in from Colwood.  So we were early, at 9 a.m.   Bill parked along the waterfront and walked up to the Blue Heron (Heron Rock?) Bistro,  Theresa following a bit later.
We know that with two hour parking and Victoria’s traffic ‘ambassadors’ in front of the Bistro,  people have gotten tickets in that location before after about an hour and a half!  We hope that did not happen to anyone.
I counted about 25 people at the start but will have to recheck when the group photo comes in. No birthdays this week but be in good voice for next week; three members have birthdays in that week.
The waterfront weather was glorious, warm and almost no wind. A highlight was meeting Patrick Boulger’s wife and friends along the breakwater and seeing the Oystercatcher that they had noticed. Patrick was in a program, so could not join us today, We also saw a Great Blue Heron, appropriate to our snack stop. A cruise ship in the harbour was dauntingly large to my eye – I am not a ‘cruiser’!
Theresa was having back problems, so we could not stay for the breakfast/coffee/snack. I saw that the Heron Rock Bistro was very nicely set up for us and I assume they did a great job.
Next time we will meet at The Plowshare at 4649 West Saanich Road. From there we can do trails around Quick’s Bottom or trails near the technology center. This site has a run map for the area, with the start off Wilkinson Roadhttp://www.mapmyrun.com/ca/victoria-british-columbia/quicks-bottom-route-19311190 but you can also access it from Markham Road, just west of the Plowshare. See https://www.google.com/maps/place/Quick's+Bottom+Park/@48.496888,-123.3976258,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x2426743c0b146217!8m2!3d48.496888!4d-123.4020032 Hope to see you there.
Bill McMillan

May 10 — Hamsterly Beach (off Brookleigh)

It did not look promising early this morning with the rain and traffic from Colwood was dismal (20 minutes to the highway and 45 to the lake – luckily, I allowed 50 minutes travel time) but the weather cleared, the temperature was perfect and it was a great walk or run from the Hamsterly Beach parking lot easterly or westerly around the lake. Runners preferred east whereas most walkers went west. Nice to see more than 31 TMGers and glad to see Dee Ogden out.

We rendered an abysmal version of Happy Birthday for Sandra Bastedo (May 14) Rhys Harrison (May 15) and jumped the gun a bit for Shell Harvey (May 18) because it will be his 70th (a mug year) and he will be away.

Howard Johnson staff did a great job serving us as usual.

Next week we go to James Bay to the Heron Rock Bistro, #4-435 Simcoe St. Hope to see you there.>

Bill McMillan


May 3 — Cedar Hill G.C. Rec Center 

A gorgeous morning with exercise-conducive temperatures, bird song, and wildflowers (mostly Camas) where blackberries have been whacked back.   Other masses of blue seeming- wildflowers are really English bluebells that readily escape from gardens in Victoria.

There was a mix-up on the Cedar Hill meeting place for some people.  I neglected to specify parking and meeting at the Recreation Center.   Another area where we have parked is at the Cedar Hill Golf Club, but  can no longer accommodate a group our size. Anyway, we eventually all got together - I counted 35 - and had a pleasant in or outside snack at the Rec Center. 

 Next week, May 10, we will meet at Hamsterly Beach at the north end of Elk Lake and follow the lake trails, gathering for the meeting at “Ho Jos” or the Howard Johnson hotel restaurant, the Lakes.   To get to Elk Lake from Victoria,  follow the Pat Bay highway to Sayward Road, go left at the light, left again on Hamsterly Road, right on Brookleigh and into the parking lot on the left (about 100 meters along). Unlike the Beaver Lake entrance, there are NO SPEED BUMPS!

From Sidney, turn right at Sayward, then Hamsterly Road and Brookleigh to get to the parking. A map is at: https://www.gaiagps.com/map/canada/british-columbia/elkbeaver-lake-regional-park/hamsterly-beach/?layer=GaiaTopoRasterMeters&lat=48.5374&lon=-123.3883&zoom=15

The Howard Johnson Hotel is located at 4670 Elk Lake Drive.  To get to it, return to the Pat Bay Highway  and turn left on Elk Lake Road. 

Bill and Theresa McMillan


P.S.   Approximately 120 local residents of King’s Pond had a major complaint against TMG this morning. No food was brought for them. 

They request that you do not forget the food next time you come around.

Signed: King Drake. Quack, Quack.

April 26 — Mychosen Cafe 

The TMG’ers met today at “ My Chosen Cafe “, about 25 showed in all, some had to leave before breakfast. We had a mixed start today in terms of a number of individuals who arrived late due to traffic delays and constriction related matters en route. Your leader for today arrived late too but let Maree and Sandra off to join the runners in progress. Regretfully, only a few photos could be taken but Steve may have more to offer a bit later.

The day delivered abundant sunshine and the fields and meadows were at their full glory with sheep along the way in the pastures. My Chosen Cafe were fully alerted to our arrival and delivered hot coffee and breakfasts in a timely fashion albeit we were spread around the cafe to a certain extent. Good conversation and laughter filled the airways

No birthdays were called for this week and Rich Hunt was not available today, who’s birthday came and went last week

April 19-'-Rosie's in Cook St Village  

G’Day all TMG’ers;

Today we gathered at the tennis court area in Cook St Village. Some 30 TMG'ers arrived for today’s walk/rune event.

All headed off toward Dallas Road and then turned west or east depending on the individual choice. Rich Hunt is to enjoy a birthday on April 22 and we may reserved the singing of “ Happy Birthday.

The walk/run west route went down to the new pipeline and then returned to the parking area via Beacon Park hill and zoo, hence the photos of the peacock at the petting zoo area.  Others headed off to the route to the cemetery. The weather was very much in our favour with light airs and glorious Spring sunshine. The Olympics were in their true glory..

We, about 27, returned to  "Rosies Diner” for their usual outstanding breakfast. The Diner will close on April 27, as preciously advised, and we will all have to look for a replacement venue. Keep you eyes open and advise the TMG venue organizers as your time allows. Alan, the son of the owner, for “ Rosies " and other servers were thanked for the many years that TMG have visited the diner for the many breakfasts, Spring, Summer and Winter.

April 12 — Denny's in Colwood

> First, my thanks to Dave and Lil Charles for covering me off last week while I was in Vancouver. How come y’all left him in the bushes by his “ own-self "………….?
> Today the TMG’ers arrived at Denny's in Colwood ready for the morning events. There were an estimated 27 TMG attendees at the venue this morning who arrive under a sky with mixed clouds and a few sprinkles of rain. Let’s just say “ Spring weather “ in Victoria
> Our leader for the month dealt with a few club related matters as far as the e-mail lists are concerned in an attempt to improve a more complete list of e-mail current recipients for TMG. Hopefully, the list of names and addresses are now more up to date. For those individuals who may have not received the TMG events and photos, please contact John Webb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so that correction can be made and they be include with the members.
> Happy birthday to John Webb was sung after his absence, in Vancouver, last week. My thanks to all for the greeting. I am feeling much younger. April 21 is Linda D’Llio’s birthday followed by Rich Hunt on April 22 which will be celebrated in the weeks ahead.
> Runners and walkers headed off along the ” Galloping Goose “ trail into Royal Roads University grounds. The trails were in reasonable shape considering the rains and winds of earlier in the week so well enjoyed. The Spring flowering and plants welcomed us all along the way. Attendees returned to Denny’s to a solid breakfast for some and muffins and toast for others along with hot coffee all around. Denny’s are pleased to have our business and express their thanks.
> Next week, April 19, TMG is booked for “ Rosie’s Diner “ in Cook St Village.  Please park at tennis courts across Cook Street as usual. Rosies Diner will finally close on the 25th of April the owner’s son Allan said and he is happy to have us all for one last time.
> The following week, April 26, we will be at “ My Chosen Café "
> Thank you all for coming out yesterday,
> John

April 5 — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

Lost morning

About 20 TMGers congregated in the overflow parking lot of Mary's Bleue Moon. It was a morning of loss. We lost the sun and put up our umbrellas to ward off showers. Dave, who stood in for this month's leader, John W. away in Vancouver visiting family and Janet, lost his memory and forgot to mention Lil's birthday. Thanks to Pat's reminder the group sang a hearty chorus of Happy Birthday to her. The group lost Dave when he went into the restaurant to notify them of our numbers. So there is no report for the walk and run, but since everyone returned for breakfast, presumably they all enjoyed the damp outing. Next week the group meets at Denny's parking lot for a walk/run through Royal Roads or along the Goose.

On a sad note, Brian C. gave us an update Gilles St Dennis' wife Dorothy who is now in hospice. Our collective hearts go out to Gilles and family. 

On another note, Brian and Nelda will be away for the next 3 TMGs, and John Webb has offered to provide the message and donated photos.

Hi Brian, here are some photos from my (Dave's) solo walk.

March 29 — Cedar Hill Sport Centre, 3220 Cedar Hill Road.

My initial sundance and request for favorable weather asked for four weeks of good weather.
Alas, this week's 5thTMG outing did not get the same protection and we got a bit wet.
We took a vote on changing start time to 9AM for the three warmest months of summer.
This change will take place in June, July and August.
Birthday song for Brian Case was performed outside the sport centre.
Our best wishes to absent Ron Noel and John Webb.
Next week Dave Charles ( for John Webb ) will lead us from Mary's Blue Moon Cafe
9535 Canora Road in Sidney.

Marie Kaplan

March 22 — The Oaks (Oak Bay Avenue at Monterey)

Oak Bay area was in full spring colours to welcome the TMG gathering this morning.
Despite the confusion of our starting point, we all got good exercise and all is well.
The public parking by the Oak Bay Fire Hall has heated washrooms, luxury.
The service at Oaks was very slow and some of us left without food.
It was nice to see Doug Monds and his wife,  who brought their New Zealand's visitors.
Something to ponder on for next week, our last March outing.
We will take a vote on a following change:
 Back to 9 AM start for the summer months of June, July  and August.
Next TMG, March 29th will start from Cedar Hill Sport Centre, 3220 Cedar Hill Road.
The main entrance, bottom of the hill.
We have some important birthdays, so bring your best singing voice.
I was unable to secure any reservation. There is a cafeteria in the sport centre and there are many choices for food and coffee in nearby Hillside Shopping Centre.
Marie Kaplan

March 15 — Mosi's 5303 W.Saanich Rd.

There were close to 30 of us this morning at Mosi Cafe.
No singing was required, which was a good thing, for it would have been hard to compete with the traffic noise.
Pictures will show that we have enjoyed a beautiful outing.
The cafe was busy, and the originally promised reserved tables could not be held.
Next week we will meet in Oak Bay. There is a public parking area adjacent to the Firehall.
Please assemble at this parking area, address: 1703 Monterey Avenue.
After our exercise we will have our social coffee, etc at Oaks Bistro, at
the corner of Oak Bay Ave and Monterey.

March 8 — Rosie's Cafe (Cook St Village)

An uncounted number of walkers, joggers and runners gathered by Beacon Hill tennis courts.  (I counted 33, including Doug Monds and his wife who arrived in time for breakfast - Brian).
Dallas Rd vistas were cloudy, with crushing waves on the side. We stayed dry, yes!
Breakfast  and social was at Rosie'e Cafe. Sadly, the place is going to close at the end of April.
It was lovely to have Doug Monds and his wife among us.  We hope to see him more as it warms up.
Next week we are booked at Mosi Cafe. The name of the cafe keeps changing, but we have been to this place many times. To make sure you find your way, it is at:
 5303 West Saanich Rd.
Our tables will be at the far end of the cafe. Car space is limited, please assure safe parking.

March 1 — Cordova Ridge GC

Today's outing was blessed with sunshine and dry trail.
Birthday boy, March 6th,  Mike Campbell was not present to serenade to.
The Ridge Cafe was unusually busy. I have talked to staff,  they knew about our group coming, but they had an unannounced group of walkers. Apologies for any inconvenience, from me and the cafe staff.
Next week, March 8th we are booked at Rosie's Cafe for 10:30 AM.
Meet at Beacon Hill Tennis Courts parking lot. ( From Cook Street via Park Blvd. and Nursery Rd.)
See you there,

February 22 — The Prairie Inn (corner of Mt Newton and E.Saanich)

The late Wednesday snowfall sure put a dent in TMG numbers for today.  Twelve of us met at the Prairie Inn, about half the usual group size  Most drove over to Centennial Park, and enjoyed the picturesque winter landscape as we walked the snow-covered trails.  Thanks to Steve and John for capturing some images from the park and later from restaurant.
Rhys, a new running member from up-island, wended a route to the Saanich Fairgrounds and back to the Prairie Inn.
We got very good food and friendly service at the Inn.  They had two tables set up for us (as I had booked for 25), but we were all able to fit around one.
There are two upcoming birthdays:  Mark Shies (Feb. 25) and Josephine Hoskins (Feb 26).  Neither was present today, so no singing in the parking lot.
Marie Kaplan is TMG leader for March, and has arranged the following:

NEXT WEEK (March 1):  Cordova Ridge Golf Course parking lot at 9:30.  If the Cordova Ridge coffee shop is closed, we will go to the Tea Room at Mattick's, just across the street, for our post-walk/run goodies.              

See you next week!  Brian C.

February 15 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

A pretty large group of us met at Elk/Beaver Lake on a rather cool (4 C) mid-February morning.  Thankfully, there was no wind.  The sun, as we say around here, "was trying to come out.", To a degree, it did succeed, bathing the trails in a milky sunlight.  
There were no birthdays to serenade, and we got off to a slightly early start, due mainly to the pleading of some of the runners, who threatened to leave even before the announcements.  By the way, there were no major announcements.
Trail conditions weren't too bad for this time of year, with a few muddy spots and piles of equine oats to avoid.  
We filled "The Lakes" restaurant at HoJo's beyond their expectations.  I had estimated 25 for breakfast, and there were about 30 of us there. Some tables were a bit cosy.  

NEXT WEEK (Feb. 22):  The Prairie Inn (corner of Mt. Newton X Rd. and East Saanich Rd.)  We meet in their north side parking lot at 9:30.  Breakfast will be at the inn at 10:30.
                                        See you there!  Brian C.

February 8 — Denny's in Colwood

About 30 TMGers met at the Colwood Denny's parking lot under unusually clear skies with the sun actually putting in an appearance, and close to double-digit temperatures.  That must be close to a record number for this time of year.  We were an impressively large choir to sing Happy Birthday to four birthday boys (persons? people-kind?):  Norm Reynolds (Feb. 11), Jim Fisher (Feb. 13), & Bill Scriven and Art Beck (both Feb. 14).  All were present except Norm.  
   Some of the group stuck to the Galloping Goose Trail, while others veered off to take Charlie's Trail along a very fast-flowing Colwood Creek.  What an amazingly picturesque walk in the tall trees of the forest, with a dappling of sunlight highlighting the white water and brilliant greens of the mossy rocks.  It is one of the hidden treasures of the Victoria area.  The trail was in surprisingly good condition, considering the amount of rain lately.
   Denny's must have been impressed with our spirited group.  One of the staff took photos of us for one of their advertising flyers.  Many of us tackled the rather substantial "55+ scramble", with scrambled eggs and cheese + bacon + sausage + pancakes or toast.  Wow!  Not for the faint  of heart.

NEXT WEEK: (Feb. 15):  Elk/Beaver Lake (parking lot furthest along the road into the park).  Breakfast at Howard Johnson's "Lakes Restaurant".
                                         Reminder: New times of 9:30 meeting, 10:30 at restaurant   
                                         See you there.  Brian C.

