22nd Annual

Saturday, December 26, Boxing Day, 2020. First runners start around 10:00 a.m.

Organized event CANCELLED for 2020. You can still do individually or with others in your safe household bubble anytime over the holidays, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. results / details if you wish.

Race Information

This amazing, staggered start handicap race where anyone can win often attracts an international field competing for fame and fortune.  2015 saw entrants from as far away as Courtenay BC, Richland WA and London England.  2016 had entrants from Toronto ON, Calgary AB and SE Asia.  2017 had entrants from up island, mainland BC, Washington state, Alberta and Ontario.  2018 had an entrant from Bloomington IN, and a local who did an equivalent course remotely in Houston TX.  2019 had entrants from Richland WA, Wolfville NS and Norway. Ok, it's just people here for the holidays and some locals competing for quirky prizes and socializing at the Prairie Inn after, but it's a club tradition centred at our founding and namesake venue.  Oh, and it's free and almost everyone gets a prize!

There is a single lap 5-Mile option so let me know if you're interested in that.

There is also a concurrent dog-friendly social run / walk on the trails of nearby Mt Newton.


Always on December 26, Boxing Day which in 2020 is a Saturday.  Handicapped start times are determined by your best race performances within a time window of 24 to 8 months ago, favouring improving novices.  The idea being everyone should finish at about the same time.  First runners will start at about 10:00 a.m. and all runners should finish before noon.  Registrants will be informed of their exact handicapped starting time a few days prior to the race.  Those below from some recent years should give you an idea of the range:

Initial 2019 registration numbers were encouraging and the latest set of assigned start times is below, with more likely to run.  For comparison those from some recent years follow too.

2019 Assigned Start Times 
 09:43        Lisa MacMain
 09:58      Gordon Quigley
 10:05     Antonia Frappell
 10:06       Tracy Voorthuyzen
 10:07      Joanne Frappell
 10:08        Jack Petrie
 10:09        Dawn Connolly
 10:10     Shannon Szymczakowski
 10:12       Angie Johnson
 10:13       Janet Green
 10:17     Gregory Caws
 10:22         Dan Willis
 10:23     Richard Frappell
 10:24       David Lariviere
 10:25        Kipp Weisbrod
 10:27      Angela MacLean
 10:28    Matthias Schoeck
 10:29         Reg Willick, Robert Grant, Jeff Beddoes
 10:30       Emily Taylor
 10:32       Randy Humble
 10:33        John Catterall
 10:34       Lance Watson
 10:36         Tom Rushton
 10:39       Chris Albertson, Greg Broadworth
 10:46        Sean Chester
Unsure which
 10:34/11:08  Gary Duncan
 10:43/11:13 Shane Ruljancich
 5 Mile
 10:49        Gwen Cole
 10:52    Catherine Caws
 10:55     Colleen Vanderheide, Marcia Stromsmoe
 10:58       Megan Pomper
 11:00        Emma Rutledge
 11:01      Graham Fisher
 11:02         Kay Van Akker
2018 Assigned Start Times 
 10:00     Antonia Frappell
 10:01      Joanne Frappell
 10:11       Tracy Voorthuyzen
 10:17 Christopher Kelsall, Lindsey Fraser
 10:20      Franck Germain
 10:28    Matthias Schoeck, Jeff Beddoes
 10:29     Michael Richards
 10:35      Jeremy Lawrence
 10:36     William Boothman
 10:40       Chris Callendar
 10:43       Shane Ruljancich
2017 Assigned Start Times 
 09:44     Jill Cowan
 10:05	   Paul Hoffman
 10:08	Bernice Smith
 10:11    Janet Green, Paul Kaufman, Peter Jensen
 10:21    Keith Scott-Polson
 10:22     Adam Hill
 10:23   Robert Grant
 10:24     Mark Shier
 10:26     Jeff Beddoes, Luis González
 10:27   Graham Fisher, Pat Peron
 10:28   Franck Germain, Denisse Justiniano
 10:32   Joseph Camilleri
 10:33    Chris Shier
 10:34     Gary Duncan
 10:37    Chris Albertson, Lyndon Clazie
 10:41    Chris Callendar
 10:44	  Shane Ruljancich
5 Mile
 11:00    Laura Wyatt, Dawn Wilson
2016 Assigned Start Times
 09:57   Maryse Poulin
 10:11     Mike Ellis
 10:13     Tina Lulic, Marcia Stromsmoe
 10:21	    Bob Janicki
 10:24     Seán Finucane
 10:25	 Melody Haddow, Mark Shier
 10:27	   Jeff Beddoes
 10:28	 Graham Fisher
 10:30	 Graham Hill
 10:33	  Buddy Bhandar
 10:35  William Boothman
 10:37     Gary Duncan
 10:38 Patricia Roney
 10:40	   Mike Angrove
 10:41	  Chris Callendar
 10:42	Matthew Winkler
 10:43	  Shane Ruljancich 
2015 Assigned Start Times
 10:07  Bernice Smith
 10:10      Ian Davis
 10:17	  Trish Schiedel
 10:18      Amy Dearden, Robert Grant
 10:21  Vanessa Le
 10:24	   Mark Shier
 10:27	  Frank Towler, Anthony Jeffrey, Jeff Beddoes
 10:28	 Graham Fisher
 10:33	  Steve Schiedel, Mr. Dearden
 10:34   Graham Hill
 10:35  William Boothman, Michael Lawless
 10:36    Chris Albertson
 10:38	   Arif Merali, Gary Duncan
 10:44	  Shane Ruljancich


Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub, 7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton, BC.