February 1st — Heron Rock Bistro

To kick things off, about 30 of us stood on the stairs in the rain for our traditional Heron Rock Bistro group photo.  Thanks, John (for the  photo, not the  rain).  I was chatting with Noah earlier today, and he was asking how the Ark was coming along.  There were no birthdays to celebrate today.  
It was good to see Maree K. back.  Our thoughts have been with you, Maree, since the loss of your loved one.  It was also good to welcome Roxanne back from Ottawa to be with the TMG group.
Walkers and runners scattered in all directions, Despite the rain, it was relatively comfortable, even along the waterfront, due to a rare lack of wind.  Some of us who walked along the Breakwater witnessed a colossal battle between a seal and what looked like a wolf eel.  The seal won.  Ron K. said he thought he saw the seal "wolf down" the eel.  It is so great to see wild nature right on our doorstep.  
Heron Rock staff baked scones (served with a tropical fruit salad) especially for our group.  They were popular items and, in fact, sold out.  The Bistro also had its regular menu items, including the "Quick Start Breakfast" that many at my table enjoyed.  Service was friendly and reasonably fast.  

NEXT WEEK (Feb. 8):  Denny's in Colwood.  See you there!   Brian C.

January 25th — Zanzibar Cafe (corner of Stelly's X Rd and W.Saanich)

The rain held off for our SPECIAL Thursday morning group, today.  We met at Zanzibar Café and “took off” in several different directions.  Some walked down by the Bay (Brentwood) and some ran up Stelly’s X Road, with a few very fit, continuing through the pathway to Mt. Newton X Rd. and running back through Centennial Park.  The paths weren’t as muddy as expected.  The welcome warm coffee (it was cold outside!) and breakfasts at Zanzibar were delicious as usual.

We wish, in absentia, Happy Birthday to Pat Peron and Lise Fraser!

We send our most sincere Condolences to Maree Kennell, whose husband, Graem, passed away this week.  We hope to see Maree out with us again soon.

Next week, we will meet at the Heron Rock Café in James Bay.  Brian Case is the “leader” for February.



January 18th — De Dutch Pannekoek (4011 Quadra)

The sun was out to greet about 30 of the TMG this morning and the bit of drizzle didn’t start until we were just about ready for coffee!   We met at De Dutch Pannekoek restaurant and ran/walked the Lochside Trail to the east of Quadra, saying “hello” to “Freddy” (whatever name strikes your fancy – maybe he has been given a name?)  on the bridge.

There were no Birthdays this week, but Brian T. happily accepted his decade mug.

Service at De Dutch was efficient and friendly and the pannekoeks were delicious (along with the Hawaiian French toast – quite a selection to chose from)!

Next week we’ll meet at Zanzibar Café at the corner of Stelly’s X Rd. and West Saanich Rd

Have a good week!


January 11th — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

The rain gods felt that we needed more of a taste of January and provided us with an unusual (for our group) downpour during our “outing”.  Many of the 18 or so hardy walkers/runners chose to escape inside Mary’s Bleu Moon Café for an earlier coffee and breakfast.  At least two – Garth and Sandy – walked for a full 59 minutes, not letting the rain deter them from their exercise!

Mary’s Bleu Moon had brought in additional staff for us and served us all efficiently, cheerfully and with good, healthy food.

There are/were several Birthdays this week – Janet Bruce, Ed Frost, Patrick Boulger and Brian Turner.  We sang a fast (standing in the downpour) Happy Birthday to Ed and Brian, who joined us, and we send Birthday greetings to Janet and Patrick.  Brian’s Birthday is a decade one!

I’m not sure who ran in last Sunday’s 8km Island Series Race, but congratulations to those who did.  I know that the rain and wind gods also cheered you on during that race.

Next week we’ll meet at De Dutch Pannekoek House at 4011 Quadra St.  It is just north of McKenzie Ave. in a little strip mall on the eastern side of the street.

See you at our new start time of 9:30!


January 4th — Bahamas Cafe 4420 Chatterton

Our new start time of 9:30 seemed to work well for everyone.
Good turnout this morning,  ~28 bright eyed runners and walkers.
We performed Happy Birthday for:
January 1st Susan Johnson and Buddy Bhandar.
Later I telephoned Maurice Terrant, his special day is today, to say Happy Birthday on behalf of all all of us..
As every year at this time, TMG $ 5.00 fee is due.
Linda D'Ilio was busy collecting at the cafe and reports good start.
Cafe Bahamas was ready for us and did their best to serve our orders.
Next week Karen will be leading us from Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe at
9535 Canora Rd., Sidney.

December 21 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot) for tree decoration

December 14 — Panorama Rec Centre


Next Thursday, December 14th we will be meeting at the South Parking Lot of the Panorama Recreation Centre. To get there from Victoria take highway 17 north towards Sidney.  At the Mt. Newton Cross Road lights turn left towards Saanichton, and proceed up hill to the four-way stop with East Saanich Road. Turn Right on East Saanich Road and drive about 2.8 kilometres then turn left into the SOUTH PARKING LOT of the Rec. Centre. The lot is on the left, just past the Federal Plant Health complex, but before the Rec. Centre main building.

Today  21 of our Thursday Morning Group met in the Panorama Recreation Centre parking lot. We had no birthday members present to sing to but Bill Scriven introduced two Irish visitors Mark and Lori Moroney. Walkers rambled through Dominion Brook Park, a new venue for us, and enjoyed the running commentary about the flora and fauna from Bill  McMillan.  He  suggested we do this tour again this spring when the Rhodos are in bloom.  Some runners ventured down the hill to the Lochside Trail, while others headed in the direction of Dean Park. Some of us finished a little early making it easy to drive to our breakfast at the Prairie Inn in Saanichton in time for the 10:00 AM opening.

Breakfast turned out to be large, satisfying and reasonable. Our single waiter looked after the entire room efficiently and kept our caffeine titration levels high, making sure our coffee cups never emptied.

Next week the Club returns to Elk Lake for the annual Christmas Tree decoration walk and run. Breakfast afterward will be at Howard Johnsons. Be sure to bring suitable bird food to hang on the tree and prepare to sing and gesture through the customary Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer routine. Hopefully Ian will be there to conduct us once again.

Lil and I will be heading for Ottawa next Thursday to see the grandchildren and their parents. I left the Club in the capable hands of John Webb who will dispatch and direct the group.   No meeting is planned for the week between Christmas and New Years. However in past years some members get together for an informal run. Karen Knott takes over in January.

Best of the Season to everyone,


December 7 — The Oaks (corner Monterey and Oak Bay Avenue)

About 26 TMGers,  give or take a couple of late arrivers gathered outside the Oaks Tea Room before nine this frosty morning. A large wolf statue glowered at our group from across the street. No birthdays to commemorate today. The sun eventually rose high enough to melt the hoar frost on the roads and warm both runners and walkers on their return from the shoreline route. The Oaks wait staff provided great service and a tasty food. To our pleasant surprise  a TMG alumna, Sandra Martin joined us for breakfast. She is continuing her never ending academic career, but with exams over, had some time free to touch base with the gang.

Looking froward to the TMG Christmas Party on Saturday. Word has it that there may be some local talent providing entertainment for the event.

Sandra B. asked me to include this note in my report.  She experienced an unfortunate spill, but was quickly and expertly attended to.

 A big thank you to Bill, Dave, John and Rhys who picked me up off the ground at Uplands Park and escorted me to the very kind Oak Bay Yards Maintenance men who patched me up and sent me on my way!!Who said chivalry was dead!!??

Cheers Sandra

November 30 — Coffee Bahamas (Chatterton Way)

Another TMG morning with unaccustomed persistent rain as 25 or so hardy TMGers braved the elements to walk/run around Rithet’s Bog. Considering the weather, most of the trail was very good but there were quite a few puddles on the north end trail.
Traffic coming from Colwood this morning was awful. The backup started at the entrance to Royal Roads University! I took 30 minutes just to get to the Trans-Canada highway but fortunately got to Coffee Bahamas just ahead of 9.
Next month Dave and Lil Charles will lead the group.  Next week, (Dec 7) will be at ‘The Oak’ on Oak Bay Avenue at Monteray (formerly the Blethering Place), then Dec 13 we meet at the north parking lot of Panorama Rec Center. After that I lost track, sorry.
Reminder: contact Bill Scriven or Lil Charles if you have not signed up for the December 9th Christmas lunch at Cedar Hill Golf club but wish to attend.
Let’s hope the weather is friendlier in December!

November 23 — Mychosen Cafe

It was a dark and dreary morning with reports of burning cars, pedestrian/car accidents, the Colwood Crawl, road repairs on Metchosin road and rain cascading down but still the TMGers braved the conditions – are we mad?

It was hard to get a good count (I counted 29) but more than two dozen stalwart walkers and runners headed off shortly after a rousing Happy Birthday rendition to (Marie) Maruse Kaplan (today), Genevieve Harold (tomorrow) and Theresa McMillan (Nov. 29). No ages will be revealed but none were ‘0’ years.

Men walkers followed a route Dave assured us was ‘all paved’. Perhaps it was a seniors moment but the dirt trail around the back of Metchosin Golf Course was more creek than trail and definitely not paved. However, most of us motored on and the scenery made it worthwhile. The ladies’ group drove up Rocky Point Road and walked northward along the Galloping Goose Trail, very scenic and no MUD. We saw a pair of Bufflehead ducks on the golf course pond and  the ladies reported a few NATIVE red squirrels and a cute Ruby Crowned Kinglet. Not bad for an inclement day.

The runners did a loop down to Witty’s Lagoon; Sitting Lady falls was spectacular!

The plan next week is to be at Coffee Bahamas on Chatterton Way (which branches off Emily Carr Drive which comes off Quadra just east of Highway 17)  and walk or run the trials in the Rithet’s Bog Park area.

Bill and Theresa 

November 16 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

About 30 of us gathered on a cloudy, cool day that was great for running or walking. Walkers reported lots of ducks, Buffleheads, Gadwalls, Mergansers and a Pied Bill Grebe, as well as bush birds. Some of the runners went completely around the 10 Km circuit, others did an out and back.
Chain saws and crashing trees greeted the start of the walk, but did not deter the TMG stalwarts.Trucks delivering gravel to the parking lot made communicating tricky but we got going almost on time.
The service at HoJo’s was up to its usual standard and appreciated.

Reminder to get your tickets for the Christmas Luncheon on Sat.Dec.9 at the Cedar Hill G.C. clubhouse. They are $35 each. See Bill Scriven if interested.
Next week will be at the MyChosen Café at the junction of Metchosin and Happy Valley roads to do the Goose, the Bluffs trail or go down to Witty’s Lagoon. Hope to see you there.
Bill and Theresa

November 9 — Denny's in Colwood

About 25 of us met on a soggy Thursday morning at Denny’s on Sooke Road/the old Island Highway. It was raining earlier but not during our walk/run time period.

The Goose is being worked on in this area with new gravel being laid and a roller working on it. It should be great after a couple of weeks of settling

The runners set out to parts unknown and the walkers either followed the Goose or headed down Charlie’s Trail. At the bottom, we continued back up the road then Charlie’s Trail again, but one group took the trail to the left that eventually leads toward the PMQs. Everyone made it back to Denny’s about 10 and we had good cheerful service for our snacks. We were treated to a video of Rich’s grandson flying a prop plane – he is 4 years old! He told the pilot “you can take a nap if you like, I have this!”  There were over 30 of us in Denny's.

Next week we will meet at the lower gravel parking lot at Beaver Lake, then head over to Howard Johnson’s for breakfast or snacks.

Bill and Theresa

November 2 — Cedar Hill G.C. by the clubhouse

About 25 TMGers met at Cedar Hill Recreation Center this soggy morning to run or trudge through the rain around the golf course trail. Afterward, service in the Rec Center café was quick and the food good, I think this option for the area is a good one. I saw almost no golfers out - obviously not as dedicated as our group!

No birthdays today.

Next week will be at Denny's in Colwood. Traffic coming out this way is not the trial that it is coming into town. We'll do the Goose or trails in Royal Roads. See you there.

Bill and Theresa

ober 26 — Rosie's on Cook (meet across the street at the tennis courts)

A gorgeous Fall morning greeted us all at the parking lot in Cook Street Village. We sent birthday greetings to Garfield Saunders and to Joan Gamble ( who is a Halloween baby! ) neither of whom were present.
We also welcomed a new member to our group Wendy Pearson, a friend of Nelda's, and Laura and Ed Frost who winter here from Alberta.
Breakfast was great as always at Rosie's Diner.  Next week our leaders are Bill and Theresa McMillan and we are to meet at Cedar Hill Golf course.
Happy Halloween everyone!
Cheers Sandra

October 19 — Cordova Bay Ridge G.C.

About 35 of us turned up for a run/walk through the leaves and the rain at Cordova Bay Ridge and then back to the friendly people at the coffee shop.
We sang birthday greetings to Mike Emerson and Tea and welcomed Dennis Denluck from Calgary who joined us for the day.
  The annual Christmas lunch is booked for Saturday December 9th at Cedar Hill Golf Course. Starting at 11:30 until we go home ( around 2:30 )
Bill Scriven will have tickets for sale for $35.It is always fun so lets have a good turnout.
Next week we meet at Rosies on Cook street.Parking at the tennis courts.
Have a great week
Cheers Sandra

Photos from Steve, for which we all say thanks:

October 12 — Spinnakers

The rain held off for a very pleasant run/walk around the harbour. We sang birthday greetings to Pat Case, Mike Ellis ( in his absence ) and to John Sampson who has reached an age that ends in a zero and so received a cherished TMG mug.
We also welcomed a new runner from Newfoundland  Ken Barter. We hope he will find Victoria to his liking.
The breakfast at Spinnakers was,as usual, excellent with the French toast getting the highest marks it seems!!
Next week we meet at Cordova Bay Ridge
Have a great week
Cheers Sandra

October 5 — Ogden Point

A fair number ( I did not count! ) arrived at Ogden Point for a run/walk on a beautiful sunny morning.

We wished Steve Baker a happy birthday in his absence and welcomed Marus's nephew visiting here from the Czech Republic. 

Next week we are at Spinnakers. See you all there.

Have a great week   Sandra

September 28 — Cherrie's Bistro

We welcomed back Lil and Dave back from their cycle/barge holiday in Europe and Sandra back from her trip to the Rock. Then a great rendition of our favourite song for Howard. He complimented us!
Then a wonderful run/walk through Panama Flats along Colquitz Creek. Buddy even made it to Pearkes Arena before he turned around.
Back at Cherries while quaffing our coffees, we discovered that Les was missing. Various search parties embarked with no luck. Marcia called the police but then Les’ whereabouts were revealed. He had some money, called a cab and was waiting for Marcia at her place! Whew! We’ve got to keep better tabs for him.
Next month’s leader is Sandra and she has chosen Ogden Pt as our next venue. It’s been a good month.

Bill Scriven

September 21 — Mychosen Cafe

Traffic problems meant that a few of us didn't make the 9am start.They missed unfortunately our glorious rendition of the birthday serenade for David Hoskins. Once we were all together we walked/ran the Sea Bluff trail and then headed down to the beach at Witty's Lagoon where we lost one of our runners, Doreen. Through a misunderstanding we didn't reconnect after a loop along the beach and lagoon. We kept thinking she was ahead of us.
At any rate after we finished the Hillman trail and returned to cafe we discovered that she wasn't ahead of us afterall. Our rescue team sprang into action with cars and runners heading off to find her. Her husband, Pat, found her waiting patiently on the beach. Doreen declined a car ride back; she wanted to complete her run. A dedicated runner for sure!
Good to see Rhys Harrison back running again. His physio limits him to only one hour.
Next week's venue is Cherrie's Bistro in the plaza at the corners of Wilkinson and Interurban.

Bill Scriven

September 14 — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

A small group braved the sun of Sidney and the long drive to run/walk the waterfront or the airport loop today. A new runner, Mike, a resident of Sidney joined us today. He is still working — Imagine that! And can only join us on Thursdays when his shift work doesn’t interfere. He ran the airport loop with Rhys and John Sampson.
Unfortunately I had to leave at ten to drive Tea to the airport so I was unable to hear all the news but I did see Brian Turner ready to cross the road to the restaurant, just back from his trip.
Next week we meet at Mychosen Café in Metchosin.

Bill Scriven

September 7-Heron Rock Cafe

Goodness where was everybody? Only 20 or so showed at Heron Rock. Was it the smoke that kept them away? Or could it have the fact that I don't have the "Master Email List" (John Woodall is still on holiday)? And that some (Mike Ellis) didn't know where today's venue was?
I have been accumulating an email list from week to week. If you know anyone not receiving the report please let me know preferably with their email address. Thanks.
Just a reminder though that you can always access the report on the PIH website under TMG as well as the Facebk group that I've created.
At any rate we carried on with our numbers thinned out considerably. Marcia and Buddy Bhandar (a newby) ran a quick 10km along Dallas in under an hour. Garth, Susan and Rich and I struggled through the smoke to Ross Bay Retirement Centre/Cemetery and back.
Things weren't much better in the Bistro: both the grill and the espresso machine were on the fritz!! We made do with fresh cranberry scones! (Sandra Bastedo eat your heart out!)
Doug Monds alerted us to the fact that today was Emma's (his daughter) last TMG. She is off to New Zealand. We'll definitely miss her warm smile as I"m sure Doug will. All the best in Kiwiland Emma.
Next wk we meet at Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe in Sidney.

Bill Scriven

August 31st - Royal Roads trails.  Meet at Denny's Restaurant in Colwood

A goodly number of TMGers graced Denny’s parking lot before we set out on to the trails of Royal Roads. Garfield and John McKay joined us today; they often traipse the trails there.
Pat Peron brought Doreen (his wife), his son Matt and his friend Amy (both from Saskatoon) along on our run. Doreen is a newby to running and was able to keep up with us and with a smile on her face. I took some of the runners along a shoreline trail over to the bridge on Ocean Blvd which has a wonderful lookout.
Maree encouraged Norm on his run; he tends to “dog” it if he isn’t motivated. Norm is a Monday morning regular on the track and showed his stuff in the 200 and 100 meter repeats this week.
The scrabble group meets at Linda’s place tonight. I wonder who will be crowned Scrabble Queen?
Next Thursday’s venue is Heron Rock Café. See you there,

Bill Scriven

August 24th - Highland Pacific Golf Course Cafe.  450 Creed Road.  Run off Watkiss Road.  Galloping Goose & Thetis Lake trails.

Garth Ball hit the jackpot with his choice for the TMG venue today: Highland Olympic G.C. There was something there for everyone: a long downhill to start our exercise, a side trail that led to Craigflower Creek for some gnarly running, the Galloping Goose at the base of the hill and then great food and refreshment at their café afterward. This venue is definitely a keeper in my humble opinion.
Good to see Dee Ogden out and reconnect with her. She navigated the gnarly trail easily.
Announcements: Garth thanked Mike Emerson for his generous donation of produce from his garden. Many of us have enjoyed his veggies.
We celebrated Ross Morgan’s upcoming b-day with our usual dulcet tones.
Garth has selected Denny’s in Colwood on the Island Highway for next wk’s venue.
See you then,

Bill Scriven

August 17th - Beaver Lake trails.  Meet at lower parking lot, as usual.  Breakfast at Howard Johnson's after run/walk.

On Garth's behalf i'm sending out this brief TMG report:

Three birthdays were celebrated: Kathy Guthrie, Sandy Watt and Rich Brown. Most of us enjoyed our walk or run but 2 lost sheep, Diane Ball and Theresa MacMillan, caused some concern. Eventually they turned up and all were able to convene at Ho Jos for food and refreshment.

Next wk we meet at Highland Pacific Golf Club, 450 Creed Rd which is off Watkiss Way just west of W. Burnside. We will likely walk/run the Galloping Goose toward Thetis Lake. Garth has discovered that the Pro's Breakfast at the Club includes a bucket of 30 golf balls (they're chewy but tasty). Bring your own golf club or use one supplied by the Club at no charge for the driving range.

Bill Scriven

P.s. Please forward to anyone missing from this email list. Thanks

August 10th - Lochside trails.  Meet at Adrienne's Restaurant, Mattick's Farm, 101- 5325 Cordova Bay Road

36 tmg walkers and runners enjoyed a beautiful morning. On the loch side trails with breakfast and snacks Adrienne’s after. Next wk we willmeet at beaver lake at the lower parking lot at 850am.

Thursday August 3 — Bahamas Restaurant 105-4420 Chatterton Way

Thursday July 27 — Ploughshare on W.Saanich

Around 30 met at The Plowshare on West Saanich Road.  We sang Happy Birthday to John Woodall, even Roger the dog joined in!
The walkers apparently had a lovely walk at Elk/Beaver Lake. The runners scattered and at least some of them extended the adventure by bushwhacking  to Camosun's Interurban campus. But all found their way back. Someone should get a GPS watch and learn how to use it.
Fortunately we have a new leader next week/month.  Garth has chosen Bahama's 4420 Chatterton Way (the commercial plaza near Quadra) for a jaunt around Rithet's Bog next Thursday


For August, Garth Ball, leader for the month of August, has selected the following routes:

August 3rd - Rithet's Bog trails.  Meet at the Bahamas Restaurant at 105-4420 Chatterton Way, just past Emily Carr Drive

August 10th - Lochside trails.  Meet at Adrienne's Restaurant, Mattick's Farm, 101- 5325 Cordova Bay Road

August 17th - Beaver Lake trails.  Meet at lower parking lot, as usual.  Breakfast at Howard Johnson's after run/walk.

August 24th - Highland Pacific Golf Course Cafe.  450 Creed Road.  Run off Watkiss Road.  Galloping Goose & Thetis Lake trails.

August 31st - Royal Roads trails.  Meet at Denny's Restaurant in Colwood

As you know, Nelda and I will be away until Sept. 7th and John Woodall also will be away until into Sept.  How the remaining TMGers are to deal with getting the weekly message out is not clear, but Garth's list of places to come is a big help.  How photos and the weekly message are sent out is another question.  I'm sure you'll figure that out without us!

Thursday July 20 — Cordova Ridge GC

It was a cloudy day with a threat of rain, but that disappeared and the sun made its appearance.  We sang Happy Birthday to Wayne Fisher and welcomed some new faces.Garth's friends, Rhys and Trudy came even though they just moved here a week ago.

Karen brought her friend Pam, who ran with TMG many years ago.
It was a tad humid on the Lochside trail but everyone enjoyed the scenery and the traditional pigs.
We all sat out on the patio in the sunshine and admired the beautiful golf course.
I am sure Marcia and Maree will regale us with stories of their wild week in Vancouver when they return.
Next week's run is at the Ploughshare restaurant on West Saanich road just down from Royal Oak.  Maree is treating us to a mystery run of some kind, 

Thursday July 13 — Denny's in Colwod

Thursday July 6 — Willows Beach

Thursday June29 — Rosie's in Cook St Village (Park at tennis courts across the street)

Twenty eight walkers and runners enjoyed the beautiful sunshine,  warm breezes, and spectacular views along Dallas road today.  Rosie’s was ready and waiting for us at 10:00.  They were as efficient as usual  in bringing the coffee and tasty food to everyone promptly!

Marcia will be the team leader for the next month.  She has already chosen the locations for the month.

July 6 will be at Willows Beach,  

July 13 will be at Denny’s at Colwood.

July 20 will be at Cordova Ridge

July 27 at Plowshare


For those who appreciate photos, we will be away for the next two TMGs, and you are welcome to take a few photos and send them along to John Woodall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will be sending out the TMG message then.  But also be warned that we will miss 6 TMGs in August/Sept, so an opportunity to become familiar with the process and to fill in for me, while I'm busy taking images around Britain, and out to Greenland and Iceland.

Thursday June22— Mychosen Cafe

What a wonderful summer day for the 25 walkers and/or runners that were present at Metchosin today.  Witty’s Lagoon was spectacularly beautiful what with the tide being away out and the snowcapped mountains reflecting in the water!

Doug Monds has returned home with 5 medals from the World masters games in New Zealand!  Everyone enjoyed singing Happy Birthday heartily to Doug as he celebrated his 88th birthday on June 20th!

Next week we will meet at the tennis courts and lawn bowling greens along Cook Street, and adjourn to nearby Rosie's later.


Thursday June 15 — Beaver Lake parking lot (gravel)

Twenty-six people turned out  today and enjoyed their walk or run during a break in the weather.  It stopped raining as we arrived at Beaver Lake and it did not start again until we were coming home!

Happy Birthday wishes were sung to Marcia as it is her birthday on June 20th.

Next week is at My Chosen Cafe and hopefully the sun will shine!!


Thursday June 8 — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

Twenty one hardy runners and walkers braved the rainy weather for their hour of Thursday morning exercise this week!

Mary’s Blue Moon provided us with lots of hot coffee to warm us up when we arrived at the cafe. After an enjoyable breakfast and a lot of chatter we headed home and the rain finally started to let up.

Next week will be at Beaver Lake parking lot and Howard Johnson's restaurant.


Thursday June 1, 2017

Twenty-three TMGers enjoyed perfect weather for their walk/run this morning.  Warm temperatures and no wind, not what was forecast, but somehow we live right.

Fraser was serenaded with 'Happy Birthday' by the group prior to everyone taking off for their hour of exercise and catching up on the latest 'news'.

Ogden Point cafe did a great job of filling in for Rosie's, which turned out to be closed for staff and family holidays.  They re-open tomorrow!  

Next week we will meet at Mary's Bleue Moon by the airport.  See you then!


Thursday May 25 — Oaks at the corner of Monterey and Oak Bay Ave

It was an enthusiastic crowd of about 26 tmgers who walked and ran along the oceanfront under sunny skies. Some may even have had to apply sunscreen!
 We serenaded Maree Kennell with our Happy Birthday song, also Happy Birthday to Diana Ball and Claire Tarrant- Rowley who were absent today.
 We went by Willows beach which was filling up with sun worshippers of all ages. The views were amazing, such a wonderful city to live in.
Lots of laughter and chatter at the Oaks restaurant and all looked happy and satisfied with their breakfasts.
 Next week Nelda and Brian take over as your June leaders and we meet at the tennis courts at Beacon Hill park.
We will breakfast at Rosie's on Cook st afterwards,
> Jane

Thursday May 18 — Heron Rock Bistro

It was a warmer sunny/cloudy morning as 24 dedicated tmgers gathered on the steps of the Heron Rock Bistro in James Bay.
A group photo was taken by our invaluable photographers Brian & Steve, amid much laughter and good natured banter.  
We celebrated two birthdays; Sandra and Shell this week.
The staff were friendly and breakfasts flew out in good time.  Lots of chatter and smiles were forthcoming.  We had a new runner Sandy Watt, welcome!
See everyone next week at the Oaks restaurant on the corner of Monterey and Oak Bay Ave!

Thursday May 11 — De Pannekoek House on Quadra

Approximately 24 hardy tmgers gathered under threatening skies.  No birthday serenading as Sandra was not present, hopefully we will see her next week to celebrate.
Unfortunately Quadra St was a bit of a mess due to the construction going on.
Most of us sortied out along the Lochside trail and luckily were done before the rain started.  We had delicious crepes at De Dutch and the service was speedy and friendly.  There were numerous conversations going in typical TMG fashion.
Next week's run will be at the Heron Rock Bistro and we will hope the weather gods shine on us then.  Enjoy all your Mother’s Day celebrations on Sunday in the meantime.


Thursday May 4 — Cedar Hill G.C.

Approximately twenty TMGers turned up at Cedar Hill Golf Course on a beautiful warm and sunny morning for a walk and run around the area.

We sang happy birthday to Bill McMillan in good voice. ‘Happy Birthday, Bill’

Next week we will be at De Dutch Pannekoek House on Quadra for some of their beautiful pancakes.

Your leader for the month of May,

Jane McDonald

Thursday April 27 — the Prairie Inn (7860 E.Saanich Rd)

This morning a group of some twenty (20) TMG'ers arrived, ready to run/walk on a warmish, for a change, day with mixed cloud and sunny morning, along with light aires at the Prairie Inn Pub in North Saanich.

Smiling faces and happy talk greeted all comes, albeit a small crowd.

There were no birthdays today and no other announcements so groups led off in various directions to enjoy the pre- morning activity before sitting down to breakfast.

The Prairie Inn staff treated us very well with hot coffee, served up very promptly, and breakfast soon to follow.

Thank you to the Prairie Inn staff for the attention.

Thursday April 20 — Mychosen Cafe (Happy Valley Rd)

25 TMG'ers, at best count, arrived this morning at MY CHOSEN CAFE, under mixed cloud and sunshine.

A stray shower was in evidence but was hardly felt when light rain greeted us at the end of the run-walk event and before breakfast.

The construction along the way to the venue resulted in some delays for participants with a few people arriving later at the start. It was noted that a film crew were filming at the parking area near Whitty's Lagoon which was close to overcrowding with film trucks and SUV's.

Let's hope the movie shoot is worth it.

Runners and walkers headed off in various directions from the café parking area to enjoy the scenery, be it forest, meadows or seascape.

The ground was soft underfoot for many of us and we return to breakfast ready for the usual breakfast fare which did not disappoint. The service was excellent, coffee hot and the price, more than reasonable, as we have come to expect.

Next week the TMG Will be hosted at the Prairie Inn,  7860 East Saanich Road and Mount Newton Cross Road.

See you all there.......

Thursday April 13 — Rosie's in the Cook St Village (park at the tennis courts across the street)

A group of twenty-nine (29) runners and walkers were on hand today to enjoy the day. The clouds moved out of the way and the sun came out from behind the cloud as the gang enjoyed both a sea view and in-shore walk around and along Dallas Road. Light aires greeted all so only light clothing was needed. No birthday’s were showing this week so the group departed in several directions upon leaving the parking area/tennis courts adjacent to Cook St Village. Les arrived from Vancouver. Good to see him maintaining a connection to the group.

Our resident photographer Brian is travelling away from Victoria so Tea and yours truly offer the photos along with some from John Woodall.

On retiring from the morning outing, the staff from Rosie's Diner were quick to accommodate all comers serving a first class breakfast and service to match.

Next week, we will be meeting at My Chosen Café  (4492 Happy Valley Rd, Victoria). The lambs should be in the fields and beach access should be available to runners.

See y’all next week as good weather is promised.