Mainly country roads along a rural valley, somewhat undulating in places.  Double out-and-back course as follows: Start northbound on East Saanich Road at the Prairie Inn Pub for one block, left onto Wallace for one block, right onto Mt. Newton Cross Road for about 2 miles, left onto West Saanich, approx. 100 metres south on W. Saanich to the turnaround point*, retrace route.  Repeat.  Participants are expected to obey local traffic laws.  Run safe!
Map: http://gmap-pedometer.com?r=6767896

*A cone may or may not be present on race day, as may signs each mile.


Accurately measured 10 miles (16.09344 kilometres).  Five mile social run starts at 10:00 am - everyone welcome.

Race Records

Handicap: Josephine Hees, 25:59 under handicap time, 1999
Outright: Male: Sean Chester, 54:34, 2011; Female: Lise Wessels, 1:02:15, 2003


The perfect tune-up for the Frontrunners Island Race Series! The only organized, accurate run at the classic 10-mile distance on the island (and the first since the Harriers Tower 10-miler in 1992). A chance to burn off some holiday flab. A socially stimulating brunch in the pub follows the run.

Entry Fee



Maximum 60 registrations accepted - first come, first served. Please register online for free by December 25, giving your name, whether you ran an Vancouver Island Series race in the last 2 years, or your best times from fixed distance races between January 1, last year and May 1, this year, or failing any of those your estimated time for say 10km. No day-of-race entries accepted, but you can still show up day-of-race, run 5 or 10 miles socially, and join us for brunch.


None - it's a handicap race, the winner's the winner.

No Frills/No Whining

There will be limited food and/or fluid at the finish, possibly including water, mini oranges, candy canes, and leftover Christmas cookies. Be prepared by bringing your own refreshments / contributions and a change of clothes. The (family friendly) pub opens at 11:00. Whining is completely forbidden, and any suspected instance puts the whiner at risk of being assessed penalty minutes.

Award Presentations

There may be a trophy or plaque for the winner. If so, it will be awarded immediately at the finish. There may also be random draw prizes of questionably useful items. Feel free to contribute re-giftings.


There will be one fluid stop, at the start/halfway/finish point. This also provides an opportunity to shed clothing at the half-way point.


Computer results may be posted on the internet the day of the race or in the days following.

2018 by Placing & Time – 2017 by Placing & Time –2016 by Placing & Time – 2015 by Placing & Time – 2014 by Placing &  Time – 2013 by Placing & Time – 2012 – 2011 – 201020092008200720062005200420032002200120001999

Some results may be missing. This may or may not be rectified eventually. Just remember: no-frills race.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – Race Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. continuing along the traditions of long-time director Sylvan Smyth

Download this file (BD2018ResultsByTime.pdf)BD2018ResultsByTime.pdf52 kB2018-12-26
Download this file (BD2018ResultsByPlacing.pdf)BD2018ResultsByPlacing.pdf52 kB2018-12-26
Download this file (BD2017ResultsByTime.pdf)BD2017ResultsByTime.pdf50 kB2017-12-26
Download this file (BD2017ResultsByPlacing.pdf)BD2017ResultsByPlacing.pdf50 kB2017-12-26
Download this file (BD2016ResultsByTime.pdf)BD2016ResultsByTime.pdf49 kB2016-12-27
Download this file (BD2016ResultsByPlacing.pdf)BD2016ResultsByPlacing.pdf49 kB2016-12-27
Download this file (BD2015ResultsByTime.pdf)BD2015ResultsByTime.pdf43 kB2015-12-28
Download this file (BD2015ResultsByPlacing.pdf)BD2015ResultsByPlacing.pdf43 kB2015-12-28
Download this file (BD2013ResultsByPlacing.pdf)BD2013ResultsByPlacing.pdf34 kB2014-12-26
Download this file (BD2013ResultsByTime.pdf)BD2013ResultsByTime.pdf34 kB2014-12-26
Download this file (BD2014ResultsByTime.pdf)BD2014ResultsByTime.pdf38 kB2014-12-26
Download this file (BD2014ResultsByPlacing.pdf)BD2014ResultsByPlacing.pdf38 kB2014-12-26

We respect and honour the Peoples on whose traditional lands we live and run

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