A very Happy Easter to all go you and your families

John Webb

Thursday April 6 — Denny's in Colwood

> "The TMG group arrived at Denny’s Restaurant ( Colwood ) this morning under uncertain skies. The weather held off any rain for our morning so umbrellas were not needed. Runner’s led off at a healthy pace and returned none the worst for wear.
> We sung a very happy birthday to Lil Charles who was the birthday girl for today. Sharon Wojciechowski enjoyed her birthday on April 2 but was not in attendance today. Rich Hunt will not be able to join us at TMG, the week of his birthday on the 22nd, but we will be sure to give his name honourable mention later in the month.
> Thirty Three ( 33) runners/walkers and Garfield's dog enjoyed the exercise along the Galloping Goose Trail and down through the grounds of Royal Roads University, making an interesting loop back to breakfast.
> Denny’s Amanda was swift on her feet and looked after all of us with coffee as we entered and then a quick pick-up with the orders for the meal which was, in most cases, soon too arrive. Well done Denny’s.
> Next week we are at “ Rosie's Diner “ 253 Cook Street, in the Village, so gather at the parking area at the tennis courts across the street in Beacon Hill Park……………………………….."
> See you there.
> John W

Thursday March 30 — Zanzibar (corner of Stelly's X Rd and W.Saanich)

Great Spring weather greeted about 25 to 30 of us this morning.  It seemed to me that there were more for breakfast than for the run/walk …. Hmmm?!  Marie and Linda decided to take advantage of (at last) the sunshine and rode their bikes to join us.

We met at Zanzibar in Brentwood Bay and had delicious goodies afterwards.  Everything is made “in house” and the flavors reflect this.

There are 3 Birthdays to celebrate this week – Happy Birthday was sung to Ron Neal, Brian Case and John Webb!  All 3 joined us and all 3 look soooo young!

Good luck to all running in this weekend Island Series Race in Port Alberni.

Next month’s organizer is John Webb and we will meet at Denny’s in Colwood.


Thursday March 23 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

Spring brings us out!!  A very large group gathered today at Beaver Lake for a run/walk around the lakes.  The trees are beginning to bloom and the weather was pleasant, with no precipitation.  

There are no Birthdays this week (that I know of), so we had birdsong instead.

Coffee and breakfast was served at Howard Johnson’s.  The service was prompt even though there were many other patrons and the food looked delicious.

Congratulations to all who ran the ½ marathon in the Island Series last weekend!    I know that Maree won Gold and Marcia, Silver.  I believe that Mark also garnered a medal.  My apologies if I missed anyone.

We’ll meet next week at Zanzibar Café, at the corner of West Saanich Rd. and Stelley’s X Rd. in Central Saanich.

Have a good week!

Thursday March 16 — Eagle Creek Shopping Centre

A large group met today at the Eagle Creek shopping Center at Helmcken Rd.  It was great to have Maurice out and to have Les join us from Vancouver.  Ladies, we want to have Maurice come more often – wear shorts!!  (Sorry, Maurice – the Devil made me do it!)  Marie Kaplan brought along two friends who are visiting Victoria for a few weeks.  Welcome Laura and Ed, from Cranmore.  Everyone walked or ran along the Goose, all returning for coffee in record time.  We had our coffee (it was good) and breakfast snacks in the Quality Foods café.

It is Sandy Anderson’s birthday this week, but alas she wasn’t out today, so missed our Birthday chorus.  Happy Birthday, Sandy!

Most “members” have paid their $5.00 annual fee, but if you’ve been away, please tap on Linda’s arm and pay her when you’re back.

Next week we’ll meet at the south gravel parking lot at Beaver Lake, with coffee afterwards at Howard Johnson.



Thursday March 9 — Cordova Bay G.C.  (across from Mattick's Farm)

No rain, sleet or snow during our run/walk today!!!  I also noticed the yellow buds starting to open on the trees lining the driveway up to the Ridge, the coffee shop/golf course where we met today.  We are a lucky bunch.

A large group gathered and all, I believe, trotted down the Lochside trail towards Island View Rd.  The 4 very large pigs (Howard, is that what you call BIG pigs?) ignored us as we went by, munching on their daily treats.  The Ridge café prepared extra muffins and sandwiches for us and the coffee was plentiful.

It was Mike Campbell’s Birthday earlier this week and Cheri Reimer’s special (a decade) Birthday coming up, so a hearty Happy Birthday was sung for Cheri.  Cheri’s granddaughter accompanied her, but seemed blissfully unaware of all the ruckus.   We wish Mike a Happy Birthday in absentia!

Linda D’llio is collecting the $5.00 fee for “membership” in the Thursday Morning Group (calendar year).  She will bring her list once again next Thursday, such that she can mark off everyone who’s paid.  If you have yet to pay, could you kindly bring the money next week.  This money is used to pay for incidentals, such as decade gifts.

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Bazan Bay 5km.  Maree, in particular, had a fabulous race, winning Gold by a substantial margin.  

Next week’s meeting place will be at the Eagle Creek shopping center, near Vic General Hospital.  We will have coffee afterwards at the Quality Foods café.

Thursday March 2 — Mary's Bleuemoon Cafe in Sidney

A somewhat smaller group gathered at Mary’s Bleu Moon Café, this morning.  Six of our regular athletes were still at Mt. Washington for the annual gathering of the “Chix on Stix” ski get-away.

The rain and drizzle threatened, but kindly didn’t start until we finished our runs/walks and were comfortably ensconced in the café with our coffee.  Most ran or walked to the seafront in Sidney.

There were no Birthdays to celebrate this week.

Next week we will meet at the “Ridge” Café in Cordova Bay.  (Golf course across from Matticks.)

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Synergy Bazan Bay Race on Sunday!


thursday Feb.23 — Gaby's at West Bay Marina

We gathered at West Bay Marina (Gaby's) for our last run/walk of February.
The sun quickly warmed the air and the sea wall/Songhees path were
There were no birthdays to celebrate. Congratulations were extended to John
W and Marie K for their course records at the Hatley Castle race and to Lise
F for her 1st place finish.
Twenty nine gathered for breakfast in the lower dining room of Gaby's.
Karen is the run leader for March and she has selected Mary's Blue Moon for
next week. http://www.marysbleuemoon.com/

Thursday Feb. 16: Zanzibar: Address: 1164 Stelly's Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, BC. , on the corner of West Saanich Road and Stelly's Cross Road

We met at the Zanzibar Restaurant under partly sunny skies. We had two birthdays to celebrate but both were bashful and did not attend.
While her birthday was last month we did sing for Lise F as it was a significant birthday and earned her the coveted TMG Mug.
Welcome to Jim, visiting from Invermere, and Les visiting from Vancouver, the latter a long-time TMG member.
Sunday is the 3rd   in the Island Series – Hatley Castle. Good luck to all TMG’ers who are racing.
We will meet at Gaby’s: 453 Head Street.http://www.gabysrestaurant.ca/
(When I called to confirm Mosi’s, I was informed that they no longer take reservations for large groups. They said we “could come and take our chances but…” )

Please note:
If anyone found a royal blue toque at Zanzibar, call Lil, its probably hers.

Thursday February 9th — Gaby's at West Bay Marina — Cancelled

Thursday February 2nd — Ocean Sciences on W.Saanich

15 brave souls turned up at Ocean Sciences on Thursday a.m. The thermometer read 3 degrees but with the strong north wind the
wind chill was well below that number. There were no birthdays to celebrate and no announcements except for the rest of February’s locations. I was not able to stay for the big buffet but I trust that it was as good as usual.
Feb. 9: Gaby’s. They have not been open for breakfast for some months but they are making an exception to accommodate TMG. http://www.gabysrestaurant.ca/
Feb. 16: Zanzibar: 1164 Stelly’s X Road. http://www.zanzibarcafe.ca/location.html
Feb. 23: Mosi’s: 5303 W Saanich. http://www.mosibakery.com/
Shell Harvey

Thursday January 26 — Cherrie's Bistro (corner of Interurban and Wilkinson)

It was a cool, damp, cloudy, but not rainy day as 37 or so runners and walkers ventured into the trails of Colquitz Creek.

A week ago I phoned Cherries’ Breakfast Bistro and all I got was an answering machine. I gave them all the needed information in my message but unfortunately the message was not picked up. I also phoned yesterday and confirmed our visit. Somehow (not from me) the staff got the impression that we wanted to order all at once and to be served at the same time. That did not work well!!!!!! When we returned to the restaurant after walking/running there was a bit of confusion at first but eventually all the orders were taken and the food that arrived was excellent. The restaurant staff apologised for the mix up and so do I.

We had one birthday yesterday – Lise – but she is in Bogota and too far away to hear our crooning. It was good to see Les and Garfield out today.

Congratulations to all who took part in the Mill Bay 10K last Sunday. John W. and Maree K. made course records.

Next week we will be at Ocean Sciences on West Saanich Road at Pat Bay. Shell H is your February  leader.

Mike Emerson

Thursday January 19 — The Oaks Bistro (Monterey at Oak Bay Ave)

After weeks of cold, icy weather we are finally back to warmer, showery, welcome, above 5 degree weather. 28 or 29 run/walkers went through Oak Bay (in various directions) and met up at the restaurant an hour later. The Oaks Bistro gave us good food and hot tea and coffee to warm up our slightly soggy selves.

There were no Birthdays to celebrate this week.

Next week we will be at Cherries Breakfast Bistro in the strip mall at the corner of Interurban and Wilkinson – behind the Co-op gas station.

Good luck to all who are entered in the Mill Bay 10K on Sunday and good running/walking to all of you until we meet again.

Mike Emerson

Thursday January 12 — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe in Sidney

It was a bright, clear, -4 degree, day as 27 or so run/walkers went out (in various directions) from Mary’s Blue Moon Café.

I would like to thank Sandra for covering for me last week. I was down with some sort of plague and could not attend.

We sang Happy Birthday to our wonderful photographer, Brian Turner. His actual birthday is Saturday.

Congratulations to all who ran in the Pioneer 8K run last Sunday. Well done all.

The restaurant had lots of hot coffee and warm food to replenish us.

Next week we will be at the Oaks Bistro. It is at the corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey.

Good run walking this week.

Mike Emerson

Thursday January 5 — Denny's in Colwood

About 26 of us braved the sunny but cold ( 7 below in the parking lot!! )  weather at Dennys in Colwood to run/walk the Goose and Trails. Mike Emerson is under the weather today so I  am substituting for him.
We sang Happy Birthday to Susan Jones and Maurice T and set out as it was too cold for standing around!!  Back to Dennys after for welcome warmth.
John Woodall has had to step down for now from sending out the weekly report. Brian and Nelda have kindly agreed to take over and Brian Case will be back up. Thank you from us all to the three of you.
Next week we meet at Mary's Blue Moon in Sidney and hopefully Mike will be fully recovered by then
Cheers to you all    Sandra

Troubles downloading some truly great pictures of the frozen waterfall, to follow, by John Sampson and Dave Charles

Thursday December 29 — No scheduled meeting but see Garth's note below

Thursday December 22 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

Since the chief-correspondent is ailing the cub-reporter is doing the honours today.
We counted 34 walkers and runners (many of whom were seasonally adorned) at the Elk Lake parking lot. There was no birthday serenading but best wishes to Les MacNeil who celebrates today. We welcomed John's wife and son who joined us today.
As we set out for THE TREE there was some discussion as to exactly where it was and how to get there. I am the last person to give directions but most of the walkers arrived at what was agreed to be THE TREE and birdie treats were "hung with care". Thanks to choir-master Ian Stewart we did the traditional singing and miming of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Ian also informed us of the history of first the book and later the song- very poignant.
Breakfast at HoJo's was up to its usual standard and appeared to be enjoyed but all.
Next week- no formal gathering
5 January- Mike Emerson takes the lead- venue TBA
Merry Christmas to all and to all Happy New Year

Lil Charles

Mike Emerson

It is that time of year again.  The PIH Pioneer 8k run is happening on January 8th. We must let the neighbour hood where the run occurs know that there will be a minor disruption in traffic on that day.

I am asking for volunteers to deliver the residential flyers. It is a pleasant walk around the area and then we go for coffee/tea afterward.  Please meet at the Saanich Fair Grounds at 9:oo am on Tuesday January 3rd.  The more people we have the faster we can get to the coffee shop ☺.  You can let me know you are coming.  Many thanks.

Mike Emerson (250-386-8656 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Garth Ball
Keep the weight off for New Year Eve.
TMG Thursday, December 29 Th., meet at the Petting Zoo at Beacon Hill Park at 9:00 am, lots of parking.
Rosie's Diner on Cook Street for breakfast or treats.
Runners and Walkers all welcome.
Questions, please phone Garth at 250-642-1775
Merry Christmas to all

Thursday December 15 — Rosie's in Cook St (meet at lawn bowling club in the park)

Bright and brisk or cold and crisp, take your choice, but it was coooold in the Beacon Hill Tennis Court parking lot at 9:00 AM this morning.  About three dozen well clad TMG choristers serenaded Edith Price acknowledging her birthday, and then scattered along Dallas Road Waterfront Trail. Some cut short the hour walk to return to Rosie’s Restaurant to warm up and beat the crowd. No concerns there however with the later arrivals, breakfast service was quick and food its usual high standard.

Next week we meet at the Elk/Beaver Lake Filter Beds Regional Parking Lot.  We will hang our Christmas goodies for the birds, and sing and mime our traditional "Ode to  Rudolph”.  Breakfast will be at HoJo’s.

See you there, don’t forget to bring a gift for the birds.

Dave Charles

Thursday December 8 — Prairie Inn Pub 7806 E. Saanich Rd. Saanichton: https://www.facebook.com/PrairieInnPub/about/#

Belated TMG Report,

28 TMGers waited in their cars in the Prairie Inn Parking lot, until the last minutes before the announcements and send off, not wanting to freeze their patoties  etc. off in the sub-zero winter air. No birthdays to serenade. Runners and walkers chose protected routes out of the windy blasts. Wusses drove to Centennial Park , while others ran and walked there, to take shelter among the tree lined trails.
Back at the Prairie Inn we warmed up with a good breakfast, served quickly and cheerfully.
Next week we meet at Rosie’s in Cook Street Village. Hope for above freezing dry weather.

Thursday December 1 — Mychosen Cafe

TMG Report by the numbers

Date: Dec 1, 2016
Time: 0800 -1100 h
Location: Metchosin
Weather: 5C,Cloudy
Birthday: Teressa McMillian
Turnout: 31 members; 11 women, 20 men
Walkers: 22
Runners: 9
Trails taken: Sea Bluff and Madill
Trail Condition: Muddy, wet
Photographer: Brian Turner
Animal life observed: 40 sheared, shivering sheep, gaggle of geese, 1 leaping buck, stable of horses,1 border collie.
Restaurant: My Chosen Cafe
Breakfast Rating: Five Star
TMG Christmas Party Tickets sold: 3
Next Venue:  Prairie Inn Pub, 7806 E. Saanich Rd. Saanichton: https://www.facebook.com/PrairieInnPub/about/#

Thursday November 24 — The Oaks (Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey)

About 31 of the group gathered at the corner of Monterey and Oak Bay Avenue (just outside the Oaks) for the run or walk activity.  Brian and Nelda were in attendance for a few photos from our photographer but they departed without walking to attend an appointment. There was one upcoming birthday on November 29 for Theresa McMillan, but as she was not in attendance, we will wait until next week and sing if she makes an appearance.  Luckily the stormy weather from overnight was substantially reduced. The group set out in various directions, with some heading down Monterey towards the firehall and others down Oak Bay Avenue towards the water.  

For my run,  I headed down Monterey to Bowker Avenue and then along Beach Avenue to Willows Beach.  There was quite a bit of wave action and I enjoyed running along the water to Cattle Point until it was time to turn around.  Then it was back into the wind!  Luckily the rain held off and just had a few sprinkles from time to time.  

Twenty-eight of us sat to enjoy coffee or tea and food afterwards.  The two waitresses did a great job of serving delicious breakfast items.  I personally enjoyed the Half-English breakfast but forgot to take a photo for the write-up!  

Next week, Lil and Brian will be taking over for December and will have us starting the month at My Chosen Cafe in Metchosin, located at the corner of Happy Valley and William Head Roads (Metchosin Road changes to William Head Road at the Happy Valley intersection).  See you there!

Cheers, Susan

Thursday November 17 — Tennis Courts at the end of Viewmont

The November 30 forecast was for an inclement day, but the sky looked good, and it remained good! After singing birthday wishes to Marus Kaplan walkers and runners headed south on at least three routes. However, all arrived at the bend in Colquitz Creek where the Coho were pairing-up and searching for gravel to make redds for spawning.  Most of the runners headed off to Panama Flats, while walkers explored trails or lingered watching the salmon. At one point a heron flew up out of the creek, but it was fishless.  After viewing the fish, I did not catch-up to the runners but I did find three very large parasol mushrooms (yummy!). The runners got back to the tennis court parking area in dribs and drabs. At least two runners/walkers did not make it to HoJoe’s, but did make it to the tennis courts, perhaps some are still out there searching for the tennis courts? Thirty-one were tallied enjoying the fine victuals served-up by HoJoes.

 Next week we dine at “The Oak” (formerly the Blethering Place) on Fort Street in Oak Bay. We will celebrate one birthday, consequently, we will be marshalling as close to “The Oak” as possible.  Ric Hunt (next week Susan Jones).

Thursday November 10 — De Dutch Pancakes on Quadra

About 34 enthusiastic TMG’ers gathered in the parking lot of De Dutch Pannekoek House on Quadra on a beautiful and mild November morning.  Not sure how long this balmy weather will hold, but I am enjoying it immensely, especially with the gardening clean-up needed at this time of the year.  Limited announcements today as there were no birthdays to celebrate.  Marcia asked for a show of hands on those attending Les McNeil’s 80th birthday event this Saturday 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Six Mile Pub.

Next week we meet at the south end of Viewmont Avenue by the tennis courts for a run or walk along the Colquitz trails, and maybe to spot some salmon spawning activities.  We meet after for refreshments at Howard Johnson on Elk Lake Drive.  (To get to the tennis courts, take West Saanich road from either Highway 17 and/or Royal Oak  and head south on Viewmont opposite the Fireside Grill and going past the back of the Royal Oak Shopping Centre)

Bill Scriven noted that he would be selling tickets to the December 10 TMG Christmas Lunch at Cedar Hill golf course in the restaurant afterwards.

Promptly at 9:00 a.m. we all set off in various directions but mostly on the Lochside Trail towards Blenkinsop Lake.  And what a beautiful route it was with the trees turning the usual gold and red fall colours.  As we approached the lake, it was obvious that a large multitude of waterfowl and birds had gathered.  Even Richard hadn’t seen that many Canada geese, mallards, and other assorted waterfowl on the lake at one time, with many geese V’s flying over ahead.  I hope that our wonderful photographer Brian will have captured some photos to include in this report.  

After all had made their way back to De Dutch, there was the usual cacophony of us chatting at our tables while awaiting meals and beverages. Then the quiet that fell after the food arrived.  I personally very much enjoyed my coffee with the Banana and Walnut Pannekoek (real maple syrup shared with Richard).  

See many of you next week on Viewmont by the tennis courts, or tomorrow for the Thetis Lake Relay or Saturday at the birthday event.

Cheers, Susan

Thursday November 3 — Boleskine Bistro (parking at Saanich Municipal lot in order to walk Swan Lake)

> Today the TMG were greeted by blue skies and warm sunshine. We met at Up Town Bistro on Boleskin Road. There were no birthdays to celebrate. The first announcement was the location for the next TMG – the pancake house on Quadra. The second announcement was a reminder to pay $35/person to Bill Scriven for the Christmas get together.
> Much (?all) of the gang headed north on Harriet then east on Regina to take the stairs to the Hiway over-pass. Then a contingent went down the Lochside trail to eventually circle Swan Lake. A group found the Seaton tunnel under the TC Hiway. Later 31 runners/walkers were tallied in the Bistro either eating or watching others eat. Evidently, the Bistro changed hands two days ago so there was only one waitress; the cooks were not tallied, but the indirect data suggested it was a small number.
> Remember next week to meet at De Dutch on Quadra…………Ric

Thursday October 27 — Zanzibar (1164 Stelly's X Road at W.Saanich)

Another lovely day, no rain, no wind for around 20 of us in north saanich.
A delicious meal at Zanzibar, although the route, in my humble opinion, has a little too much road with no shoulders. Who picked this place anyway???

No one to serenade this week, but Joan Gamble will celebrate her birthday with the goblins on Monday. When several friends and I lived in the same building in Edmonton, we instituted "trick or treat" with wine glasses instead of candy bags. Try it in your neighborhood!

Next month's leader, Richard, has chosen Boleskine Bistro at 400 Boleskine Road for the next venue. He advises that if walkers park at the municipal building they should be able to walk around Swan Lake and then drive over for breakfast.  


Thursday October 20 — Heron Rock Bistro

A foggy day in James Bay but the sun came out for us, some of us even ran through a rainbow!
We serenaded Pat Case for her birthday last week, Tea in absentia on the 18th and Mike Emerson for tomorrow.
A new Pat joined us, after 40 years away he saw the light and returned to Broadmead and our running trails. Welcome Pat.
I did not see this but rumor has it that Howard and Doug were featured in the Oak Bay paper for their accomplishments at the Seniors Games last month. Well done, guys

next week: Oct 27  Zanzibar   1164 Stellys Cross at West Saanich
please park in the lower parking area

Marcia Stromsmoe

Thursday October 13 — Cedar Hill G.C. Clubhouse

A smaller than usual group braved light rain, not the monsoon we were promised, at the alternate location of Cedar Hill Rec Centre.
We serenaded  John Sampson whose birthday was today. Mike Ellis sneaked in a little late so was missed, but our wishes extend to him and Tea on the 18th.
Congratulations are due to all who ran the 8k, half or full marathon last Sunday.
Next week: October 20 Heron Rock Bistro James Bay Mall
Thrifty's has underground parking for 3 hours (I think) if you want to avoid ticket roulette on the street.


Thursday October 6 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

Many many of us, too many to count, met at the gravel parking lot of Elk-Beaver lakes on a semi sunny day. We were able to serenade??? Steve Baker on his October 5 birthday.
Most then moved to  HoJo's for the usual great breakfast.
Good luck to all running in the GoodLife events this weekend.

Locations for the rest of the month:

October 13.      Cedar hill golf course
October 20       Heron Rock Bistro
October 27.       Zanzibar


Thursday September 29 — Ocean Sciences Institute (W.Saanich Rd)

28 TMG runners and walkers shivered and shook trying to stay warm in the Institute of Ocean Sciences parking lot this morning while waiting for the start. Apparently the cool Fall temperature caught many of us in our summer garb which was just a little too light for the early morning. We sang Happy Birthday to Howard and applauded his Gold Medal for the 800 meter in the Masters last week. Once on the move the group warmed up, runners on the Airport path, walkers along the shoreline then onto Munro, by pastures, and farmland. Returning to the OSI we lined up to sign in at security, then downstairs to the cafeteria breakfast buffet to load up on eggs benny, waffles, cinnamon buns, sausage, bacon, ham etc. etc. etc. No complaints about the quantity, quality or cost heard, just about full bellies.

Next week Marsha will be taking over. She plans to have us meet at Elk Lake next week with breakfast after at HOJOs. Hope to see you all then.

Dave C

Thursday September 22 — Ogden Pt

About two dozen TMG’ers congregated along Dallas Road near Ogden Point this sunny clear, cool last day of summer, morning.  Out in the Straight a large White Cruise ship shining brightly in the low morning Equinox sun waited to berth. As it slowly made its way to Ogden Point, TMG’ers belatedly serenaded Jane McDonald, who we gladly welcomed back to the fold (her birthday was last week). Formalities over, runners scampered, and walkers ambulated, while mandibles moved incessantly as we took an hour to catch up on whatever happened in the past week.

Activities over, most of the group gathered at the Breakwater Cafe to chow down on their various offerings. Seating availability caused us to scatter about the  place but most seemed satisfied with the varied menu and service.

Next week we will meet at the Institute of Ocean Sciences  on West Saanich Road. Please park in the North Lot. You will need a pass to get into the building and Cafeteria. It is obtained from the Commissionaire whose station is in the lobby  on the upper level entrance.

IOS Cafeteria provides an inexpensive and excellent buffet breakfast including eggs benny, fruit, yoghurt, waffles, bacon, sausages, toast, coffee, tea, etc. etc. Don’t miss it!!

Here is the Google Map reference:


See you next week,

Dave Charles, (replacement for this month’s leader Brian who is goofing off shooting lions in South Africa, with his camera that is.)

"Help Les MacNeill celebrate his 80th birthday Saturday November 12.  Details sent to those who RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Les requests 1. Absolutely no gifts, not even a card and 2. Come share a hug and a tea/coffee/drink.   This is not a surprise. His actual birthdate is dec 22."


Thursday September 15 — Denny's in Colwood

Yet another beautiful sunny September morning for TMG, this week meeting at Denny's Westshore location.  The only birthday person for this week, Jane McDonald, was not present, so no song today.  John Sampson told us about the Victoria Hospitals Foundation campaign for surgical equipment funding and its connection to the October 9th Victoria Marathon. To sign up for the Marathon and at the same time help the Foundation, contact Lindsay.Brookes@ viha.ca, or simply donate at:  bit.ly/2c93gId
    Most of the about 30 walkers and runners started out in groups on the Galloping Goose Trail, much to the chagrine of cyclists,  Many veered into Royal Roads for a "forest in a fairy tale"  walk down Charlie's Trail or scenic run on the roads.  Despite the lack of winter torrents in the stream, one walker described the well-maintained Charlie's Trail as "enchanting", with the dappled sun shining through the leaves and abundance of fresh air. Any shade was appreciated as runners and walkers made their way up the hill through Royal Roads campus and back onto the Galloping Goose.
   Denny's appreciated our visit so much that they took a group photo.  Consensus seemed to be that that food, coffee and service were all very good.  
   Dave Charles will be group leader for the rest of September.

 NEXT WEEK (Sept. 22):  Meet at Ogden Point, near entrance to the breakwater.  Breakfast at Breakers (Ogden Point) Cafe.

Thursday September 8 — Oak Bay Marina coffee shop.

After a stretch of (to say the least)  variable weather this week, the gods once again smiled on us, providing sunshine and mild temperatures, especially considering our waterfront location.  Dave C. was treated(?)  to our boisterous birthday serenade in the Oak Bay Marina parking lot (for his Sept. 10 b'day).  Rocco D., who was absent today, has a Sept. 13 birthday.  Hope you both have a good one!
    About thirty TMGers set out running or walking in all directions — except into the water.  Some headed toward Willows Beach, while others went in the opposite direction, past the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and the Royal Victoria Golf Course, which had an amazing number of golfers on the links, slashing balls and soaking up the sun.  Some TMGers ran around the King George Terrace area.  Water vistas everywhere were pretty spectacular in the bright sunshine.  
     The O.B. Marina coffee shop provided good service despite considerable lineups inside, delivering orders quite promptly to the outside tables that we pretty well took over for an hour or so.  

NEXT WEEK:  Sept. 15:  Denny's in Colwood.  Lots of parking at the back, and Galloping Goose Trail adjacent.
                       Sept. 22:  Breakers (formerly Ogden Point Cafe) at the Breakwater on Dallas
                       Sept. 29:  Ocean Sciences Institute on W. Saanich Rd. near YYJ.

Thursday September 1 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot) 

September certainly came in feeling — and looking — like Fall.  But the sun came out at Elk/Beaver Lake Park this morning, highlighting the changing colours of the leaves  It made for very picturesque walks and runs for the 30 TMGers and guests.  We started out by singing Happy Birthday to Jennifer Campbell (August 31).  We also welcomed Maria Kaplan's three guests (nieces and friends) who are visiting from Prague, and staying at the "Hotel Maria".  
Walkers and runners scattered throughout the park, and then gathered at "The Lakes" at Howard Johnson's for breakfast and lively conversation.

Jen Campbell (the birthday girl mentioned above) has had some impressive accomplishments recently.  She came in 1st in her age group (55-59) at the International Triathalon Union (ITU), qualifying her for the ITU Worlds event next year.  Jen is now the Canadian champ and course record holder in her category. As well, Jen's running partner, Kathy Guthrie, won a Silver in the Half Marathon in the American Master Games.  Congratulations to both!

                       TMG NEXT WEEK (Sept 8):  Oak Bay Marina Coffee Shop.  Lots of parking and a good variety of hot and cold menu items, Place order inside, then they deliver to tables.  Tables located both inside and outside.  

Line-up for the rest of September:  Sept. 15:  Denny's in Colwood, adjacent to Galloping Goose Trail
                                                   Sept. 22:  Ogden Point Cafe (The Breakers), on Dallas Rd at the Breakwater
                                                   Sept. 29:  Ocean Institute on W. Saanich Rd. near the airport

    See you next week.  Brian C.

Thursday August 25 — Mychosen Cafe

A huge group enjoyed the Sea Bluff trail this morning. No sheep but wonderful views across the strait to the Olympics. I shepherded a group to Witty’s Lagoon where we ran a short loop before returning to the café. Some of us ran the Hillman trail behind the golf course which brings you back to Happy Valley.
We celebrated Ross Morgan’s upcoming b-day in the usual way. He gets to enjoy his special day tomorrow by cleaning his condo in preparation for the real estate photographer. Ross is putting his condo on the market.
John Webb announced that he is an expectant grandparent and is looking for any baby things you may have to donate or sell. Shell also reminded us of the PIH youth team which is in need of funding. If you can help out in this regard there is a link on the PIH website pih.bc.ca to the Youth Team website.
September’s TMG leader is Brian Case and his first choice is for Beaver Lake, the gravel parking lot,  with coffee later at HoJo’s. Brian warned us of the blue-green algae threat at both lakes.
Have a terrific week with this great weather!

Thursday August 18 — Willows Beach (Tea House)

Willows Beach in the sunshine! What’s not to like? After welcoming back John Woodall, John Sampson, Ross Morgan and others, we sang Happy  B-day to Rich Brown and then headed out to Cattle Pt and beyond. Maree, Joan and I made to the top of the hill in the Uplands before returning. Much warmer on the way back.
We were disappointed that there were no “ham and eggers”  for sale at the Tea House. As Howard put it “the hens weren’t laying!”
I was sitting at one of the picnic tables with Doug and Emma minding my own business when I was bombarded by crow do-do. Lucky I had brought an extra T shirt.
Garth had created a ‘small’ card to lure John McManus back to our group. He’s such a thoughtful guy who has brought so many great ideas to our group.
Next week  we meet at the Mychosen Café. Have a terrific week.

Thursday August 11 — Scriven Residence 3305 Crowhurst Pl

Just under 30 joined us at our home for some exercise. The trails on the Royal Roads campus beckoned the runners, while the walkers headed down to the beach at low tide.
It was great to have Les join us today. He came over from Vancouver for 2 days and announced that he is writing a new book. Can’t wait to read it Les!
Some members of the group took tours through the gardens and the house. I’m sure new projects are in the offing!
Next week we’ll meet at Willows Beach with coffee at the Tea House there.

Thursday August 4 — Quality Foods (parking lot) at Eagle Creek Village


Everyone was smiling in the sunshine as we gathered at Eagle Creek Village for our announcements. I thanked Garth for the enthusiasm and new ideas he has brought to our group since he and Diana joined us. I was sorry I missed the talk Bob Reid gave last month: one of Garth’s ideas.
Lots of folks away on holidays or just returned from them — Cycling in Quebec, an upcoming trip to Haida Gwaii, visiting family in Ontario. Isn’t summer wonderful?
John Woodall was spotted running in the Oak Bay area. This was great news and perhaps we’ll see John join us soon.
We walked and ran along the Goose towards Thetis encountering cyclists speeding by. Would be nice if they rang their bells or warned us of their approach. We stopped to help a fellow who was on his way to Sooke and had slipped his chain.
Next week we’ll host TMG at the Scriven residence. That’s 3305 Crowhurst Pl. You turn right from Ocean Blvd and our street is half way up Lagoon Rd hill on your left.

Bill Scriven

Thursday July 28— Cherrie's Bistro — Wilkinson and Interurban 

TMG Report July 28th

About forty runners and walkers showed up on a beautiful morning at Cherries Bistro on Wilkinson Road for a run or walk to the end of the Colquitz river trails and back.

Many of the walkers enjoyed the huge crop of blackberries along the way whilst the runners enjoyed the up and down stretches of the trails.

It was nice to welcome Garfield Saunders back to the group.  

Next week we are meeting at Quality FoodsThursday August 4 — Quality Foods (parking lot) at Eagle Creek Village  You’ll find lots of parking and great walking or running on the Galloping Goose and Thetis Lake trails.

August run leader is Bill Scriven.

See you next week Thursday, August 4th.


Thursday July 21 — Beaver Lake 

About 30 runners and walkers came to enjoy a beautiful morning at Elk/Beaver Lake.  It was nice to welcome back some of our very fast runners, who had either been away on holidays or competing in running events or triathlons.  Welcome back Mike, Jenn, Edith and Mark to TMG runs.

A nice breakfast or snacks were enjoyed at the Plowshare cafe afterwards.

Next week, July 28th, we will meet at Cherries Bistro on Wilkinson Road, where we will run on trails along the Colquitz River. Lots of parking available in the mall at Wilkinson Road & Interurban Road.


Thursday July14 — Prairie Inn Pub  (Saanichton)

Twenty-three runners and walkers came for our first visit to the Prairie Inn Pub in Central Saanich on a beautiful sunny morning.  Most walkers took the route down Wallace Drive to the Centennial Park trails, and the runners ran along Mount Newton X Road and back to the Prairie Inn.

We all enjoyed a great breakfast and a great presentation by Bob Reid.  He talked of the early days of running up to the present.  My only regrets were that everyone did not have the opportunity to hear Bob speak about the history of running over the past forty years on Vancouver Island.

Next week we meet at the lower parking lot of Elk Beaver.

Garth Ball

Thursday July 7 — Denny's (Colwood) (Bring your dog!)

About 28 walkers and runners showed up on an overcast sky with light rain.
Most runners and walkers went through the Royal Roads Trails and a few walked
the drier sections of the Galloping Goose trails.
Next week we will be at the Prairie Inn Pub, in Central Saanich, with Bob Reid as a
Guest speaker.
Garth Ball

Thursday June 30 — Heron Rock Bistro

25ish met on a sunny cool day at Heron Rock Bistro for a run along lovely Dallas Road.

Next leader is Garth Ball and his choices are:

July 7 Denny's in Colwood....bring your dog, there will be prizes..for the dog, not you
July 14 Prairie Inn Pub Central Saanich...this is where PIH started
Don't miss this one, there will be a special guest
July 21 Beaver Lake. Lower gravel parking lot....eats at Plowshare on west Saanich road
July 28 Cherries Bistro Wilkinson Road. ...parts of Wilkinson Road are closed, easiest access from Interurban or Island Highway


Thursday June 23 — Rosie's (Cook St)

The rain stopped at exactly 8:59!!!   so off we went on a run/walk along Dallas road. Good wishes to John W who had surgery yesterday  There were no birthdays and no other  news but the food and service were good at Rosies.
Next week I will be away so Marcia will be "Queen for an hour"  and will meet you all at Heron Rock cafe in James Bay.
In July, Bill S and Garth B will share the month and will let you know where we will be meeting
Cheers Sandra

Thursday June 16 — Spinnakers

Around 27 of us gathered at Spinnakers in the sunshine. We sang birthday greetings to Giles and Doug in their abscence and to Marcia in person.
No special news. The food was good as always and the company better!!
Next week we meet at Rosies on Cook street at the parking lot in the park
Have a good week all
Cheers Sandra

Thursday June 9 — Mary's Bleu Moon Cafe in Sidney

Approximately, 26 of us met at Mary's Bleue Moon to run/walk around the water front. A fair number of regulars were missing but we welcomed John Williams here for his first day with us.
Happy birthday was sung to Fraser ( and Nelda in abstentia ) and apologies to Garth who we missed due to a missprint in the records that had his birthday on July 10th. That has now been rectified so all is correct for next year!!
Nobody had any outstanding news they wished to share. So  next week we meet at Spinnakers
Cheers Sandra

Thursday June 2 — Cordova Ridge G.C.

> Lots of us ( I didnt count !! ) met at Cordova Bay Ridge for our run/walk. There were no birthdays that I knew of. Congratulations to those who ran on Sunday:Claire and Maurice in the 10km and Edith and Shell in the half marathon. My apologies if I have missed anyone.
> Here is a list of the wonderful people who have volunteered to be leaders for the rest of the year:
> July Bill S
> Aug Garth B
> Sept Brian C
> Oct Jen and Mike C
> Nov Rick and Susan
> Dec Dave and Lil C
>    Many thanks
> Here also is a list of where we are going for the rest of June. Hope it meets with your approval!!??
> June 9  Mary's Blue Moon
> June 16 Spinnakers
> June 23 Rosies
> June 3o Heron Rock   no scones I asked!!
> See you all next week

>    Cheers Sandra

Thursday May 26 — Zanzibar Cafe (Stelly's and W.Saanich)

This month's last outing was at Zanzibar and once again, I did not count the heads. 30 something?  
We performed Happy Birthday song for Maree and Dianna.
Both born on this very day.
Some walkers made it to Brentwood Bay waters, runners did various loops around and  through the Centennial Park.
Back at Zanzibar we received an excellent service.  Then to our delight Garth invited everybody to have a piece of birthday cake. The staff supplied more plates and forks and our two birthday girls did the cake cutting.
Sandra  Bastedo will be taking charge of our June gatherings.  
June 2nd we are to meet at Cordova Ridge, golf club parking lot.

I had best intentions to introduce a new venue,  The Fig, a Mediterranean shop/ cafe. However,  it will only work in warm and dry weather.
Also for a future reference: A new place opened in Broadmead, Artisan Bistro. Lots of room inside and they open at 9 AM.

Foot note
Lots of dogs on our run path today.
Tetanus shots are provided in many pharmacies and are free of charge.

Thursday May 19 — Ogden Pt (close to breakwater)

This morning TMG gathering was at Ogden Point.
Cold by the water, as we waited for the 9AM strike to go.
As no birthday persons were present,  we did not get to practice our chorus singing.  
Never the less,  our best wishes go to Paul Christopher,  23.5. and to
Claire Rowley, celebrating on 24.5.
The line up at The Breakwater Cafe was long since we all come in at more or less the same time. Yet, we all managed to get our drinks and food and socialized happily.
Next week our starting and afterwards rewards spot is Zanzibar Cafe.
1164 Stelley's X-Rd in Brentwood Bay area.
Please park left of the cafe entrance.
Marie Kaplan

Thursday May 12 — Mosi's (W. Saanich)

Another beautiful morning for our Thursday's gathering.
We met at Mosi Cafe and set out in southbound direction.
Some of us were runnning, some jogging, walking and everything in between.
The mysterious dog with a leash on the side of the path was later identified as belonging to a free spirit camping beside the trail.
Mike Ellis got a chomp from another dog that was with a lady owner, but off leash. Many friendly hands were attending to Mike's wound when he got back to the cafe.
Most of us sat outside and enjoyed the fabulous bakery goodies.
Next week we are at Ogden Point, close to Breakwater.
Parking is in marked spots along Dallas Road.

Thursday May 5 — De Dutch Restaurant (Quadra and Mackenzie)

Over 30 TMG members gathered in warm sunrays to sing Happy Birthday to Bill McMillan, born on this very day.
As usual the walkers and runners took off in various directions and various speeds. Most people chose the good and tested Lochside trail. Only a few adventurous souls went birdwatching.
The cafe was ready for us and I do hope the service was to your satisfaction.
( If you have a complain,  please submit in writing.  It has to rhyme and be under 100 characters).
Next week we will meet at Mosi Cafe, known under many other names in the past. Address :  5303 West Saanich Rd. Safe parking on Prospect Lake Community Hall.
May blue skies be with us next week.
Marie Kaplan

Thursday April 28 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

A cool start this morning turned into a gorgeous day when we got together and headed out from the gravel Beaver Lake parking lot. I was distracted and we got going a couple of minutes late (where are you John)!

Almost 40 TMGers gathered this morning, including some new and recent members. Tea kindly provided a list that includes Linda and Rocco D'illio, Julianna Raeburn, Dave Ward and Genevieve Harold - welcome to all!

The weather was great, bird song was everywhere and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves on a great day.

The service at HoJos was excellent despite the size of our group.

Marus Kaplan the leader for May has scheduled a run/walk from the parking lot of DeDutch restaurant at 4011 Quadra Street near the corner of Quadra and McKenzie avenues for next week (May 5th), then back to the restaurant for snacks after the workout. The following link will give you directions for finding the restaurant: https://www.zomato.com/saanich-bc/de-dutch-pannekoek-house-saanich/maps#tabtop

Have a great week.

Thursday April 21 — Mychosen Cafe

A gray, drab, coolish start to the day but it cleared and was great by the time wed got seriously into our run/walk session in Metchosin. Cowed by the remoteness(?) of the site, only just over 20 TMGers got out this morning but as you can see from Tea's photos we were well treated and well fed in the My Chosen Café. We headed out Rocky Point road and toward Matheson Lake on the Goose but others went the other way and out to the bluffs overlooking the ocean or drove to the parking lot and hiked down to Woody's Beach, where I'm told the birding was fun - watching a Kingfisher dive into the water.

We sonically serenaded Rich Hunt because it is his birthday tomorrow - - and many more Rich!

A new member was out today. He is a triathlete so added to the running contingent. I missed the name (well, forgot to be truthful) but welcome - we hope to see you again (and I may even get the name right).

The café had laid on extra staff and they did a great job of feeding our group and keeping the coffee cups full.

Scheduled for next week (April 28) is a run/walk at Elk-Beaver Lakes then coffee etc. at Hojo's. Please meet at the lower gravel parking lot at Beaver Lake.

Have a great week. Bill

Thursday April 14 — Heron Rock Bistro (James Bay)

A gray, drab, cool day but perfect conditions for our walk/run along the waterfront and, for some, out the Breakwater. At least 30 members came out today and I counted 30 in the Heron Rock Bistro. Two of our members are rumored to have checked out the tent city - looking for a spot?

Not much bird life along the waterfront today - high tide and moderate waves - but I heard White Crown sparrows and saw Song and House sparrows and an Anna's Hummingbird. On the water, a couple of Cormorants, possibly a Loon, a female Bufflehead, a pair of Harlequin ducks and possibly a couple of grebes.

Gardens in James Bay are at their peak right now - when you ?run as slowly as I (Bill) do you get time to enjoy them on the way by!  Theresa and three of "the girls" admired two clever fairy gardens at the base of two boulevard trees on Pilot Street near the corner with Niagara Street.

The café staff did a great job of feeding our group and keeping the coffee and water flowing.

The schedule for the next two weeks is as follows:
  April 21    Mychosen Café for the Goose or waterfront run/walks
  April 28    Meet at the lower parking lot at Beaver Lake and coffee etc. at Hojo's

Have a great week.
Bill and Theresa

Thursday April 7 — Cordova Ridge G.C.

A beautiful, sunny morning greeted more than 30 TMGers for our run/walk along the Lochside trail. We even had a new member but I, as is typical, I've forgotten the name - welcome anyway! We were primed to sing but Lil Charles, the birthday 'girl' was away, so the golfers were spared the pleasure of hearing us.

The servers in the café responded well to our large group and sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying our coffee and goodies was a treat. The coffee refills offered were a bonus.

The schedule for the next few weeks is as follows:
  April 14    Heron Rock Bistro in James Bay for a run/walk along the waterfront
  April 21    Mychosen Café for the Goose or waterfront run/walks
  April 28    Meet at the lower parking lot at Beaver Lake and coffee etc. at HoJos

Bill and Theresa

Thursday March 31 — Eagle Creek Shopping Centre (corner of Helmcken and Watkiss Way)

It was a beautiful sunny morning as 38 or so runners and walkers set out from a new venue at Quality Foods on Helmcken Rd. to go in various directions. Some went to Thetis Lake and others followed the Galloping Goose trail. The fawn lilies at one spot on the trail were fantastic. I hope someone got pictures.

The melodious strains of “Happy Birthday” were heard for 2 birthday boys – Brian C. and John W. We also welcomed three guests today. I did inquire but must leave it to John W. to provide their names.

The cafeteria was busy, the coffee was good and plentiful and the portions of food were huge. Some of the orders were mixed up but everything worked out. We need to make less noise (that will never happen!!!!!) or give the servers bullhorns. All in all I think that the venue was a good one (recommended by Garth B.) and that we will be returning there soon.

Good luck to all who intend to run at Sooke on Sunday.

Next week we will be at Cordova Ridge. Bill and Theresa MacMillan are the leaders for April (my time is done).

Good running/walking this week.

Mike Emerson
>  I think the three names were Dave Ward, Genevieve Harold and Julianna Raeburn.  Again Welcome.

Thursday March 24 — Rosie's Cafe in Cook St Village (meet at tennis court/lawn bowling across the street)

> The running gods threw us a curve today! 35 runners and walkers started out in the warm sun but shortly after we got to Dallas Road a squall hit and forced us to head inland on the return leg. It was good to see both Norm R. and Ian as well. We welcome a new runner, Dave, who joined us today.
> Rosie’s Café was busy this morning but, as usual, the service was great. There were no birthdays to celebrate- that I know of.
> A few brave runners went to the Comox Half Marathon. Jen C. was third in her category, Mike C. and Mark S. were fourth in their respective age groups. Congrats to them and to anyone I may have missed (if you let me know I can mention it in the next report).
> Next week we will meet at the Eagle Creek Shopping Centre in order to run/walk the Galloping Goose trail. I have it on good authority that the best parking is in the underground lot so we will leave from there at 9:00am. The Quality Foods Cafeteria is a new venue for us so it will be a new experience for both us and the staff. Please be patient.  There are two floors to the cafeteria with a more substantial breakfast menu on the main floor and coffee, muffins and pastries offered on the second floor. You can sit anywhere you wish on either floor pulling tables together if there is room. Put them back when you are done.
> Directions………………………
> If you are coming from Victoria on the highway take the turn-off for the Hospital and turn right on to Helmcken – turn left at the next light(as if you were heading for the hospital). The shopping centre is on the corner of Helmcken and Watkiss Way with access off Watkiss Way just at the round-about.
> From Burnside Road, go along Helmcken Road turn right onto Watkiss Way. Stay in the right lane ease into the access road for Eagle Creek Shopping Centre. The entrance for the underground parking lot is from the main lot.
> Hope you all will have good running/ walking this week. Happy Easter.
> Mike Emerson

Thursday March 17 — Rithet's Bog (corner of Chatterton Way and Dalewood Lane)

35 or so run/walkers set out on a frosty St. Patrick’s Day morning to run through the trails of Rithets Bog and Broadmead. Rumour has it that we were 30 seconds early with our start (sorry John Mc.)

I apologise to Claire R. and Roseanne W. for not including them in the results of the Bazan Bay 5K. Well done girls.

The service at Ho Jo’s was not as fast as usual (our regular server was tending elsewhere) but we were all fed and coffee’d in the end. There was good food left – I wonder why????

Belated birthday wishes were sung for Mike C. His parents were guests on the walk today and were sincerely welcomed. Marie K. also had friends with her. Linda and Rocco will be moving into Broadmead in April. Here’s hoping they will join us again.

The best of luck to any and all who are intending to run at the Comox Half Marathon this weekend.

Next week we will be at Rosies Café on Cook St. You can park in the playground/lawn bowling/tennis court parking lot.

Good run/walking this week.

Mike Emerson

Thursday March 10 — Denny's in Colwood (Old Island Hwy)

The running gods blessed us again this week. It was pouring rain at 8:50 but by 9:00 or so it was down to a light sprinkle that gave way to sun by the end of the run. 30 or so brave souls set out to run Royal Roads trails or along the rather soggy Galloping Goose. Both ways were littered with branches and one big old maple tree had fallen across the Royal Roads trail.

Birthday wishes were sung to Cheri R.

Denny’s did a good job of replenishment. Even John Mc. was full after many contributions!! He even left some on his plate – if you can believe that!!!!!

Congratulations to all who raced at the Bazan Bay 5K last weekend.  Edith Price was first in her category and set a course record. John W. was first in his age group, Maurice T. was second in his and Lise F. was fourth in hers. Mike Ellis, Garth B., Rich H. and John Mc. all had good runs. (John Mc. finally ran through the line at the finish)

Next week we will be at Rithet’s Bog. Meet at the corner of the Bog with the information sign. You can approach Chatterton Way either from Quadra St. or from Royal Oak drive (it depends on which direction you are coming from) and park on Dalewood Lane just off Chatterton Way.

Good run/walking this week.

Mike Emerson

Thursday March 3 — Cedar Hill Golf Course parking lot

The running gods blessed us with a very dark and cloudy day but no rain until just after we finished. Thirty or so run/walkers ventured on the trails of Cedar Hill Golf Course and surrounding area. There were no birthdays to sing for today. Mike C. has a birthday on the 6th but he is said to be in Calgary.

The TMG was well represented at the PIH Awards Night last Friday. Maurice T. received the Canadian Lifetime Achievement  Award.

Maree K. picked up the Rosemond Dashwood Female Veteran of the Year and also the Susan Reid Most Consistant Harrier Award.

John W. received the Maurice Tarrant Male Veteran of the Year Award.

Bob Reid is the proud recipient of the Members Choice High Achievement Award.

Garfield and I received the Ken Smythe Dedicated Performance Award.

To my surprise, I also received a Lifetime Membership Award along with a one-of-a-kind PIH Jersey (many thanks to Bob, Susan and the committee).

Good luck to all who are planning to participate in the Bazan Bay race on Sunday.

Next week we will be at the Colwood Denny’s Restaurant. It is right beside the Galloping Goose Trail at Colwood Corners.

Meanwhile, good running or walking.

Mike Emerson

Thursday February 25 — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

It is another beautiful Spring day with the daffodils and crocuses out and with the pink fluff of the cherry blossoms beckoning us to start gardening and to spend time outside.  About 30 of us gathered at Mary’s Bleu Moon Café to run/walk, mostly towards and along the Sidney waterfront.

Maree and I were lucky enough to have “Coach Maurice” guide us in a walk/run routine, also along the waterfront.  As Coach pointed out, the time result at the end is much the same when one inserts some walking into the process— I guess, depending on what the ratio is?!  One “Sidneyite” walked from home, an additional 6+ km and his spouse rode her bike to meet us.  It’s a diverse group.

A Happy Birthday was sung for Josephine Hoskins and Mark Shier, in absentia.  We welcomed another temporary guest, Donna, from Penticton.  She “googled” to find a group such as ours, a good way for newcomers to learn about running groups.

Mary’s Bleu Moon was as always, prepared for us, seating us all in the sunroom and courteously serving us with copious amounts of coffee.  John M, the hungry one, passed around the begging bowl and was rewarded with a few excess morsels.

Next week we’ll gather at the Cedar Hill Golf Course parking lot.  Mike Emerson will be the trusty(ed?) leader for March.



Thursday February 18 — Lower gravel parking lot at Beaver Lake

Once again, I have to say that we’re a special group!  We met at Beaver Lake and it was sunny during our entire run/walk, albeit we’re also special because of the terrific, positive attitudes of the group members!

Most of the runners and walkers headed counter clock-wise along the west, drier side of Beaver and Elk Lakes, doing an “out and back” as there was flooding on the paths at the north end of Elk and the eastern side of Beaver because of our recent deluge of rain.   Several of us did complete the loop, braving the ponds and having to scramble up a bank at only one location.  Running shoes don’t take long to dry and it was warm!

We welcomed several visitors/new comers – another long time runner, Dave, and Mike’s brother and sister-in-law from the interior.  Several dogs were also in attendance!   There were no Birthdays this week and hence, no serenading.

Breakfast at Howard Johnson’s was tasty and coffee was plentiful.

Next week we’ll meet at Mary’s Bleu Moon Café near the airport.

Have a good week.


Thursday February 11 — Cherry's Breakfast Bistro 4144 Wilkinson

A large group came out on this slightly drizzly day, but the Panama Flats were lovely in the mist.  We met at Cherry’s Breakfast Bistro, crossed Wilkinson and were on the Goose running or walking through the “Flats”.  We passed groups of bird watchers and of course, the mallards that make the ponds their residence.  They seemed to be somewhat subdued with the drizzle.

The food/coffee ordering process at Cherry’s took awhile, however, the quality of the food was good and the size of the cinnamon bun was humongous, with the lucky recipient of the bun quipping that it was a good thing he’d run for an hour.  In my opinion, no one in this group has to worry about their weight!  In John M’s case, he just doesn’t get enough food!

Four young, handsome men have their Birthdays this week and we happily serenaded Norm Reynolds (in absentia), Jim Fisher, Bill Scriven, and Art Beck.

Next week we’ll meet at the lower, gravel parking lot at Beaver Lake.  Coffee will be at Howard Johnson’s on the highway.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!!


Thursday February 4th — Zanzibar Restaurant 1164 Stelly's X Rd

We are a favored group – no rain this morning!  After meeting at Café Zanzibar, most of the runners and walkers went up Stelly’s X Road past the Fairgrounds and into Centennial Park via the various pathways.  Despite the wet weather in the last while, the mud puddles weren’t daunting.   John M persuaded a group of runners to complete the 8 km run (8.2 to be exact) following most of the Island Series course to and from the Fairgrounds.  

Some of the walkers drove the short distance to Centennial Park, preferring the “big tree” walk rather than the traffic areas.  One group of women enjoyed their walk so much that they were actually late for breakfast!  Jim F, a new member who is a winter visitor to Victoria, did find himself enroute to the ferries, but managed to also find his way back for breakfast.  Welcome to our group, Jim!

The breakfasts at Zanzibar were healthy and delicious and we savored the “no yeast” cinnamon buns.  

Happy Birthday to Jean Oliver this week!

Next week we’ll meet at “Cherry’s Breakfast Bistro” at that strange 5 corners where Interurban and Wilkinson intersect.  The address is 4144 Wilkinson Rd.

Have a good week!


Thursday January 29th — The Oaks (Oak Bay Ave at Monterey)

The TMG’ers arrived on time at, “ The Oaks Restaurant “ for lift off this morning with, soon to be, 28 smiling faces given Susan was excused from our start but joined us all for breakfast. Runners and Walkers headed off to various destinations with overcast skies but with the suggestion that the sun would grace us with his or her presence on the homeward journey.

Brian Case was watching the weather patterns, as we walked. Not only did the sun not disappoint, but the breakfast served to us was handled with speed and skill. Thanks to the Oak’s staff for their services. Dave Charles managed to snap a photo of a young stag along the way, originally spotted by our prairie farmer, Howard, as the walkers headed toward Willows Beach The event was, unexpectedly, missed by eagle or should we say, deer eye, Brian Turner.

It should be noted that the non-TMG patrons at the restaurant maxed out at two individuals. Amazingly the two “ nterlopers" did not take and early exit. Needless to say, the happy group of TMG'ers dominated the room giving us almost complete freedom. We even managed to keep the noise level to a respectable hum, more than a roar.

Jim Fisher from Windermere in the Kootenays joined us today, as he visits Victoria. Jim has a very respectable running career with many marathons under his shoes and we hope to seem him again, as his time allows.

It should be noted that John Woodall gained a “ World Record “ for his age, over an 8Km course, recently. Another fine, well deserved record, for one of our long term members, Congratulations John. Rich is off to Mexico so we will be without our paramedic for a few weeks. Norm, it is said to be, travelling the world. Shell is out of sight too. All others are absent without leave.

The following narrative is courtesy of Garth Ball and John McManus:

As many of you know or don’t know, the TMG Track training takes place each Monday at Oak Bay Track. The usual warmup takes place at 08:45-9:00 at which time the workout starts. In the past, the workouts have alternated between 400s and 800s.

At Garth's suggestion, the first Monday of the month will now be a hill repeat session. We will still meet for our warmup on the track as usual, but then we will depart as a group for the Margate hill near the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. We will all run our own pace for each repeat and, when the lead runner reaches the top, everyone will turn so that we should hit the bottom concurrently. We will repeat these hill climbs until it is time to jog back to the Oak Bay Track with the plan to arrive at 10:00 to conduct our usual post-workout stretch routine. Coach Garth says "Make sure you are there for the 1st workout on Monday February 1st and watch your fitness level grow month by month”.

Karen Knott takes over the helm as group leader on February 4 and, her chosen venue is, “ Zanzibar Restaurant “ 1164 Stelly’s X Road, Brentwood Bay Phone:(250) 544-1475

John W

 Thursday January 22nd — My Chosen Cafe

21 eager TMG’ers arrived with some traffic delays at My Chosen Café this morning to enjoy the run or walking trails offered. It was announced that Lise Fraser was to have a birthday on January 25. Happy Birthday Lise.

The rains we at our back’s, front’s and middles so there was no escape. Many participants returned looking like drowned geese, or ducks. Runner’s for the most part headed for the Galloping Goose Trail, so must have looked at the weather resulting in the “ drowned effect “  In any event, the runner’s, upon their return, stripped down to the skivvies, some even, it was noted, in the parking lot. Other’s were less bold at undressing in the public view and took advantage of the warmth in the washrooms, soon to emerge looking fresh and ready for a hot breakfast.

It was suggested that die hards, such a John McManus were conspicuously absence and the chatter was noticeably less. Other TMG regulars were either deterred by the rains or did not wish to fight the traffic. We are sure to see a greater turnout next week as sun is promised.

As could be expected “ The Café “ delivered against expectations and for $9.95 delivered a very full cooked breakfast, including coffee, what deal. The service was delightful with cheerful smiles from all servers and a happy bunch of TMG’ers.

Next week will gather at, “ The Oaks Restaurant and Grill “ 206 2250 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria on the Corner or Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey.


John B. Webb
5110 Cordova Bay Road, Suite 404,
Victoria, B.C. V8Y 2K5

 Thursday January 15th — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe in Sidney

A healthy group of 27 TMG’ers arrived and departed, “ on time “ ( John McManus please take note ) from Mary’s Bleue Moon Café in Sidney this morning under cloudy skies but dry conditions.

Birthday greetings were sung to both Brian Turner and John McManus, Brian for today and John for December 24. Brian, as is his usual practice, was visibly active on a number of routes with his camera at the ready allowing both participants and those receiving the weekly report, to experience the day.

Runners and walker were offered a number of routes in and around Sidney and the airport to exercise their bodies before attacking their breakfasts. Needless to say, groups set off in a number of directions with their respective front runner or walker. All groups returned without any missing members, amazing…………... At breakfast, Maurice provided a detailed analysis of the "Pioneer 8Km “ race, however, only skilled athletes, preferably with a PhD in applied sciences and statistics, would have understood, given the gender, age and position data that was used for measurement. Thank you Maurice for this, including the follow up revised list, now including, Jenn and Mike Campbell, Mike with a 10th and Jenn with a 3rd in their respective categories.

Suffice to say Lise Fraser led the top female in her grouping and John Woodall led the male participants in his grouping. What we can all be proud of is the 14 person showing at the race with a “ well done “ to all.

TMG Club fees for 2016 are being collected and, with an annual fee of $5.00, a great value for money

Next week, we are booked at My Chosen Café in Metchosin.

    My Chosen Cafe
    Address: 4492 Happy Valley Rd,
    Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
    Phone:(250) 474-2333
    Hours:  10AM–9PM

Thanks to all for your participation this week.

John W

 Thursday January 8th — Rosie's in Cook St Village (meet in the lawn bowling parking lot across the street)

A fairly large  ( I did not count )   group of us met in the parking lot to sing Happy Birthday to Susan Jones and Maurice, We then all dispersed for various runs or walks and met back at Rosies for breakfast
We can welcome new member Edith Price from Halifax who will put us all on our toes as she is very fast!!  Also Claire ( Joan's friend ) who came out today before she goes back to school.
Good luck to all those running on Sunday and we will meet again next week at Mary,s Blue Moon.
Cheers Sandra  ( standing in for John Webb who will be back next week )

Special Note:  Art's gloves are in Brian Case's car

Holiday greetings to all my TMG friends.  I am now well settled in at my new home, getting plenty of exercise and really enjoying the meals.  The toast is to you guys.

"Unofficial TMG Thurs. Dec.31

Fourteen runners and 3 walkers showed up for Garth's Beacon Hill workout.  As Garth does not have a computer or "do email", I have enclosed his oral report with this report - Garths Report.m4a and it should open for you with any audio or video application.  I have inserted a few photos so those who missed running 'up and down Beacon Hill many times' can see what happened.

John M

Thursday December 17 — Beaver Lake (gravel parking lot)

In spite of the teeming rain, forty TMGers turned up at Elk/Beaver.  The majority splashed along to the designated tree to hang the branches with bird seed while the remainder tackled the full 10k circuit. Ian led the tree group with Christmas songs.  A small breakaway group rounded it off with their version of "Let's go down to HoJo's." - and we all did just that.
The next TMG Thursday will be on January 8th 2016 at a location to circulate to all in the New Year.
In the meantime enjoy the festive season and the New Year.
To round off the year this is Claire's poem from the Christmas luncheon:
>     Twas the thursday before Christmas
>     when all through the town,
>     the tmg'ers were waking
>     to gather around!
>     John Webb hopped in his sportscar
>     to pick up Maree,
>     Garth jumped in his too
>     was this the 'Indi'?!
>     We showed up at one place
>     in rain or sunshine,
>     sometimes sang happy birthday
>     'out of tune' every time!
>     Some arriving in pairs
>     or alone, or a bunch,
>     chit-chatting while waiting
>     would we start before lunch?
>     Here comes Teya & Bill
>     smiling wide as the sea,
>     cause her foot has now healed
>     and there's a new grandbaby!
>     Just when the group
>     was ready to go,
>     Mike Ellis arrived
>     was he just driving slow?
>     The race leader had spoken
>     we were set to depart,
>     but some left too early
>     thanks to Mike Emerson's 'false start'!
>     All walkers and runners
>     headed out for awhile,
>     when passing dear Brian
>     remember to smile!
>     On dasher, on dancer,
>     who's walking so quick?
>     why it looks like it's Fraser
>     flying fast as St Nick!
>     Susan Jones outran Rick
>     as he built up a thirst,
>     but he'll always come second
>     to one born the first of the first!
>     On Brian, on Howard,
>     on Karen, on Hugh,
>     on Joan and on Nelda
>     so 'many' reindeer,
>     who knew?!
>     Mike and Jenn from Caddy Bay
>     the 'tmg'ers are on fire!
>     we can hear Ian singing
>     being chased by his police choir!
>     There's Maree, the dog whisperer,
>     Susan, Dave, Pat and Lil,
>     Sandra, Steve, and is Rich rich?
>     have you had your name-fill?
>     and where was our, John Woodall?
>     was he up far ahead?
>     why no, with his new iphone apps
>     he could run while in bed!
>     Marcia's down in Mexico,
>     but a storm blew in it seems,
>     so instead of 'cleaning up' with medals,
>     it's her 'Casa' that she now cleans!
>     When the hour was up
>     we'd return for a bite,
>     some ordered a full meal deal
>     while others ate light!
>     There was one hearty eater
>     who consumed more than most
>     he went far beyond
>     jelly jam on some toast,
>     you'd think he was starving
>     or lived on the streets
>     was this his last meal?
>     did his housing have heat?
>     He spoke not a word
>     but went straight to his plate
>     when others were finished
>     he just ate and ate!
>     He ate for so long
>     for as long as a snooze
>     infact he kept eatting
>     while Ross took a cruise!
>     Whipped cream on his waffles
>     eggs, bacon, hash browns,
>     others passing their leftovers
>     he'd scoff it all down!
>     Of course there is more
>     to this tmg groove
>     than eatting and drinking
>     it's the fact 'we still move'!
>     And when I say move
>     I don't mean like Garth Ball,
>     who packs up each spring
>     then re-packs each fall!
>     and I love my sister Lisa,
>     while at tmg she doesn't appear,
>     I thought I'd mention her name anyway,
>     as it is that 'time of year'!
>     So we give thanks to 'Mikes' bro' (thanks Dad!)
>     who brought us all right here
>     to good friends and to good health,
>     and to another great TMG year!

Most of the photos are also Claire's, for which she is gratefully thanked.  Several are Steve's., and the beginning ones are mine.

Thursday December 10 — Pancake House Quadra and Mackenzie

First thing this morning a gale was blowing and it was pouring  with rain.  Perhaps we will get a dozen souls today at TMG, I thought.  There were 35 for breakfast (including the baby).  We are either a hardy bunch or just a bit daft.  Again the rain held off for the crucial hour.

Saturday is our Christmas luncheon - please remember the non-perishables for the food bank.

Next Thursday remember the bird feed for decorating the usual tree.  We will meet at the gravel parking lot on Beaver Lake.  We are assured there will be at least two members present who can not only sing but know all the words of Rudolf!

After 10 o'clock we  will gather at The Lakes restaurant in HJ's.


Thursday December 3 — Cordova Ridge G.C.

 We must have some very influential members because the rain stopped at 9 o'clock for exactly one hour.  Or perhaps it was because some of us walkers were carrying umbrellas!  Anyway it was much appreciated.  The Ridge coffee shop gave us their usual warm welcome, plus we had a royal guest of honour.  Tyler James Major in his own carriage, with his mother Caroline, father Bryce and grandfather Mike dancing attendance.  All, except Mike, are here from New Zealand.  Also, and equally welcome, was a new member John Sanson, just retired and raring to go.
Next week we will meet at Zanzibar (no children, not in Africa, on Stelly's Cross Road).  The following week, the 17th, will be our annual tree decorating event at Elk/Beaver.  Then we will skip the two "eves" and not have  another TMG until January 7th, 2016.
Christmas Party on Saturday, December 12th.  If you haven't got your tickets yet you can contact Lil Charles and pick them up at the door, as long as Lil knows well in advance .  At times in the past we have asked you to bring small gifts which were then exchanged.  Not anymore, but you are asked to  bring non- perishable food items which will be collected and given to a local food bank.  If you are not coming to the party you could bring them next Thursday.
It was great to see Brian Turner back and snapping away.  The results should follow on here.

Thursday November 26 — Ocean Sciences Institute on W.Saanich

Twenty five TMGers received a frosty reception this morning in the Ocean Science Institute parking lot. The two birthday girls were absent so the choir remained silent for another week. Four weeks in a row now without a happy birthday chorus, this might require some practice for the annual Rudolph singalong. Doug Mons introduced his daughter Emma who was there to keep an eye on her Pa.  Runners ran the Airport circuit, while walkers crunched their way through the  frost encrusted grass to disperse along the beach route or the Airport circuit.  Eventually the sun rose high enough to provide a little warmth on our return to OSI.  New security check-in procedures required that visitors fill in a form before a visitor badge was issued and slightly delayed our getting to the cafe. Once in the cafe we were treated to the full-meal-deal, including eggs benny and as they say "much, much more".

Reports have it that Brian Turner is doing well and will be sending out this message. Don’t know if there will be any photos to accompany this report. Hopefully someone did take some and will forward them to Brian.

Next week Hugh takes the helm, and we will meet at the Ridge.

Retiring cat-herder,


Thursday November 19 — Denny's at 1845 Island Highway Colwood

25 TMGers showed up to our new breakfast location Denny's despite a major traffic tie up which made getting to the parking space tough.  Leader Dave invoked the five minute rule and everyone made the start time without hassle.  A new runner Robin was introduced then we took off along the Goose to Royal Roads trails.
Returned for a good breakfast, served quickly. Thanks to Brian Case for the suggestion.
Next week we meet at the Ocean Sciences on West Saanich.

Bill Scriven states that Garth Ball will be announcing, the creation of a new Annual award to be given to the most inspirational person in the TMG group. The name of this year’s selectee will be announced at the Christmas Luncheon so be sure to attend this prestigious event

Thursday November 12 — Cheri's Bistro at Wilkinson and Interurban intersection

Under overcast skies and threat of an impending fall storm, optimistic TMGers met in the parking lot of Wilkinson Plaza.  There were no birthdays to acknowledge, but we were glad to learn that our intrepid photographer Brian Turner was recovering well after hip surgery.  At precisely 9:00 AM (according to John M.)  21 members took off along the Colqiutz Creek pathway bordering Panama Flats. Light rain began on our return to Cherries Bistro, where the crew enjoyed a tasty variety of breakfast offerings in the rustic former car-repair garage, now eatery.

A big thanks to Claire who subbed for Brian and provided the digital images for this report.

Lil reports that Christmas party tickets are selling well. Get yours while they are available.

Next week we gather at Denny’s Restaurant Parking lot, 1845 Island Highway  Colwood. There we take the Galloping Goose  to enjoy the trails through  Royal Roads University.  Additional parking if needed is available at the Park and Ride lot on  the south east corner of Ocean Boulevard just off the Island Highway.

Dave & Lil Charles

Thursday November 5 — Rosie's Cafe in Cook St Village

A cool, mostly sunny morning greeted some 30 TMGers, assembled in the Cook Street parking lot adjacent to the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club.  There were no birthdays to acknowledge.  Jenn's friend Kathy was introduced and joined the runners and walkers.  All turned left on Dallas Road to run/walk to Clover Point.  Most of the runners continued along the shore, passing the Ross Bay cemetery and beyond.  Twenty-seven members returned to Rosie's Diner and were treated to great food, and super-quick and friendly service.

Next week we meet outside Cherries Breakfast Bistro on the corner of Wilkinson Road and Interurban.  If the parking lot is full, there is additional underground parking available.

Dave, by telephone, with no internet yet following their move.

Note from Brian:  Next week I undergo hip replacement surgery and expect to be absent from the TMG group for a number of weeks.  John W. and Maurice have agreed to send out the TMG message, and any photos that are submitted.

Thursday Oct 29 — Mosi Cafe 5303 W.Saanich Rd

The sun came out for all our runners and walkers to head out around Mosi's café. After an initial panic they did a good job of looking after us.
We wished Joan G a happy Halloween birthday in abstentia,
I now turn over the ""baton" to Lil and Dave. Its been fun!!
Next week we meet at Rosies on Cook St
Cheers Sandra


Thursday Oct 22 — 1186 Monterey Ave, Oak Bay Sandra Bastedo's place (Bring a twonie and a coffee mug)

Thank you all for coming all the way to Oak Bay and travelling through the Tweed curtain!!
Thanks also to Hugh and Joan for loan of coffee pots and Susan and Joan for delicious baking. Also, I think we owe a vote of thanks to John W for making a new master list. Makes life a lot easier!!
Christmas ( !!! )  luncheon is booked for Saturday Dec 12th at Cedar Hill Golf course. Tea will have tickets available for $35 by the middle of November. Put the date on your calendars!!
As per request here is the recipe for the veggie dip:
 2 cups mayo
 2tbsp tom paste or ketchup
 3 tbsp. honey
 3 tbsp. chopped onion
 1tbsp curry powder
 1 tbsp. lemon juice
 2-3 drops tobacco sauce
 1 tsp salt

Blend all together in a Cuisinart    Cover and refrig over night.

Apologies to Mike Emerson. We almost forgot to sing happy birthday to him.  Blame it on a seniors moment!!

PS   A blue coffee mug and a purple travel mug stayed behind at my place. I will bring them next week when we meet at:
      Mosi Café  5303 West Saanich road

See you all there     Cheers Sandra

Thursday Oct 15 — Beaver Lake — Gravel Parking Lot

Another wonderful Fall day saw us all at Elk Lake. where we sang birthday greetings to Pat Case, Mike Ellis ( in abstentia ) and Tea Scriven.
Congratulations also to Maree K, John W, and Maurice T who all covered themselves in glory at the Sunday 8 km by winning their respective age categories by a mile ( literally!! )
Congrats also to Jen Campbell who had a personal best in Hawaii.

Next week meet at my place:  1186 Monterey Ave Oak Bay. Turn right at the light at the top of the avenue this is Monterey. Go about 2 blocks and my house is on the right. I will be outside watching for you all.There is lots of parking along Monterey.
Please bring a coffee mug

Thursday Oct 8 — Ogden Point

A misty foggy morning at Ogden Point for a whole bunch of TMGers (sorry I forgot to count). Our ranks were increased by locals deciding there was no excuse for not showing up, and regulars bringing guests. We certainly filled the cafe.

Seems several of us have been bitten by the moving bug, news of new/different houses all around.  

Good luck to all participating or volunteering in the Sunday 8K/Half/Marathon events. And on Monday, may we all be thankful. We might not be the 1% but we have so much.

Next Week:  Elk Lake gravel parking lot (south end of lake)
and your regular boss..er leader wil be back.

Thursday Oct 1 — Cordova Bay Ridge G.C.

 Another gorgeous day to welcome in October. About 25 of us walked, ran or cycled  the goose and said   ‘hello’ to the pigs along  the way.
There were no birthdays and when I asked if anyone had done anything amazing John W said he had got out of bed and that is amazing enough for this week!!!
Next week I will be in Calgary so Marcia will be leader and will meet you all at Ogden Point,
Schedule for the rest of October is as follows :
  Oct 8  Ogden Point
  Oct 15  Elk Lake  meet at gravel parking lot
  Oct 22  My Place   1186  Monterey Ave  Oak Bay
  Oct 29  Mosl Café   5303 West Saanich Road
Cheers Sandra

Thursday Sept 24 — Spinnakers

TMG met at Spinnakers Pub this week and ushered in our first run/walk of Fall 2015. Dave and Howard are our last two birthdays in September and were appropriately greeted with a chorus of "Happy Birthday".  

Light sprinkles of rain appeared now and again, but overall it was a typical fall day— GREY!  25 or so headed out along the GG with the runners heading over the trestle and out towards Uptown.

We met for breakfast at Spinnakers and they greeted us with a slightly new process, server your own coffee as we got seated. This worked very well and took a lot of pressure off the serving staff so they could get our food orders out as quick as possible. Overall the feedback on the service and food was positive so I think we will be back at a later date. John's caramel french toast looked especially tasty and based on the limited words as it was consumed, we can assume it was.

Sandi is taking over as the run leader for October and the schedule is as follows:

Oct 1st, Cordova Bay Ridge

Oct 8th — Ogden Point

Rest TBA

See you all in 3 weeks,

Mike & Jenn

Thursday Sept 17 — DeDutch on Quadra at Mackenzie

About 20 runners and 10 walkers gathered in the De Dutch parking lot off
Quadra Street this morning.  Those that came from the south complained
about how long it took to drive up Quadra street with all the road
construction going on.  Our run leader Jenn let us know that there were
no "Dave" birthdays to celebrate this week, and she reminded us that
next week we would meet at Spinnakers to run along the waterfront.

Both the walkers and runners set off along the Lochside Trail where the
runners broke into different groups. The runners that completed the
trail to Royal Oak and back went about 8K (see map).  The temperature
was ideal and even though there were some nasty looking clouds, we all
stayed dry. John Woodall was well looked after today as Cheri came out
today and stayed with him for the entire run.  The walkers enjoyed the
fall scenery, and several were last seen trying to get some comments out
of the older gentleman (statue) on the wooden trestle.

About 25 TMGers then gathered inside De Dutch and plenty of fine foods
were enjoyed.  We will see you next week along the waterfront.

John (for Jenn and Mike)

 Thursday Sept 10 — Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe

Gorgeous morning out on the peninsula as TMG gathered for our run/walk from Mary's Blue Moon cafe.This week we had some folks bring there bikes and they headed out on the 10km loop of the airport while the Walkers & runners headed towards Sidney along the ocean. I guess we are now a walk/run/ride group.Our run along the seawall was fantastic, the water was calm as there was not a breath of wind. Great for us, but not so good for Dave H who was planning a day of sailing post TMG.I thought there were 3 birthdays this week so we sang to the 3 Dave's. On correction and a second look at the birthday page once we arrived home showed there were no birthdays this week and that Dave C, Dave R should have been sung to next week and Dave H on the 24th. So the Dave's all get extra birthday greetings. Things could be worse, at least we were early!I also forgot to bring Rich's mug that I purposefully left on the counter with my car keys in it. I left the house with my keys, but no mug — good grief. So next week we will sing birthday wishes to Dave H & Dave R and Jenn will remember to bring Rich's mug. I am away next week, back on the 24th.Next week we are at DeDutch in the strip mall on Quadra, just past the Esso on the corner of Mackenzie and Quadra.See you all there,Mike

Thursday Sept 3 — The Vista (Mike and Jenn's home) at 2568 Vista Bay Road

What a beautiful day, well... at least now as I sit at my computer to write the weekly report. The sun is shining, birds are chirping in the background and a cool breeze through the window hints of fall. 

Unfortunately the day did not start out this way for the Gang who met at the Vista (Jenn and Mike's) for the this week's run. At 8:45 the skies darkened and rain pelted down as the group headed out. Runners headed into Mystic Vale (some getting lost, but coincidentally were early for breakfast.


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